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This Haunted Lullaby

"This Haunted Lullaby" (2000)

1. Play Time in Tartarus
2. Here
3. Rapid Eye Movement
4. Children of the Dead
5. Living Hell
6. Stolen
7. Mortal Whispers
8. Sheep in Wolves Clothing
9. One Bad Day
10. This Haunted Lullaby

1. Play Time in Tartarus

2. Here

P.Tipping, K.O'Reilly

Here with me
The lights that softly
Touch your eye
Here with me
I feel I finally touched the sky
Here with me
Once two now beat as one
Here with me
You are my earth my moon
And my sun

I step right out of a daydream
And I find you standing there
But no dream could prophecise
The enchantment of your stare
I never believed you could be mine
Though it was my only need
And now I hold you in my arms
For the first time I can see
I felt lost in this crazy world
As the faceless trampled me
Then I learned you loved me too
I found my place to be

I thought that I'd wake up
And learn it was all a dream
Well if it is then let me sleep
For all eternity
The truth is its all so real
Through every fibre of my being
As we spin in a lovers dance
Towards our destiny

3. Rapid Eye Movement

Rapid Eye Movement
R.Charlton, Hanny, A.Salt,
P.Tipping, K.O'Reilly

All that I have seen
The things I could have been
Time moves so slow
but I feel I'm not alone
for when I close my eyes
I feel so terrified
And the undead nation teems
In my dreams
Break the chains
That binds you to the real world
Escape the pain
That bought your passage here
In my dreams a mothers silent plea
In my mind born is fear
In my dreams, in my dreams

My fears rise telling me to hide
But I'm paralyzed
Cold sweat beads
Brings me to my knees
Once more I freeze
That voice I know you but I killed you
This can not be true
This sensation, my frustration
The delusion that I see
Has become my reality
I'm falling into the abyss
With forked tongues we French
Kiss my home farewell
As I enter my own hell
Cause nothing's what it seems
In my dreams

Fears at the gate, birthing the hate
As I meet my fate
Sightless spies auctioning their eyes
For a golden lie
Stimulation, the undead nation
When the closest kin
To the deadliest sin is your twin

Kiss my home farewell
I'm the king of my own hell
Thereís a feeling I canít shake
As I fight to stay awake

4. Children of the Dead

Children of the Dead
A.Salt, P.Tipping, K.O'Reilly

Would you kill yourself
If I told you
Would you slice your soul away
Would you sing and dance
In a zombie trance
And make yourself a slave
Try to run if you want to
But you canít escape my touch
Cause Hades wonít wait Ďtil
A later date
And how I crave your taste
So much

Children of the dead
Rise up from your tomb
The damp earth of your grave
The warmth of your
Mothers womb
Hate me Hate me
For I no longer care
Fear me Fear me
I feel the truth lies there
Burn me Burn me
To silence the bad dreams
Kill me Kill me
Hear this banshee scream

The Spanish inquisition
Is alive and well today
The media's on a witch-hunt
Another victim comes to play
As children laugh as you
Take a bath
In a pool of your own blood
When the ratings die
They hang you high
And take a knife
And cut you up

And the children laugh
As you take a bath
In a pool of your own blood
And when the blood's all dry
It reveals the lies
The ones that fucked you up

5. Living Hell

Living Hell

Tell me not to have an attitude
Youíre telling me to cut my hair
You say you donít like the things I do
You donít like the clothes I wear
You have a right to your point of view
Itís such a shame itís a shit one
Itís just your principals are screwed
You ainít ever had a taste of fun
What gives you the right to criticise
Cause youíre not as perfect
As you want to be
Youíre talking so much shit
Youíre attracting flies
And youíre not as clean
As you'd like to believe
Donít you have a life to live
Tell your bullshit somewhere else
Get your ugly face out of here
Cause you making my life a

Living Hell

You always seem to think your right
Have you ever notice I donít care
Up go your safeguards
Youíre ready to fight
But I've got plenty of bullets to spare
Crawl back to your perfect family
Keep on living in your perfect house
While at least I've got my sanity
I'm a man not a mouse

