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Rest In Sleaze

"Rest In Sleaze" (2005)

1. Knock 'Em Down
2. Riot In Everyone
3. Queen Obscene/69 Shots
4. Breakin' The Chainz
5. Needle In Your Eye
6. Tikket
7. Out Of Line
8. It´s A Miracle
9. Straight Outta Hell
10. Back On Trakk

1. Knock 'Em Down

When they put you to the test
that's meant for you to fail
you've been stukk oh god for ages...
eventually you see the light
they made you struggle for and
oh oh oh, yeah yeah yeah
they break you down with...

there ain't no playing
just working all day
so belive me when I say this...

they line you up, they knock yo down
you're forced to feed 'em day n' nite
now is that how you want it...NO!!!
what ya gonna do about it...

well line 'em up and knock 'em down
coz you got balls and that's no crime
if you really don't like it
just show 'em you strike it back

the boss is screamin' shapen
up and do yer fukkin' job
you're sucha mess oh god you're wasted...
ntil you straight the flush
you'll be straight next the line
oh oh oh, no no no,
you can't take that...

2. Riot In Everyone

they think they can hold us down forever..
but no one can beat us out of phase..
we live hard, creatin all the terror..
the government is shaded by our craze..

wont take shit from no one
breakin free, never stop..
livin rabid in the everland ..

oooo we`re the kids of the underground
ohoh there`s a riot in everyone
we`re the kids of the underground
and we`re loud as we tear`em down
oooo we`re the kids of the underground
ohoh theres a feelin you cant deny
there`s a feelin you cant deny..
coz`theres a riot in everyone..

they say you shall live as you are told to
i say you gotta be strong and make up your own mind
be your self not a puppet in their freakshow
coz thats the way youll end up when they beat you blind

wont take shit from anyone (NO ONE)
never played by the rules
coz we`re the kids of the underground...

our time, our ways, we`re the wasted generation
our life, we pay, with our nasty reputation
we will always be living free
always on top of the misery
to live hard is a luxury
and to die of our prophecy

3. Queen Obscene/69 Shots

Sucha fine cool lady in ya candy sheet
Mmm lookin' pretty n' ya bitter sweet
C'mon gotta give it to me

I need every inch you provide my fix
You table dance teaser show me ya trix
Roll, you make the good times call

Legs tall, you got it all
So sweet, nice to eat

You're a sex bomb love machine
69 shots o' gasoline
You're a piece of good 'ol fashion
Second to none you're the main attraction

Sirens screaming lights are flashin'
A burst of ragin' passion
Yer the cutest sweet i've ever seen
Yer my lady queen obscene

Yer the midnight foxy with a risky biz
Make a boy want with ya sugar bliss
You know what i want so let's go

Catchy little clementine pour me ya wine
69 sleazy shots one more time
You are my lucky shooting star

4. Breakin' The Chainz

The trick of turnin' bricks to gold
the lick you churn to not grow old
let it all out n' scream it n' shout
I let you in on everythin'
yer heart desire burning on the dark side
of yer wild side

ya got an alley cat style
yer a crazy child
you got what it takes
gimme yer smile

all is rite coz we're
breakin' the chains, breakin' the chains
all is rite coz we're
breakin' the chains, breakin' the chains

livin' on the edge of nyte
sukkin' love from every bite
all that we need we're in for the feed
we get from every kiss of death
yer heart expire burnin' on the dark side

5. Needle In Your Eye

Yo say you don't love me
well I don't really care about you
coz I'm a gun turret bad boy baby
runin' high on the fumes

it's like a chip of destruction
makes me cry ouf for more
all the friends that I know of and the boys in the crew
oh oh oh ooh we're all the same in the core

can you feel it, inside
we deliver, to ya mind

we're a needle in your eye
it's on the tip of my tongue
and I feel how it's coming now
I have to scream out my lungs

the poizon runnin' within us
a never ending disease
n' the fusion that binds us got a hold of me oh oh oh ooh
from this I can't brake free

6. Tikket

I can't stand be in the spotlight
don't like it I never have
the mirror reflecting the street light
in the gutter that's where I am
trippin' up and down with chemical enlightment
heading high gettin' off some load
to be founf in a primal state of brightment, wander 'round
crashin'off the blow

oh oh gotta high speed tikket
oh oh on this carousel
oh oh this is so damn wikked
oh oh live in heaven n' hell

is this the chart of my illusion
or is this just the way tobe
is this the heart of my confuion
or is this just the tikket to me

the vigour of another, won't give me the energy
to feel the lust I don't feel, a straight line of evil synergy
good morning to ya snakebite and to all ya powder kegs of snow
I'm a transparent fish in a barrel, I feel the shakes, but it doesen't show

I rather don't know anymore
I might be getting' low

is this the chart of my illusion
or is this just the way to be
is this the hart of my confusion
or is this just the tikket to me

is this the way I am spposed to feel the things that you sellin' me
is this delight part of confusion
or is this just the tikket to me

7. Out Of Line

got ya share of nuthin' stukk with nuthin'
your mind idle, can't get the sleep
the ground is shakin' and you wanna land fast
yer out of function lyin' flat on the street

alwayz gotta be the first in 'da line
a play with death to be no:1
cruzin' with the boyz in the trashed part of town
raise my lust of madness when I'm feelin' down

drinks are flowin'
my heart is blowin'
another nite in another town

ooh I love the taste of cyanide
ooh how I love to feel it burn inside
I'm on the hour and 've been there for a long time
but somehoe I feel like I'm fading out of line

hang around in the pit of my lair
I levitate, gotta get outta here
I'm born a rebel with 'da neck in the noose
they never tame me, can't change what I do

8. It´s A Miracle

my weak resistance, of yer flower
got me infected, coz I was to blind to see
everyone told me, but did I listen
no I was sick'n tired of the same reply from thee

you lead the game, i followed...
you were the bait, I swallowed...

It's a miracle you walk the earth, alone
it's a miracle I stand beside you
yer like a plague in awide'n open show
you pass it on like I need it the most

I smelled yer rose'n craessed yer petals
never bothered by the thorns that made me bleed
coz I longed to feel you so deep inside me
bt now I'm stukk with you forever without remedy

you lead the game, I followed...
you were the bait, I swallowed...

you knew my pain...
you lead the game...
and I followed yeah I followed
your lies, your play, yer all the same to me

9. Straight Outta Hell

The heat is rising, the time is here
the real edification
we're a million dreams, and all its fears
that's the core of this creation

we're comind straigh outta hell
we're comming straigt outta hell

the bursting of the universe
the noiz when worlds collide
we're the eristic propheds in this modern curse
of time we don't confide

in the midnite hour, we rise and come alive
this is the journey of our odyssey

we're coming straight outta hell
we're coming straight outta hell
we're coming straight outta hell
we're coming straight outta hell

10. Back On Trakk

If ya caught up where you are
gotta find your guiding star
to point you back where you belong

standin' tall n' ya got the style
a turbulent mass, yer a walkin' rile
you've rang the bell n' won the prize

let's macke the this loud
here we are

back on track again
this is the moment I love to feel
back on track my friend
now it's up to you N' me
on the rack and
when we leave that place to be
back on track again
back on track again

feel the gain building up the spine
exceeding input overdrive
you gotta love am I rite

you lead the blind you lead the stream
the current ways are much to lean
you are the captian of the team

there is a story to be told, you know
why don't ya share it with the world


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