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Liber Zar Zax

"Liber Zar Zax" (2002)

1. The Reading (Zarzax Unto Zax)
2. Heading For Holocaust
3. Colosseum Of Blood
4. Hell At Last
5. Ritually Slaughtered For Satan
6. Feeding Flesh To The Vortex
7. Conjuration For Choronzon
8. Speech Of The Serpent
9. Committed To Hell
10. Fornicating The Nazarene
11. Dead Black Nucleus

1. The Reading (Zarzax Unto Zax)

I am All and Nothing
Deformed and formless
Prepared for Death

I fall into the darkest sky
Into madness and beyond
I end the earth and its feeble gods
Never to return

Bonds of reason torn to shreds
Laws and logic scattered
Untie my Self from time and place
From doctrines of existence

Blasting forth, as Æthyrs burn
This fleshless body of hate
I ascend above the heavens
Far beyond god

ZarZax unto Zax
Back into the Abyss

Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas

Serpents whirling at my side
Blazing in full fury
The realm of Chaos welcomes me
Ready to devour

Into the Womb, that I may become
The Avatar, mindless and void
To strike at creation from every dimension
Absorb my killing

2. Heading For Holocaust

Born to undo
God and his brood
Born to bring down
Father and Son

The Agitator
Breeding disorder
The Death of god
And the End of the World
Am I

Unbound under possession
Hungering for the kill
I know only Chaos
And the Gods above god

Satanic furor
Mad and with many
Spreading destruction
Nothing compels me

Churning masses
Chanting my hate
They will die
Laughing and slaying

From Hell and Below
To get rid of god
Under Satanís Will
In the stench of decay

Burning with fury
Feeding fires of Blackest Hatred
I propagate war
Let the battle escalate

3. Colosseum Of Blood

Worthless lifes upon Sacred Ground
Children of god in the Arena of Death
Soon to be ripped and torn apart
Pieces of meat for Caligulaís Art

Lame sheep standing naked
Naked with the love of their god
Their holy lies exposed to all
Bestowed with laughter as they pray

Kill them!
Shed their blood
Kill Them!
The flesh must fall

Only good to feed the beasts
Christian flesh is sacrificed
Holy shit, consumed and excreted
They join their savior in disgrace

Thumbs down, the Imperial Will
Masses roar in approval
Now give praise to mighty Caesar
Today we celebrate the death of them all!

Corridors are opened
Starving beasts of prey appear
Colosseum of Blood, the crowd is pleased
Bodies rendered unto Caesar

Come christian, face the lions
Salvation comes with hungry mouths
Your heaven waits behind those jaws
The house of god is yawning wide

4. Hell At Last

The Second Death becomes me
As I stand in front of god
I swear out loud I hate him - kill him!
And that he will rot

I must burn in Hell
Suffer and pay for my sins
But godís the one who is loosing
Satan always wins

Hell at last
Iím dying fast
Through the Gates
Into the regions of Hell
Eager to meet
The Angel who fell

Foul and nasty god
Itís not to heaven I wish to go
Iíd rather die forever
I am of Satanís bloodline

Thrown to Hell but proud to burn
Barred forever from the blessed
I wonít end up inside the hole
Where angels rot in holy bliss

Iíll make his servants kill for me
For I am the Provider of Death
I, Ensnarer of Life,
Will mark the goddamn slaves as mine

5. Ritually Slaughtered For Satan

Rejoice in the Reign of Satan
Now is the time to purify
Make way for crisis
Welcome godís demise

Rebirth through violence
Renewal through war
Godís peace is pathetic
Craving for Hell

Worthless are the weak
Crush the cult of the Nazarene
Hail unto Satan, giver of licence
To waste this world and the vermin of Christ

Christians were born to be smashed
Beat them to death with their bible
Their god is a cockroach, made in their image
Remove this pest from the earth!

