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"Sundown" (1996)

1. Elysia
2. Closer to the Pain
3. Last Transmission
4. Sundown
5. Ophidian
6. Primal
7. New Dawn Coming
8. The Embrace
9. Morningstar
10. The Wake

1. Elysia

visionaire - silverscreen
distant mirrors all I see
shadows dancing closer
dripping from the orb

master of misery
well, it's all said and done
hallucinations scream
yes, I will swallow the sun

no warmth within my heart
the blood upon my door
the demon's free at last
please let me drown the past

thunderbolt - scorpio
13 nails into the soul
bleeding - kneeling down now
clutcing at the straws

can't keep the mind from slipping
further into the dark
hold back the breathing
lead in my lungs

2. Closer to the Pain

deeper down - suck the sorrow dry
wading thru the sewage that you left behind
the torture is slow
I could not pull the weight of the ache that I've been delt
this bullet is for you

beneath the dirt lives a different kind
crackhead queens - deception kings
the unborn child nobody wants
rub the salt into my wounds with passion and a smile
enter my domain - closer to the pain

3. Last Transmission

cannot ease the fever flaming in your eyfs
can't close out the frequence lusting for the lie
when your depression slowly leaves
the world around you starts to burn
won't feel it coming
won't feel anything at all

last transmission

way down in seclusion - the icon of your fear
let your eyes believe you see it all so clear
desperation is the only thing you couldn't live without
can you hear them screaming?
no, can't hear anything at all

4. Sundown

our final stand
the last command
our journals final entry
you did so well
none left to tell
about the damnation you brought on

bring down the damned
the blood is on your hands
as the sun sets forever

no saving grace
all out of place
went down in a sea of neon
the desperate lust
in what we trust
now rests in the arms of failure

5. Ophidian

slither inside
can't go where I hide
so delicate and weak
you dare not collide
the truth in me
too dark to see
so bitter the taste
now the poison runs free

on the dream that you once rode
now your visions all corrode
you're the one that sent me
would I betray?
when all hope is gone and the damage done
I'm still alive
the addiction's strong
you can't erase me
won't go away

of hatred and scorn
of the heart that's been torn
from a darkened womb
in your dreams I was born
the first and the last
out of the past
one final solution
now its coming down fast

6. Primal

once so alive - never again
blinded eyes seek the way


I'm coming down - coming down fast
once so alive - never again

7. New Dawn Coming

there's a new dawn coming
coming down in flames
there's a new thought burning
and it's fire can't be tamed
an illusion shattered
cuts its way inside
reduced to nothing
you're doomed within your lie

come on in
this nightmare's just for you so feel no shame
it's all yours for you to breath - for you to live
there is no present but the past
your creation - watch it burn

there's a new seed growing
growing in their minds
there's new hate breeding
a dagger from behind
now the new word echoes
a word set in stone
did anyone cry when sympathy died alone?

second coming
yet its all the same
the lies are ruling
masters of the game
forever fallen
puppet on a string
born the loser
soon the bells of death will ring

8. The Embrace

the fire cast its shadow
tounges caught in the night
never to be captured
never to see the light
rejected all salvation
a thorn in every hand
dark is the devotion
pearls lost in the sand

how I wish I knew it then
feel evil crawl in
embracing me again

you know I'm all but sorry
your cold caress can't heal me
this hurt is mine alone
a cancer growing in my bones
would you face the struggle?
see it just as I?
or forever close your eyes
and let the stormclouds pass on by

a slave to my desire
crimson honey on my lips
order of the process
dead red passion trip
I don't have the answer
and you don't need to know
sundown over the wastelands
echoes from below
and now it has been done

9. Morningstar

and now it has been done
your nightmare had me fooled
tragedy all gone and overruled
your world is dry of pleasure
your world is full of pain
and when the curtain falls
will you do it all again?

fevered eclipse
silence released
call of the wild
cyclone revolution
hours of despair
cease to exist
call of the wild

I found revelation
the moment that you failed
the moment of truth
a time to betray
these chains have long been broken
weakness left the bone
static recreation cut in stone

fools are left to wonder
the blind are left to seek
silent soul - silent speak
counting all the pieces
blood and broken glass
this time it won't come to pass

10. The Wake

tragedy has spoken
the wolves all gather around
with sharpen teeth and a guilty yellow stare
they wish me on my way

so cold inside this shell
give me to the earth

the dreams that I deserted
the passion I would not release
the path I left untreaded
the mask that I refused to wear
existance left unnoticed
desire in my bones so dry
and silence in the virtue
all so quiet - all so still

I can feel them watching
feel the seconds die
can hear them laughing from above
they wish me on my way


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