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An Evil Shade Of Grey

"An Evil Shade Of Grey" (1992)

1. Dead Red
2. Where The Rivers Of Madness Stream
3. Dark Illusions
4. An Evil Shade Of Grey
5. Sidereal Passing
6. Scars
7. Nightmare Lake
8. Souldrain

1. Dead Red

Thru the maze
I run in hope to die
but of death there is no trace
until the dead red catches my eyes
a hide and seek until eternity
this game I will never complete
until I am free from the grip of time
I am trapped in the losers seat

My growing fear is uncontrolled
as I tremble in perspiration
but I know in the end the dead red will unfold
and that is my only consolation

Colour of head
my ever sworn enemy
blind I search the red
which I am unable to find
but as the voices said
in the hours of my life
to eternity you shall be led
with pain in your eyes

The game shall continue
eternity won't be long
and on the edge we will know who won
or shall it be none
I found it at the end of time

It did not glow is did not shine
its time had come and so had mine
it turned around and stared at me
with eyes of black this could not be
in that moment of truth the lie did die
the stars went black
and then went I

"Revel within your time
but make it last an eternity
because life is not all
that is going to be"

2. Where The Rivers Of Madness Stream

Take me to the other side
beyond this world I know
thru madness eternal falls
my sanity will flow

Here I will be
where the rivers of madness stream
down the gules to a pit of dream

My sanity defiled
now I leave behind
to plaines immortal
I unleash my mind

Here I am not lost
these sights are not strange to me
and I shall not dwell alone
within my insanity

"Though dead I seem
I will live forever within my dream
for beyond the lakes of sanity
our dreams become reality"

3. Dark Illusions

Memories of loss
memories of fear
are the ones you shall wake
up to my darkest dear

Down into the depths
of your minds wonderland
breathing the air, tasting the fruits
you are feeding from my hand

I guide you beyond yourself
your eyes are blinded by desire
come into my world...
welcome to fire

You are screaming in pain
as I am laughing in ecstasy
forever branded you will be

4. An Evil Shade Of Grey

I am one with sorrow
from the tree of grief I fall...
into the shadows
of an evil shade of grey

A taste of tears
is flowing down my tongue
like memories of days
when the world was new
and I was young

Nowadays my garden is pale
and the trees bear fruit no more
but so is life they say
of age the colours fade away

As time pass by in this twilight land
I wish the winds would take my hand
and lead me into the cosmic halls
to carve my name within its walls

But the winds will fail
as the ways are of night
to blow out my candle
of forsaken light
for they are the winds
of a daytime dream
from the land where shadow gleam
in silent tears I wish to close my eyes
and the world leave behind without goodbyes

But so it shall not be
and that I have always known
for on the tree of grief
my fruit has grown

5. Sidereal Passing

Into the dome of stars
my astral entity finds its way
a cosmic cede to the worlds of paths astray

Behind stellar veils I search
but what I search I do not know
let me see the light of guidance
onto where I me seeds shall sow

Falling stars gently touch my mind
as they leave fragments of light
which a lit the worlds to find

But this light is soon to fade
extinguished by a loathsome breeze
though in me there is a light
that shall never cease

On my sideral path
past horrors are emerging
I fear but still I laugh
the laughter of a king...

6. Scars

Once upon a time
a time far past
you broke my heart
and broken it would last...

You left your scars
and your scars run deep
I think of you as I weep

But soon the sorrow evolves
into the purest love
a love to see you dying
my angel from above

Days filled with confusion
nights of endless search
in horror you will be weltering as I emerge

What you did to me
now comes to you
in an act of love
I will run you through

I leave my scars
and my scars run deep
with a grin I turn around
and I leave you bleeding on the ground

7. Nightmare Lake

Within the cave of sleep
lies the horrid ones in the deep
in a city just to be found
within the dreams of unholy ground

So sleep between these sheets of chill
and sleep forever is what you will
like a silent voice from a memory
these waves of slumber are drowning thee

Hear the lake
it is calling thee
to be part of the dreaming city

So do not fear these waves of horrid sleep
as you disappear into the deep
Hear the lake it is calling thee
so follow the cantor to the dreaming city

Now you are sinking glow
to the city that awaits below
because your sanity can not forsake
the horrors within the lake

8. Souldrain

A journey thru the cold breath of time
searching the insanity of mine
mourning as I dwell among no laughter
hoping my existance ends hereafter

Astray the bridge I burned
to where sorrows fade
this torment now I earned

Emptiness is character of my destiny
my soul is drained and nowhere is
where I will be

Shadows... Of starlike blackened fire
taking... This soul to its loathsome trial

Thru astral layers the voyage goes on
perished among the stars
forever to be gone
to where nothing is and nothing was
...and their whispers greet my loss

In the watery mirror of destiny
I can not see my own reflection
thru the dead halls of infinity
I hear them sing for me


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