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The Genocide Machine

"The Genocide Machine" (2001)

1. Migration
2. The Genocide Machine
3. Cremationism (Become The Flame)
4. From Eros To Thanatos
5. Corpses Of Refinement a.k.a. The Men Behind The Sun
6. Only One Per Coffin
7. Barbarians And Henchmen
8. Isabella's Nightmare
9. Two-Week Notice
10. Extreme Cannibal Smoke!
11. Digestive Ceremony
12. When We Make The Clouds Scream
13. Beethoven's Children
14. It's A Bloody Day When You Get Your Head Nailed To A Kross
15. Wormpaste (Bled Through The Earth)
16. Ch / oR
17. Ctrl * Alt * Delete

1. Migration

Like the numb birds that failed to make their migration
Thin flesh, frozen yet dry, has sunken and painted itself to the filthy bones of its dead host
Dusted in snow kissed by fuel emissions and dog ejaculation
Soil fused to feathers
Soil fused to the body
Less than a statistic…so are we

2. The Genocide Machine

I can feel the Earth's erratic pulsations below its filthy thick rippled foreskin
This feeling is far too comforting
The universe's largest assembly line working subconsciously towards the goal of global genocide
Will we ever have a chance to look back and laugh?
As a human I have succeeded
in etching my own notch from the planet's scum and failed in my effort for concern
As individual units we are the gears, the lubricants, the cables
As one we are the genocide machine
This feeling is far too comforting
Burn in soothing satisfaction
Burn in comfort
Burn the genocide machine

3. Cremationism (Become The Flame)

Use my body to spark the fire that will burn all humanity into less than black ash
This is the narrator’s last wish
Another bleeding poet with shattered fingers and a tendency to go blind upon request
The flames stroke the heavens and we see nothing The flames scald the clouds and we see nothing The last grain of sand will shatter the hourglass and comfort will only be found within our nightmares
The last grain of sand is gripped with shattered fingers
Too blind to see the flames
Too selfish to hold on

4. From Eros To Thanatos

Walk on all fours and bark like dogs
Degraded from human to animal
The dilapidation and humiliation of the human spirit Passive victims of libertines
Consumerism – Whore Objectification – Whore Naked automations Sadism

5. Corpses Of Refinement a.k.a. The Men Behind The Sun

Through birth we sign the proclamation of the doomed
We climb the corpses of refinement each day in attempt to bring us one step closer to our goal of absolute evolution
The insatiable quests to have more, take more, need more, and be more
Neutralize the mind and obliterate
Neutralize the mind and eradicate
Planetary calamity is the unspoken goal of all mankind
Absolute evolution on all scales and all forums Genetically - Ethereally - Benevolently
The final step of evolution is the climax of our existence
Sleep in glory as the world burns by your hands We are the whores of pride
We are the merchants of misfortune
We are the hosts of decay
Sleep in glory as the world burns at your feet Absolute evolution
Absolute holocaust
Absolute evolution
Absolute holocaust
This is the ultimate testament of free will
This is wholesale annihilation
This is the end

6. Only One Per Coffin

Fire consume the altar
Gash across the lamb’s throat
No one will ever listen
Never again
Your divinity figure with stained red teeth
Aghast with tongue in hand I kneel and vomit at your feet
Gawk at the fallen ascetic
Gawk at the self-deniers
Rise up the choir and sing to me
A forgotten book
A personal scripture
Obstacle diminished
A fresh lamb born
A resurrection
Resurrection of the mind
The mirrored filth
Reflection of the lamb
Blue lips
Crucified Suicide

7. Barbarians And Henchmen

We idolize and exonerate the statues of barbarians and henchmen and why and how we must pattern ourselves to be such men
Who is the hero?
Who is the scapegoat?
Hang us high if we dare commit just a fraction of the crimes as our "heroic" forefathers have
Two-faced order
Hang us high
With your two-faced order
we are ready to die

8. Isabella's Nightmare

9. Two-Week Notice

There is a wicked barrier that detaches and discolors our unattainable dreams from our inescapable realities
Nothing chafes the ego more than the monstrous realism of eight hours of subservience applied for and anticipated so that the possibility of a
less materialistic existence could be avoided
Like slowly sucking cold tar through a narrow straw Vomit upon your dreams
Slowly sucking until you die

10. Extreme Cannibal Smoke!

I live between the layers of paint on the wall
I see out from the pores in the paint on the wall
We are a society of monsters impersonating innocence
Walk tall
Eat your own
Smile wide
Eat your own

11. Digestive Ceremony

Digestive Ceremony

I'd love to run your fingers through my heart
Feel the ruin
Smell the caustic stench
Sweep me in the corner and forget I'll stay there until the sun has set:one
million times
With my crust ablaze everybody sees the feeling
Everybody chokes on the dust of a smoldering ego
Your face I remember
Your taste I will never forget
The dogs feast on each sour breath
It's like they remember.
It's like they remember
Sweep me into the corner and forget
Because the dogs, they will always know
They know my blood
Every stone I had carefully placed, now washed away and eroded
The dam to my psyche, washed away and eroded
I pick at each scar and remember each name
Your faces I remember
Gratify me with the dogs now
The respect of the corner
In the corner I am alive
You can never take that from me

12. When We Make The Clouds Scream

13. Beethoven's Children

When you raise your head, can you smell the roses burning?
In the garden we suffer
When you close your eyes, can you hear the angels shrieking?
In the garden we suffer
When you lie asleep, can you feel the scalpels spiraling?
In the garden we suffer, but remember that we were never forced there
Together, hand in hand, head by head, the procession of fools Icon of fatalism
Rite of the damned
One more rhythm from the owl’s heart before we all die
When you follow the center path, you will live black utopia

14. It's A Bloody Day When You Get Your Head Nailed To A Kross

We were not born into sin
We were born into the ignoble and desperate grasp of thoughtless traditionalism shaped into the guise of human nature
Human nature is a self-fulfilling slaughterhouse and we must resist the simplicity of existing as a simple human
A shred of salvation is the mission of the pigs
The trusting pigs and the man-made ghost
Linked by susceptibility and ignorance
Morality is synthetic
Human nature is pathetic
Embrace the mythos
Embrace the lie
Morality is synthetic
Human nature is pathetic
You want your cross and you will receive it
A cross for every pig
Squeal on the cross as I drive a single spike through your skull
Hammering as the pigs of Faith squeal
The prayers of tradition silenced by the howls of crucified holy
Destroy the mythos
Destroy the lie
Destroy the pigs
Hammer out life
Hammering – bleeding the pigs
Hammering – bleeding the pigs

15. Wormpaste (Bled Through The Earth)

Snap our heads back like a baby bird
It is time to be fed with sand again
We will plunge our bodies upon the dirt
And let the Earth eat through our pores
The gift of life exists in our ability to create our own demise
Snapped the heads off
Filled with sand

16. Ch / oR

With the absence of order existence is impossible With the absence of chaos evolution is only a hallucination
Submit to the whims of your subconscious

17. Ctrl * Alt * Delete


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