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"Phantasma" (2005)

1. Far From God
2. Plasma Phantasma
3. Basic Black
4. Down Cold
5. Coma Burn
6. 2nd Last To Nowhere
7. Wavecell
8. Drowning Out The World
9. Tapes Of Their Voices

1. Far From God

Encode the aftermath
Choking on the grapes of wrath
Dying is what this is for
"Cause dying is the art of war
Put the blade to the runner
Another slip, another suicide summer
In this game nothing is what it seems
It's time to let go, time to kill the dream

Save yourself
No one else
On your own
Guess I'll see you down below

See me I'm the vulture
I drink the blood of your apocalypse culture
Man is nothing but dirt in space
Just dead smoke burning off the base
All closed down so stand aside
Ain't your choice 'cause it ain't your ride
No use for those higher stakes
It wasn't meant to last 'cause it was built to break

2. Plasma Phantasma

Your number is zero
Your face is just blank
All of your heroes are loaded on crank
Nothing is nothing
And nothing that's you
A coma chameleon in all that you do
Every breath is a seizure, every moment your last
Your imminent future is a thing of the past

Plasma Phantasma
That's all you ever were
For somthing as sad as you
Death is the only cure

Plasma Phantasma
Burning on my skin
Lights out - Time for dying
Right here is where I win

Now it's easy
What once was so hard
Easy to forget, bury and discard
Won't deal with this
Ain't feeling that
Time to dismiss the rabbit out the hat
Ain't what you know but what you can prove
The evidence say I'm me, but I know I'm you

3. Basic Black

Did you lose you way or did you lose your mind
A blacklight rush, blacklight fever, keep it on the hush
There's no ignition
Just constant repetition

Basic black and darker gray
Hold that thought then come what may
It's so unreal, what your heart can't feel
Basic black and darker red
All God's children wind up dead
It's so damn real, what your veins reveal

Sample your final breath, the end
This is a game of death my friend
So pyrotechnic, still a sceptic ?
This is the end
In here we're all insane
In here we all discovered pain

4. Down Cold

I remember walking into that room
That very time, that very moment
Seeing you there, just felt like dying
Trying hard not to break apart
All for something, all for nothing
Is this the thanks I get ?
Once for all, thought you saw it all
But you've seen nothing yet

5. Coma Burn

So you say it hurts now
Hurts like hell
So you're giving birth now
Life in hell
Give it all you've got now
Twist and turn
Missed your every shot
'Cause baby you're born to burn

Life in coma
So sad I know ya
Life in coma
You've got that dead aroma

Home is where the horror is
Blow you all away
There're ain't no touching this
Get it pound for pound
Take you round for round
There's gonna be a blood shower
As your body hits the ground
Catch a wave of bullets along the watchtower
Ride that dose of venom
This is the witching hour

6. 2nd Last To Nowhere

I come alone
Watch you come alone
Much better on our own
Right here sucking on our bones
You faked your time
But baby I did mine
So you stayed behind and watched me cross the line

Corrupt your body baby
The dead body of Christ
You're 2nd last to nowhere
But I guess that's alright

You track the days that tracked your veins
In u-turn - Your tires burn
Of many shapes, in many places
It's leaving marks, it's leaving traces

7. Wavecell

It's quite alright down here
It's quite a feel down here
See I ain't going nowhere
Well I'm so sincere
It's such a fight down here
And it's all tight down here
You'll feel the might down here
Finally I see clear

Lost all the same so I'm going with what I know
I'm losing myself in that wavecell down below
Lost all the same so I'm going with what I know
I'm drowning myself in that wavecell down below

It's kinda cold down here
But they leave me alone down here
Flickering lights down here
Far from god, far from everywhere
It's such a ride down here
No need to stand aside down here
You'll watch me feed down here
Well I ain't going nowhere

Lost all the same so I'm going with what I know
I'm losing myself in that wavecell down below
Lost all the same so I'm going with what I know
I'm killing myself in that wavecell down below

8. Drowning Out The World

Hey, hey...
What's your name ?
Have I seen you before ?
Little girl come here
Crawl across the floor
Let's do it again
And again and again
My pounding pressure
All for your pleasure
Let me take you far frome here
Let me take you far
Far from everywhere

...and we'll be drowning out the world

9. Tapes Of Their Voices


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