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Dead Bodies Massacre

"Dead Bodies Massacre" (1991 Demo)

1. Dead Bodies Massacre
2. The Bloody Ritual
3. The Blooddeathing Desire
4. Lobotomy
5. First Day Of The War
6. Mutant

1. Dead Bodies Massacre

Misty Life Spectrum Deadens The Wild Massacre
Owerw Helming The Soul, Breeding Fear and Wrath
Loud Whimper Of Victims Creates The Dread
When The Death Appears From The Depts

Tormented And Mutilated Bodies Writhe
And Flow With Blood Sinking Into Soul
Dazed Priest Masses Procreate The Sin
Maring The Carnage In The Cool Of Brutal Death

Their Wild Passions Creating The Death
Satisfy Their Wrath With A Deadly Misery
Desired, Martyr's Souls Of The Bodies
Are Being Poured Out Like A Lava
From The Enormity Of The Evil

2. The Bloody Ritual

A Cry Sounding In The Ritual Of Evil
Fills The Chapel With Eternal Fear

The Scream Of Tortured Victims You Can Hear
When A Priest Plunges a Cross Into The Flesh

Blood Is Running, It Covers The Ground
When The Beast Bewitches Again

He Feels As If He Was The Master
In The Bloody Ritual Of Evil

You Can Hear The Whisperas of Pentagrams
The Beast Shows It's Anger

Shouts In Panic Six, Six, Six
Then Burns The Cross Dripping Blood
Of The Victims That's Burning Together
No Sound of Pain Can Be Heard
The Evil Master Is Already Fed

3. The Blooddeathing Desire

A Cold Breeze Spreading The Stench
In A Cool Human Butchery
The Blood Is Running
Rotting Corpses Drying On
Hooks Like Food

Are Waiting For The Wild
Death That Will Tear'em
Plasmatic Slaughtering Creatures
Sucking The Fusty Blood

They Are Transforming Them Selves
Fear And Pain Give
Fed With Human Flesh
They Are Creeping
To Fullfil Their Desire
Of Merrciless Massacre

4. Lobotomy

Signs Of Anger On His Face
Thoughts That Make Him Wild
An Escape To The Other World
The World Of Anger And Hate
A Stupid Idea Excites Him
An Imaginated Scene In His Mind
He Tries To Be Evil And Wild
A Bloodthirsty Animal
All That Mares Him Look
Lika A Crazy Madman
Possesed In A Turmoil
Of A Deadly Cyrcle of Evil
An Operation On His Open Brain
Reassures Him
His Mind's Tissues Cut
His Personality Is Stopped, His Ego Dead

5. First Day Of The War

You Can Hear The Sirens Hoot
Time To Face The War
The War Of Death And Venegance
The Strongest Wil Survive
The Bloodthirsty Attack And Kill
The Massive, In Human Death
The Deaf And Hidden Fear
That's All That They Know
Warriors Like Machines
Under Deadly Orders
Make Orgies And Bestial Deaths
On Innocent People, Jut To Win

6. Mutant

Heavy Vibrations And Deformations
Causing Disfunctions
Show The Newest Mutation
The Access To Realization

Wild Changes Genetycally Coded
Imitating The Programe Of The Threat
They Are Creating
New Generations Of Mutants

POst Nuclear Barbarian World
Living With Violence That Has No Mercy
Spreading The Disease Of Damnation
Giving New Destiny To The Bestial Race


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