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2nd Demo

"2nd Demo" (2002 Demo)

1. Dark Ages
2. Binocular Rivalry

1. Dark Ages

A sharp pain beyond the imagination

A large amount of blood overflows in my mouth

Not stopping no matter how many times

I spit it out Crumbling after losing all strength

My last dream


Dark Ages!!

have arrived...........


A tasteless and odorless life inside a pen

I can't even choose my own future

There is no other way

I'm laughing and jump off a building

My last dream

Dark Ages!!

have arrived


My other self says The Dark Ages have arrived ..............

2. Binocular Rivalry

You're stepping off life's stairwell

How can you say that What on earth have you done

You're not scared of the present

There's no bright future waiting ahead

You just like to see yourself being ruined It's not that you're cursed

A pervert enjoying hurting yourself
Infinite possibilities reflected in 2 eyes

Giving rise to binocular rivalry

The devil's enticement reflected in the left and right eye
You're a fool, what meaning does that have

You're even stupider in my view

Sneering at strangers Consoling your foolish self

You must surely be satisfied What is reflected in both of your eyes

Rises wavering like a heat wave

Waiting to be hacked into fine pieces
Two eyes that are wide open Lusting after insanity

Tricks achieved by binocular rivalry

A double-edged blade reflected in the right and left eye


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