Before your tongue start to flap again
Look at your fucked up life first
Your mouth is moving faster
Than your brain
I'm surprised you havenít died of thirst
Knee deep in verbal bullshit
And it seems to be getting higher
Would you like a snorkel with that
Soon you'll be a scuba diver

6. Stolen

K.O'Reilly, Hanny

As I stare into the tears
Falling from my eyes
Reflecting a damaged past
Scars I can't deny
Been alone for so long
Come to terms
It will always be this way
Nevertheless I'm still so scared
As I yearn to see the light of day
Canít you see
The dreams you fear
Are real inside of me
Looking back so many years
I was falling from the sky
Broken wings on a broken heart
Innocence cried out as she died
Do away with my voice
Do away with my love for you
But on my grave sing a song for me
Cause you can't escape
The part you know is true
The dreams you fear are now
Out of hand

In your embrace I died in your arms
Stolen from you
In your embrace I died in your arms
Broken in two
First you wound me then you heal me
Stolen from you
Heaven and hell are making a wish
I'm broken in two

7. Mortal Whispers

Mortal Whispers
Hanny, K.O'Reilly, A.Salt

Lost in a dark haze, trapped in my mind
Searching for answers, yet questions I find
Weíre born into darkness held in its arms
And die under bright lights under the thumbs

Reaching for genocide, settle for suicide
Feelings you can not hide
God made out of man
Blood stains on your hands
Kill, you know you can
Behind my eyes I truly see
Thing that have gone
And will come to be
Black and white photos
Now turn to gray
Which way to turn
I really can't say
So sleep now my babies
For rest you will find
Your whispers are blowing
Through the hallways of time
Caught in a whirlwind
The faces you see
Reflections of you
Not reflections of me

8. Sheep in Wolves Clothing

Sheep in Wolves Clothing
Hanny, K.O'Reilly, A.Salt

The ants in their holes blindly they follow
The whims of their queen of gold
The world she has swallowed
I will not conform to a world that is torn
From the beginning to the end
That pulls on the strings
Of the marionette kings
And those who do pretend
Whose demons have fed
On the hate that they've spread
In one nations name tolerance dies
As they goose step on by
And point the finger of blame
The Zombies start to sing
Like Sheep in Wolves clothing
Why can't we learn
From our past mistakes
As we release the tide once more
When will we learn
Our worlds about to break
As we check the time once more

Mankind is teething
But our mother is bleeding
And were picking at the scabs
There will come a day
Weíll be forced to pay
But we canít afford the tab
Up in the sky
The sun's in our eyes
Were spinning out of control
It's the end of the bash
Its time to crash
Into a six foot hole

9. One Bad Day

One Bad Day
Hanny, A Salt, K.O'Reilly

Come and ride my ghost train
Come and ride with me
I'll take you to a new plane
A new reality
But you canít stop the musical
Of the king of fools
In this global carnival
The jester makes the rules
No use hiding, no use fighting
Cause we'll get you in the end
No use crying, no use dying
Cause we're deep inside your head
One bad day can change your life
And spark a rebirth into strife

Born is the seed
Holding your breath so scared to death
Born is the seed
In the mirror you'll find the God of your mind
Born is the seed
Life is more fun once you've lost one
Born is the seed
Open your thoughts till they distort
Born is the seed

As you ride my ghost train
As you ride with me
I have to warn you
No one rides for free
And all that it will cost
Is a card or two
Taken from your full deck
Of no use to you
Now youíre shaking and forsaking
Your marbles on the floor
Now youíre breaking and awaking
We open the club house door

All of the children they play and they prance
When they are grown will they join the dance
All of the children have now grown old
And sold off their innocence for
The sparkle of gold

10. This Haunted Lullaby

This Haunted Lullaby
A.Salt, K.O'Reilly

Lay down your head
The sandman will be here soon
Lay down your head
A whole New World
Is waiting for you
If the night breed try to tip
Your balance
Donít let them get to you
Hold on tight to your
Broken palace
Though there's not much you can do
But to close your eyes
And pray that you will live
Till the dawn
Part of me laughs, part of me cries
To this haunted lullaby
Close your eyes
And pray you wonít
Be dead in the morn
A frightened child weeps
Hush now go to sleep
Mother, mother
Canít you save me
The two faces that I find
Erase me


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