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Silence Equals Death

"Silence Equals Death" (2006 EP)

1. Silence Equals Death
2. State of Fear
3. Profit's Prevailed
4. Modern World Hypocrisy

1. Silence Equals Death

Just let it be, the ones behind the rules also follow them
out of your reach, thoughts in surrender breeds the death of faith
plant their seed, and stand by their side while you watch them reap
accept your leash, without any struggle you go back to sleep

When will the reign of deceit come to an end?
our duty and our right as a people, we must defend
when injustice is law, will you silently give your consent?
or use the power of speech, make them fear our discontent

In silence cry
in silence die
pretending you are as free as you want to be
truth be told
truth's been blindfold
freedom of speech, a right that is out of reach
forced to dwell
inside our shells
our opinions bought without a single battle fought
in silence cry
in silence you will die
unless you break your chains

Patronized, sleepwalking through day after day
continue to dream, their illusions keep your believes alive
mentally numb, no time to reflect when constantly fed
no suspicion at all, as the truth once again is filled with lead

You degrade yourself, when letting them push your rights aside
to a worthless machine, who might physically live but is dead inside
so abandon your hope, if you're not prepared to stand your ground
but you better be warned, what once was lost may never again be found

2. State of Fear

To maintain control
you must feed their hate
give them hollow enemies
and a will to retaliate

Keep the crowd's
heads bowed
in our state of fear

Make them believe
they're hated and despised
give them a war
and let their anger rise

Constitutional restrictions
government inflictions
give up their freedom for protection
government deception

Distort the truth
keep feeding them lies
Where is the will
and capacity to analyze?

3. Profit's Prevailed

The age of distrust
hears not a single pray
our past turns to dust
ourselves we've betrayed
a price on life is set
in our privatized time
democracy's a threat
and justice is a crime

Solidarity is sold
civilization is a tale
born in a rich man's mold
when everything is for sale
the profit has prevailed

Unleash your will
to ruthlessly consume
your need will never still
until you've bought your own doom
the words of wealth deceives
to ignore the desperate calls
these overgrown western beliefs
will bring death to us all

They feed on you
as they kill the former one
they'll come for you too
when your money is gone
because when the rich runs dry
someones has to pay
the allseeing eye
seeks its prey

4. Modern World Hypocrisy

Human life aint worth no attention
let them suffer as long as we're fine
we give no thought to prevention of suffering
our own prosperity takes all our time
we turn our heads, build imaginary walls
assuring ourselves we're not the ones to blame
they're giving, we're taking as much as we please
throughout the times, it's always been the same

We choose to ignore instead of making an effort
no acts of regret, not a feeling of guilt
the luxury we have, is not for all to enjoy
because the beauty of possession is the other's lack
improved colonization, we oppress in the dark
what can we possibly gain on saving their lives?
we rather burn our abundance, to keep the price high
then grant it to those who need it to survive

Blessed be
fake morality
blessed be
the modern world hypocrisy

We were born into a world which is used to take
our escuse for living our stolen lives
persuade ourselves, we deserve what we have
for our success, we got ourselves to thank
self-fulfilment is our meaning of life
if we trample on others, it's not our concern
the conditions ain't fair, but why should we care
the only thing to fear is that the tables may turn


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