Last Rites for the holy flock
Away with their corrupted lifes
Darkness falls upon the lands
And god has nothing to say

Ad majorem Satanae gloriam

Be done with them! Be done with this filth
Kill to exalt the Lord of Hell
Offerings with blood and meat
Butchered and beaten for Satan Divine

Blood Demons of Eternal Death
Attend this ritual

Butchery on the altars of god
Bleeding flesh for the Glory of Satan
Sacrificial slaughterhouse
Empty their church until nothing is left

6. Feeding Flesh To The Vortex

7. Conjuration For Choronzon

Into the Triangle drawn of blood
Empty my innards of all that is holy
Ripping the Æthyrs with chants of Dispersion
Ritual offerings quiver and bleed

Magickal Pact of reasonless hatred
Signs of madness initiate Horror
Apparitions and absurd angles
Open the world between Being and Not!

I call unto Zax! Tehom Quadmonah
Nothingness which creates and destroys
I call unto Zax! Telocah-Vovim
Master of Form, from whom all forms proceed

Choronzon come! Faceless and many
Power of Three hundred-Thirty and Three
Choronzon come! By the Chaos that moves me
Manifest and multiply your Evil!

Terminal Darkness disseminate!
Pandemonic corruption devours my body

Force into Form Ė my shape shall be yours
Now kill me again and create me anew!

Let my Total Will be done!

8. Speech Of The Serpent

Pierced hands strangling your soul
Making you gasp for mercy
Choking confessions from your penance
Suffocate! You are a sinner

Watching and judging, nothing escapes
The prying eyes of their lord
Adding up sins, you must be punished
Cáve cáve deus vivit!

He sees you !

Totally lost in the desert of Christ
Thirsting for truth, alone in despair
Listen to me! This desert is empty
Just listen to me! Jesus is dead

Treacherous are the ways of their god
Renounce your guilt and see for yourself
His sheep stumble blind amidst opportunity
Their pain and weakness go unrewarded

Donít be a fool, come enter my world
Turn his wasteland into a Land of Plenty
Taste the fruit of shameless indulgence
Redeem yourself and burn at my side


My Wisdom, poison to god
Be enlightened by my Knowledge
Allow the flames to cleanse your soul
Our Bond is forged in purest fire

Wield my Power to conquer and create
Your desire becomes a willing body
To be as Gods, so natural and supreme
Take pleasure in this Other Blessing

Become Divine

9. Committed To Hell

Hand in hand with Death and the Damned
Sick of life and sick of your god
My heart pounds Chaos, no need for living
Stabbing away what remains of my soul

I am Three times Three, theThreefold Curse
Knower of Death and anti-matter
I am the Seed of Entropy
Demonically sworn to Chaos and Evil

Into the Pit with no repent
For this is my Will
All left behind, I look ahead
Severed from god and redemption

I stand in godís way and I stand not alone
Forever committed to Hell
I burn with the Million Favored Ones
I am become

One of the Legion

10. Fornicating The Nazarene

Clad in wounds, your cunting Christ
His bleeding gash for all to see
Tender Jesu, share his body
Kiss the cross and endure his love

Pimping priests to sell his goods
Farting forth sweet words of praise
You will pay for you have sinned
Against the ways of the Nazarene

The stinking sight
As they pray to their god
With heart and hole

Asses towards heaven
Begging to be blessed
Begging to get screwed


Come to church and swallow his shit
Ritually abused
Part of the bitch put into your mouth
Now suffer your children unto the lord

Gathered in the house of the whore
Feel his manly love inside
Await the coming of your lord
Again and again and again

A foul stench
Unleashed under prayer
By Jesus and his pals

11. Dead Black Nucleus

Black and foul, the lifeless core
Of my existence
An open grave, restless and hungry
Defines my being
No creation, nothing divine
Shall escape the Darkness
Fusing and crushing all that I sense
My vision of life
Is ĎWhat Remains to be Killedí

Feel the pull towards the End
Cursed forms disintegrate
Dragging bodies into Naught
Your universe must die!

Behind my eyes, the Sphere of Death
Ever growing, all-consuming
Grinding your souls into meaningless waste
Voracious tumorous Evil
No billion lifes can satiate
The Blasphemy which I must serve
Feeding the Darkness with those in my grasp
Feeding your flesh
To the black nuclear Chaos

Feeding Hatred with hatred
Pure hatred for creation

Feeding Darkness with darkness
Utter darkness growing blacker

Feeding Chaos with chaos
Malignant chaos ever expanding

Feeding flesh to the Gorge of Hell
To the infinite hunger of Death

Dead Black Nucleus!


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