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"Crimsonfire" (2005)

1. Eternal Days
2. A New Dawn
3. Reign in Fire
4. Morning of the Magicians
5. The Age of Aquarius
6. Empire of Fear
7. Darkside to Sanity
8. Region of Legends
9. Tears in a Greystorm
10. The Rising Sands

1. Eternal Days

01. Eternal Days
(Chapter I – “Hope”)

Welcome to your abstracted life
Brooding nightmares, creations of your mind
These hellish walls close in, bring them down with all your will
I awake, all the sinners all the saints
An enchanted storm it comes my way

Bring the thunder, bring the rain
Through the skies of Eternal Days

Can you believe that there is no sense?
Of peace nor love or the countenance
In this void outside existence
And now the shadows cast upon
The virgin nights forever gone
Destiny charms he who walks alone


From the east into the west
Future walls in ancient lands
Sweet taste of peace
And the bitter taste of war

2. A New Dawn

02. A New Dawn
(Chapter II – “Rebirth)

You know they say, when the winter falls
The night will come and stay
Now two thousand years have passed us by
And the sun sets to rise again

On Volterra, the ice it breaks away

Let me tell you a tale, of power and majesty
Through the veil of white light
That turn to dark but broken by love
Driven to the edge of the world

Let me tell you a tale
How the night came across the sea
The innocence of sanity was taken that day
Hope and pray for the night to go away
Tears from the heavens, now they fall

And the dreams of yesterday
Wait for tomorrow
At the end of time
The dreams of yesterday
Wait for tomorrow
At the gates of Volterra

Let me tell you tale, of power and majesty
Eternal resurrection granted by the hand of God
Paradise lost but now is found
Up from the ashes we now rise

3. Reign in Fire

03. Reign in Fire
(Chapter III – “Destruction”)

In the hour of darkness
Thou be afraid
As the crimson fires
Unfold their rage

Conjuring the blackened reign
Conjuring into thy name

Here I come with vengeance
To seal your fate
But don’t you try and stop me
I feed on hate


Just a dream
You have now betrayed
Everything will fade away
My sands of time disappear
But your ending has just begun

I will bring you sorrow
Your dying day
There is no tomorrow
Or time to pray

Come here on wings of doom
Come here to guide you through


4. Morning of the Magicians

04. Morning of the Magicians
(Chapter IV – “Change”)

Enter the cosmic void
Where space and time meet as one
With the sun
Emptiness fills the circle now
In search of truth, there is guilt
From thyself

My words bring wisdom here
O shall we rise through the clouds in the skies
Carry me to the ancient rule
I sacrifice all to you that is true

Flowing through the stream of dreams
I call to you to release me

Living, silver, breathing let the elements combine
Constellations in align
Transformation has begun
Seven are the seas that now pound upon the shores
The eyes of earth are watching you
From the ocean of the storms
Destiny a haunting plea a way to reach your soul
In the flask the golden one
Filters out the blackened son
The power cometh from within
From the ocean of the storms

In the house of the rising sun
Visions of peace and love eternally

The echoes of a thousand nights
Through the gates of ancient times

This is the Morning of the Magicians

5. The Age of Aquarius

05.“The Age of Aquarius
(Chapter V – “Reality”

Between love and hate I am the ruler
I am the time and space
That hell has spawned between us
Behind this door there hides much more

Between fear and fate there are questions
There is a right and wrong
In every search for answers
So tell me why
The voice of desire it follows me

Hear the call of the wave
An age where lives will change
In the hour of certainty
Is it what we expect to be?
You will find peace you will find truth
In the Age of Aquarius

In a circle of fire
A fate of a nation is sealed
An act of desire
Born into something unseen and unknown
The sands from the East will blow West
And silence the halls

Hear the call of the wave
An age where lives will change
In the hour of certainty
Is it what we expect to be?
We find not peace, we find not truth
In the Age of Aquarius

I was told across the border of consequence
The warm winds blow to the boundaries of faith
A river flows, but I will remain to be standing still
Transcending dreams, now I’m drowning inside

Lost in the stars
That we depend to guide us on
Left in the cold
The darkest winters follow on
Seasons will change
So can I now with the world
We can all learn from a past once known

