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Prelude To A Sentimental Journey

"Prelude To A Sentimental Journey" (2000)

1. Time Is Shadow
2. Haila
3. In The Cemetery Garden
4. The Ray of Cry
5. Overcall
6. The Chess At The Foot Of The Mountain
7. Cult
8. A Game Of Chess
9. Colder Than Ever
10. The Hourglass
11. Towards To The Final Consciousness
12. Bridge To A Desert
13. Fall
14. When The Sun's Born Red

1. Time Is Shadow

The fire is out, and spent the warmth thereof
This is the end of every song man sings
The golden wine is drunk, the dregs remain :
Bitter as warmwood, and as salt as pain
And hope health have gone the way of love
Into the drear oblivion of lost things
Ghosts go along with us until the end:
This was a mistress; this, perhaps, a friend...
With pale, indifferent eyes we sit and wait
For the dropt curtain and the closing gate
This is the end of every song man sings
James Elroy Flecker

2. Haila

what I brought
with my fear

What I thought
scars I feel

Born in the crowd
of the rusty pleasures of your kind
burn like a shout
that'll never rise from your heart
Never cry alone
Never cry alone

what I brought
sign the will
raise the soul
what I thought
scars I felt
were unreal

What I brought to you
What I brought to you

3. In The Cemetery Garden

Silence has fallen,
and my burnt-out inner self
has been plunged into
complete darkness.
and not so long ago,
the spark of my stray humanity
used to glow with
thousands of irrational colours.
Now... is already here.
it's impossible to move away
from its intrusive presence.
This permanent contact
causes fear and disgust.
so much you can see
walking along the cemetery alley;
the silence is not just silence...
It is destiny!

4. The Ray of Cry

We took another step
to raise the dark from source
to drink from vanity
the wall of our dreams
crack the ray of cry
crack the ray of light
to fade out the sun
crack the ray of cry
crack the ray of light
conscience stopped by the gun

We put your soul on the ground
that one reason for your fear to be bound
put your soul to
be bound

We cried the endless night
so pleased with the loosers' reward
closed in the silent crowd
we played on soundless sound

Le temps esi l'ombre, la vie un de clin.
partout autour ie sons la destruction.
le calm mortel pas un son,
quelque chose a dispari,
le temps est l'ombre pare me des ruines.

Skies of the velvet clouds
burnin' like a damn blind eye
why did we throw that crown?
what will the naked soul find?

5. Overcall

Please me or bless me
I'm full of your lack
depress me and press me
to give me your slack
weed of your decease
anger of your bliss

Crown all your world
cell you gave me to live
wiil be my jail
my reason to fell
that hate you love to breed
will be your decrease

Crash me or slash me
I'll fix to your dreams
depress me and press me
I'll feel what you'll give
found lieing on the floor
the day you realesed your fear.

6. The Chess At The Foot Of The Mountain

Let it be for you a great and high mystery in the
light of nature that a thing can completely lose
its form and shape, only to arise subsequently out
of nothing whose potency and virtue is far nobler
than what it was in the beginning.


7. Cult

One day I saw a fear
in the eyes of the clown
dancing in the middle of my dream
selling prescribed grief
the short cut of knife
that forbade to breathe
the caravans of life

The marriage of nothingness
and greyness was joy with short
bursts of laugh dying
on the lips of mourness those
trying not to avoid
the path leading to
the unstoppable will of survive

A god's cold face
stone that marks
miles of our life

Fragile like withered leaves
overgrown with the moss
they are trying to imitate a divine
ship a velvet hulk
that is struggling against the wind
and being torn by desires of astorm
I saw the face of god
so crumpled like a sheet
wich remainds me of the night awake

8. A Game Of Chess

That's the game of chess
your life against the death
and you're a looser
just loosing your last breath
the clock's tick tock
seems to be dead men's talk
and you're a looser
juast loosing your last breath

The point of death has never been closer
enter the garden of chaos and order

A rude awake from the dream
from the dream that you've been painting

It's a dream within a dream
so much yet to be seen
how much time is it taking
till you feel the agony
and still you are searching
for your lost memories
but you know you'll have
a blind date with your death

The chance to live has never been closer
enter the garden of chaos and order

A rude awakening from the dream
from the dream that you've been painting

A sweet awakening from the nightmare of the hating
a dream within a dream so much yet to be seen

9. Colder Than Ever

Wooden grief
lost in silence
dream of life
cold as shudder

Every day from birth
only way I walk.
loosing my own breath
fool with ticking clock

Bitter sorrow
made by moonlight
the guest snake
fortunate gambler

There's colder than ever

Bit's of life are fallin'
from my hands

10. The Hourglass

so far away
there's an impulse in your brain
it remains invisible
but it's waiting for a day

In the maze
of the ego's secret place
you'll detect your other self
always silent
still yourself

The grains of sand are pouring down
what was then will not be now
you're staring at your hourglass
ashes to ashes and dust to dust

Close enough the old book of hate and love
study life to learn to die
till you utter
your last cry

Feel your blood
getting frozen getting stopped
you don't have to fight again
no more living
no more pain

11. Towards To The Final Consciousness

There is a lime and there is space....As soon as you are
born you are caught in between. Then, you may spend
your life either waiting for your time or wasting your
I have never wasted my time. Maybe that's why
one night I felt as if I had been born again. With no
rhyme or reason, I began to laugh and behave like a
happy child expecting a beautiful gift. I could not
recognize myself, the whole change was so sudden, so
quick... And on that unforgettable night, I saw death's
face, and nothing has ever since been the same. It was
shortly after that close encounter with the grim reaper,
when I went on my journey in search of the ultimate
knowledge, but the only answer I have found, so far,
but more questions...

12. Bridge To A Desert

The role of Jack-o-lanterns is to be a bridge
a bridge to a desert
a hope in empty words is like the sand,
the sand that burns my soul
with a glow of desires

Who was I?
Who Am I?
Who'll I be?
Should I try?

Can we stop the rain
if the sky is blind
can we stop the tear
a bird that is divine

Left the night behind
silent candle prayers
no one's ever found
tear that pined away

How strange... so moonlit is the great wall of china; this night!
the huge full moon is casting long shadows before my eyes as
I'm slowly strolling over the wall, approaching another tower.
what am I doing here? I feel spiritually naked under these chinese
skies. Not thinking, still waiting... all those myths and beliefs, I
have heard seem likely to happen, now. what have I come here for?
I remember nothing...

The chinese girl: good gods have sent me here to warn you. but
my warning is a riddle, and the final answer belongs to you, master.
please, listen up: what lies between reality and unreality and we all
have to go there?

Nothingness, it is nothingness

13. Fall

14. When The Sun's Born Red


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