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News In Brief

"News In Brief" (1996 Demo)

1. Interior Force
2. Sensous Idyl with a Corrupted Corpse
3. Shadows in the Morgue
4. The Rostov's Carnage
5. Cannibal Freak
6. Deranged

1. Interior Force

Sickness in head
spreading the death
Misery's Satan
Careless spawn
first raped
Twelve years in jail
His mind
full of sick and hate

Necrophiliac ways
violating tombs
touching the corpses
in cementeries he slept
totally insane
making the first crime
one poor beggar
beated in the head.

burning all the corpses
post mortem violation
amputated limbs

wild obsession
after and wine and some

Fifteen victims founded
burnt and deformed
someones without head
mangled and chopped

Interior force
in order to kill
always other beggars
after knew them well

Psychopath confined
for ever must (he) will be
but if one tme
he went out
possibly he'll return
Escalero's revenge
A unhiging mind
others like he
perparing their moment

2. Sensous Idyl with a Corrupted Corpse

In the funeral
my girlfriend was entombed
now I'm in pain
and I feel alone

The life continues
and the time pass by
in front of my sad eyes
I am in despair

But at the sixth month
I can't resist no more
I went at the cementerium
with an obsession

Disentombed the corpse
I was happy again
take her in a body bag
and went to home

Her body was grey
her face suppurated
her tits were hard
rotten was her cunt

We made love
with passion
each pull of my cock
made leake her cunt.

Necrolover - Love to the Deads!
Necropassion - Corpse remains!
Touch her body - Excitated cock!
Ejaculation - Satisfied Love!

Some neighbour saw at me
and called at the police
take me to an hospital
they say I'm insane

Now I'm in room
with a simple view
and its guided to
the cementerium!

3. Shadows in the Morgue

One night as others
in the morgue
ready to catch meat
to prepare my food

behind a close door
something seems to move
I don't worry of those
and I follow my work

One arm, a leg and a head!
for make me one stuffed
The bowels, brain and bones!
and good broth it's done

Noise I hear in front
and I approach to watch
when I can see it
the terror makes shrike

One man with an axe
haunt me without end
and of one sure stroke
y vision fades away

Shadows in the morgue
I am not alone
Shadows in the morgue
My life I have lost

Now I feel how he cuts me
my arms and my legs
desviscerate me with a knife
behead me with a saw!

I thought I am the only one
that wanna human wastes
but now I found another
even I can't see his face!

My food were the corpses
dismembered with a saw
now I'm between them
it seems their revenge

Shadows in the morgue
dismembered I am now!
shadows in the morgue
to someone I shall feed!

4. The Rostov's Carnage

Into a cold night
inside the woods of Rostov
you were all alone
looking up to the black sky
when he appeared
a madman from the blackside
you tried escape from there
but the fate now was sealed!

Now he was prepared
to start the festival
a wild and bloody way
of end with your life
the killer shows a knife
and drow out your eyes
the killer can't sustain
your horrible and deep glance

After, he cuted you an arm
stabbing you in the heart
eviscerating your bloody flesh
masturbating hime with your pieces!
Stabbing, carving, gloating, Carnage!
Screaming, crying, bleeding, Dying!

Nobody stops him
and the murders continues
fifty three corpses were found
horribly skinned.

Without head and legs
with the bowels around them
a grateful vision
for his craving insane mind

Cutting, biting, rending, scattering!
Naked, Forsaken, Wounded, Massacred!

The police found him
after twelve years of searching
there was a judgement
and nobody showed mercy.

The mad was condemned
to the capital punishment
Chikatilo was his name
he is dead but his soul

Screaming, killing, piercing, smashing!
Screaming, killing, suffering, rotting!

5. Cannibal Freak

Zoophiliac desperation
after a wild masturbation
going out towards the street
Oh! what luck a dog it's sees.

Fucking with the pleasy dog
and with no trace of remorse
later she eated dog's shit
the woman is satisfied

Pregnant by the dog
with rabia and AIDS
freak inside her womb
creature is taking form

Feeding the foetus
with limbs and entrails
from murders of its mum
through her bloody cunt.

Dying slowly
she can't kill

No more food
the Solution
Eat to mum!

First starting for the womb
later are the guts
next the heart
the mother now is deccased

Burst open the belly
the freak child is coming out
luxurious impulse
fucking the flesh of its mum

Formed from degeneration
A deformed wild creation

Freak continues eating
the limbs and the head
creature filled
but eat and eat

When she is gone
monster goes
Human waste
in the ground

6. Deranged

Affable old man
only in aparience
his bloody hobbie
to be masochist

Raping a little girl
he started the course
with a butcher's knife
the girl's life is gone

After the dismemberment
a sadistic impulse
cottom and alcohol
in his arse
he burns this and he

Permanent orgasm
eaten of the corpse
needles on his flesh
life were gratify

Coprophile, pedophile
addicted to pain
if the pain doesn't hurt
yet it shall be better

His mind iluminated
by the words of God
the automutilation
is the salvation

The Pain is all in my Life
I feel stronger watching you die
the taste of blood, of shit and flesh
your face of horror pleading me.

Sausages and carrots
one stick with nails
thorns in his scrotum
suffocated the passion!

The electric chair
is the best of pains
his wish now is fullfilled
but his life is gone


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