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Vitium Intus

"Vitium Intus" (2006)

1. Vitium Intus
2. Voices Scar My Soul
3. Vehement
4. Delirium
5. Eternal Moon of Disgrace
6. Lamentations Over Soils of War
7. From Ephemeral Pain to Everlasting Anguish
8. Decadent Obidiance

1. Vitium Intus


2. Voices Scar My Soul

Seeing what's not from this world
To understand while other ignore
Carrying an unbearable burden
An infinite vicious circle

Yelling all around me incomprehensible sounds
Like dim lights of the night, distorting my vision
The world behind is muddled by a phantom veil
Where is hidden the secrecy of my past

Rejected and left alone on my own
I wiped away my tears, my fears
And created this world of mine
Where I'm the one and only divinity

Why is it the end?
Did I lose my mind?

He saw things not from this world
Understood what no one else could

3. Vehement

Inhibition of thoughts excluding instinct
Ruthless acts of vehemence
Holy impiety directing vengeance
Futile resistance eagerly repelled

To assume it is the sole solution
Or to expel, forsake then revolt
Impetuously grasping unworthy lives
Turning anguish into total terror

Amorphous angel sculptures
Shed tears of blood, eyes fixed upon
Shelter seekers, unceasingly
Clustering to flee, as frightened calves

Demons within exhaust tolerance
Imploded by rage, conscience trapped
Susbequent pitiful lives taken away
In a torrent of primitive strenght

Awoke, calm, but still
Imprisoned by infinite reflections
Repress the animus within, repel the envies of flesh
Slowly dying of hunger, drowned in desperation
Eyes see scarlet by the threshold
Between sanity and heresy, an irreversible choice

4. Delirium

Raindrops disturbing the slow silence of night
Drunk again, I can hardly walk back home
I feel a near presence
I turn aside, a silhouette stands

A child with the devil's smile
Before me, plays his music box
An uneasy feeling catches me, I panic
I lose control, my skin shivers, I flee

I wake up out of myself
My senses are cheating me
I'm cold and shaking
I've dreamed a horrid nightmare
Where the shades played an irritating melody

Thousand of hands hold me nailed to my bed
A dazing swirl of voices tell me to remain
Hidden in the arms of the silent night

Showing an inwilling face, I force my way out
Taken by quavers, on the edges of madness
Sharpening my nerves

I curse God's name, 'cause my life's fake
Release me from that burning grip
That holds my sanity confined
Far off my glance & mind

If i commit suicide
Will I be released?

Intersecting disharmonic notes
Drowning my soul by force
Towards my prisons, my suicide

5. Eternal Moon of Disgrace

A forsaken nobleman he was, 'til he met her
Delighted by her talent his melancholy stopped
His illusory glance, still attracted by the moon
Brought her into his musings

To a cliff above a lake, thatinspired her

Each month she goes there, staring at the full moon
Where she composed her dark orchestra
That drove him mad
And pushed him to throw her down

Under moon's veil a grand piano,
Stood in a maelstrom of whispers
There she sat, lacerated, a fallen goddess
Played the sorrow of her death

Then his heart faded, blackened
Catatonic, he seized her masterpiece

Giving birth to darkness
In the form of an infernal ceremony

Damned hearts were reduced to slavery
Their souls imprisoned in instruments

Theatrical lamentation
In an amphitheatre bathed in moonlight

Orchestrating his dark ambitions
Eternally sought a way to her
Transferring his suffering into music

Played the sorrow of his death
In a maelstrom of whispers
An infernal ceremony
Under an eternal moon of disgrace

6. Lamentations Over Soils of War

He awoke from a nightmare to another
Where men murdered each other
Mist covered the cadavers on the soil
As if it were the end of war

Stained by the blood,
Emotions gone far away
Believing that amnesia stole his mind
Left with nothing else than emptiness

Fighting his way forward
Blinded by the thickness of mist
Revealing only more questions
Thus worsening his lamentations

The fog silently dissipated
Showing him a man he once knew
Knelt, begging and crying
Before a lifeless body

Shouting still and still
The man did not seem to hear him
He approached to look
Instead he stumbled upon his own corpse

Fighting his way forward
Towards his purgatory
These words tormented him
Perpetually, it can't be!

7. From Ephemeral Pain to Everlasting Anguish

The outskirts of a small resort town
A supposedly haunted mansion
Where no one came back from

Sent to alter their fate, for honour or by death

In the shade of a dark manor
Human bodies were scattered throughout their way, silent
Distressed, their conceited pride faded, almost all of them fled
One too confident did enter

And he screamed!
Shrivelled in a corner, shivering, a woman, holding her heart in her hand
Bloody tears dripped from her ebony tears, though, in her glance, dejection

Bewildered, he conceived her feasting upon him
Constrained to react, he ate her beating heart

What was released from his hunger for blood
Should have remained imprisoned within him
Coming back different, his eyes cruelly enlightened

In a labyrinth of gloomy dreams and horrid visions
He realized his nightmares were in fact his felonies

Constantly lusting a prey, avid, thirsty
His hatred consumed his mortality

Though, fear spread like plague, through human minds
Men did not slow down, the rate of their manhunt
Fought and overcame, chained then buried
Forever or less

8. Decadent Obidiance

A bitter poetry's forcing itself out of me
An illusory power almost touchable
My desires are beyond suffering
An unreasoned duel between my selves

I feel one of them strengthening
It emerge, drowning it's other self with its twisted fingers
I'm catharsis of my old self
My obscene wishes, from now on shall not be withheld anymore

Phantasm, my love, about this power which lives inside of me
Let yourslef be cuddled by my obscure embrace
Don't you feel my warm infected kisses?

You dared!
You didn't see how much I desired you
You turned your back from me, from carnal sin
You dared to want to leave me

No! I could not grant you that
Your place is close to me, in our bed
Caressing your pale, blue skin
So cold, without life

Suddenly I realize I'm powerless
I just could not live without you


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