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Into The Depths Of Ruthless Excellence

"Into The Depths Of Ruthless Excellence" (2001 Demo)

1. ...Summons Upon Nightfall (Unfettered Sorcerer)
2. Malignant Amour
3. Repellent Empire Aid
4. Entranced By The Edges Of Angst
5. Into The Depths Of Ruthless Excellence

1. ...Summons Upon Nightfall (Unfettered Sorcerer)

Damned celestial realm, a local bewitched
Shall apperceive its hindmost incessant torment
Unencumbered nightfall has been distraught
In its dominion iniquity

Entrusting bloodthirsty actions of vengeance and torment...

"Thou mortal curse in absentia abolished
I strive to vanquish compassion in its self-being
For, I unfettered sorcerer, malformed to specter through flesh
Now to endorse the obliteration of mankind"

Poised over the illustrious sun to unleash gloominess
Digesting its shafts as its blooded secretions bid the blissful soil adieu
Tarns dim to a dark velvet luster, liberating warriors of chaos
From cryptic labyrinths of its entrails due to its dyspepsia

Quartering carcasses, shredding organs, smoldering remains
Squeals of misery by the fruitless muck, dismembered they rot

Thy beckoning...retorted
With atrocities of unearthly venom
Infused into the hearts of men
Saturated they plunge with acute abhorrence in terror
For now what looms is but the horror of the shade...

2. Malignant Amour

Behold the black rose in splendor of night
Untainted face to a cryptic insight
Efflorescence in roseate skin
Unrelenting enrapture in moonlight black eyes

Verdant meadows where the spirits dwell
Winds of eternity cast her name in a spell
Beside the moon-shades of asphodel
The mourning stars light my forsaken path

Descending from the skies on a black-winged chariot
Heretic princess displays the night as her dress

Her utterance echoes in the air
Inflicting sensations of passionate desires
Drink from the lake where the lonely Diana
Moistens the earth with her mourning tears

Waters of pernicious tears
Drown my soul in vicious fears
Seeking to fathom fortune in torture
As my stoning corps to be, it sears

She stood before me in disdain
Inflicting mighty woeful pain
For in blood I wept my last grasp of breath
Robbed of life and endowed with death

Tempestuous winds unfold the earth
Immersed in blood of lamenting tears
Where damned souls engender the befall of darkness
Through hymns of pain and adamant fears

Shedding eerie red that spreads onto a gale ablaze
The ruptured sky unfolds a doorway ethereal
A pier grandiose conducts a dexterous clinch
Hoisting the grinning corpse towards the tyrant's maze

Embrace my soul empress of the night
Grasp me to your within
To you I surrender my hearing my sight
Dripping blood through veins and shedding skin
Indulge me in suffering enshroud me with fright
Deprive me from life yet hold me so tight
In despair I yearn for death in your arms
Nevermore shall I feel the love of the night

3. Repellent Empire Aid

Ominous night is a' fall
Black skies enfold the empire
Begetting fear into the souls of men
Whilst morbid apparitions summon
The advent of deathlike horror
That will unleash agonizing pain

Ill-omened mist thoroughly blinding covers the land
As monstrous daemon-like shadows invade the sky

Amidst piercing cries of death, streaming blood, and falling heads
Disfigured lifeless bodies impaled high

"I, emperor of lands ill-fated renounce my soul
That cryptic stillness veil my realm for eternity"

Enwrapped with death
He falls with mystical grace,
Onto silence that deafens the lifeless planes

Beneath the distressed moonlight
Howling hordes stricken by plaguing despair
Bewailing the sepulcher
Where his corpse solitude will bear

Air is putrid, earth is stale, curse infected shall prevail

Sullen ships the embark whilst in misery they chant
Glorious grief-stricken hymns bidding farewell to their land
Besieged by gloomy torrid waves, leaden skies, and vicious rains
Away they sail in mournful tears never to return again

4. Entranced By The Edges Of Angst

Sentient entwined portray a black sinister maze
Where amidst the twigs emerge howling souls of stale remains
Amethyst orbs of fading light beckon to a twisted flight
Whilst the curse of love divine sets the mourning heart ablaze

5. Into The Depths Of Ruthless Excellence

Soaring a silhouette long-standing thaws into all and nothingness
Be aware of his shrewdness as the stirs up times of yore

Where ill-starred horror is aghast and murk seeks luminosity
Callous imps become the trees shedding leaves of enmity
Vicious earth now spellbound to tear his flesh and seize his core
Tis a noxious brawl amidst vociferous storms of war

A mystic radiance of ostentations splendor glimmers from within the remoteness,
Parading its monumental being throughout the wreckage

A fierce battle for veracity
When professed is oblivion
Darkest shadows creeping from below the pounding foliage
As he seeks in desperation the luminous cipher
The angered shadows penetrate his being to pull it apart
As he lets out a painful cry that burns his fading heart
A fierce battle for veracity
When all professed is oblivion

"A not so distant memorable dream pulls me away
Concealed from earthly foe, I reach a realm serene
Wherein my risen self beholds the eminent world unseen
Ensorcelled by its powers I become too small to bear my enchanted soul"

"When at my feet Oh ancient glorious mist
As I feel the cold serene wind chant thy music
And I see thy endless majesty"

"Drawn towards thy mystifying supremacy in rapture"

"I fly forth and beneath the vast shadow of my divinity
Lays thy realm that I shall forever...


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