6. Empire of Fear

06. Empire of Fear
(Chapter VI – “Deception”)

Silent the terror that reigned
Into the ashes I fall
Sacred the sun as it rose
Awaiting the death of us all

Destroy all that is and will be
Peace that will fade in the wind
Kneel and you will drink from my cup
Behold now the beast and its wrath

Suffocate your dreams
Suffocate your dreams

Caught in a web of defeat
Speak only what you believe in
I am the one you will fear
Betrayed and the end is now here

I have come to drag you down
I am the hell that now surrounds
I shine the demons light
I don’t leave without a fight

Suffocate your dreams
Suffocate your dreams

7. Darkside to Sanity

07. Darkside to Sanity
(Chapter VII – “Uncertainty”?)

Without love without wisdom
There is an angel looking down
Without love without wisdom
Broken wings lay on the ground

Shall it be, what it is
That is said, that nothing lasts forever
The truth it speaks
Reveals the words
Reveals the wisdom of my shadows
Of myself

A child kneels in anguish
Viper thoughts coil round its mind
Lead by dark deceptions
Salvation is to purify

By ignorance and madness
Reality’s dark dreams are alive
Lead by dark deceptions
Salvation is to purify

Welcome to the darkside
Welcome to your mind

The truth of all intentions
Betrays the fear that is within you
Time the eternal healer
Breaks the chain that holds you down

8. Region of Legends

08. Region of Legends
(Chapter VIII – “Fear”)

Through the infinite sphere of endless death
He rides the beast of all the blackness
By the vapours of the dragon’s breath
The birth of fear in your nightmares

The horseman rides through the burning forest
Unveiling all your darkest visions
As the lightning it soars above me
This witching power it sways unseen

Through the inferno where the serpent speaks
He brings a chill and a trail of omens
By the fires that will dance in the wind
The devil’s own turns our prayers into sin
Of eternal fires

Headless horseman
At the Tree of the Dead
Headless horseman
Comes to me again

In the dead hush of the haunting midnight hour
Comes forth an atmosphere of terror
Mysteries of the damned wicked wind
And all the torment they bring

Spectres at the raven’s rocks
Your local tales and your superstitious knots
In this graveyard the stones are so cold
In this Region of Legends
This story is told

In the darkness you shall ride
Desperation is burning high
Slain shall be who dares to stand
Vengeance ends you, fate at hand
In the darkness you shall ride
Man or beast you cast aside
They shall always be afraid
Of the one who bares no name

This darkness falls and you it calls
This darkness falls

9. Tears in a Greystorm

09. Tears in a Greystorm
(Chapter IX – “Loneliness”)

I awake with rising tides
Just a spectre of this grey storm
I await for the silent touch
It comes to clothe me from my fears

But still, O the night
I seem to trust
Despite all the strangers
In this ghostly paradise

Take me to an unknown past
Save me from my fear
Someone stop the hourglass
And drown me, O drown me
In this world

There is a place I’d always dream
Yet so close but yet was so far
There are times when I am afraid
Still it seems its whispers haunting


(Chorus x 2)

In a thought I wonder deeply
Of the light that now surrounds me
Is an end for all my searching
The final chapters of my memories


(Chorus x 2)

I await with rising tides...

10. The Rising Sands

10.“The Rising Sands
(Chapter X – “Destiny”)

Of the secrets we all shared
Empty rooms and distant memories
In the far end of the halls
Of our minds

There is a prophecy that stares
Carved into this kingdom
Of these desert sands
Of a world called Arakis
In my dreams

Deep inside of me
There is something more to be
The Promised Land I am to rule
Let the storm reveal the universal word
Bring thy judgement I’ve foreseen

Lord of the Rising Sands
As a newborn of this land

It was written what is to be done
In the temple of the infinite sun
Of the darkness left behind
Now comes a light

A Messiah will be sworn
There is an empire to fall
A change of wind to follow soon
On this realm called planet Dune


It was written what is to be done
In the temple of the sun
From the darkness far behind
There will come a light
I have given all my faith
My silent prayers I have thrown away
There is a war that rages on
O will the rain come?


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