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"Imago" (2002)

1. 1'33'' Until...
2. Imago
3. Heart of the World
4. Shatter My Dreams
5. Silence Flows...
6. Chosen by Heaven
7. Sunrise Beast
8. Tarantul (Instrumental)
9. Dancing in the Fire
10. Star Waterfall
11. Crusader
12. Follow The Sun (Bonus Track)

1. 1'33'' Until...

2. Imago

Change your heart for strangest living
Strength in weaklings, strong ones weeping
Go through pain and come out chainless
You're reached Bliss, but still you're restless

Bridge I, II
Maybe I will know
What's there in my soul
And my road will flow
To place I've always had to go… but…

Chorus I, II
Let my road go long
So I can look down the depth of my heart
And to fight there the ghosts
That chain my soul
And stop their laughter
That's tearing me
While road goes on…

Strive for love for all that's dear
Yet each step still brings you near
Final cry and very last breath
When your soul becomes a Goddess

Bridge III
Then I'll come to see
What's there in my mind
Rising from my knees
I'll find the Goodness of my kind… and…

Chorus III
Let my road be hard
Escaping slumber that's eating my heart
And defiling my soul
Road still goes on
So I can look down my heart and grow strong,
The road goes on…

3. Heart of the World

Falcon and mortal blade -
Sky-blue steel of deadly weapon
These are your magic charm from the distant worlds.

You call hounds fast as Death
Warming you when night is freezing
They are brave, they can talk the tongue of the wolves -

Bridge I, II
You're the Heart of the World!

Chorus I, II
Die and yet come alive anew,
Kill your faith, yet it stays with you -
Here in you
Beats the Heart of the World!

Doubts and rage and disdain,
Your happiness and hatred -
That big Heart beats along with your life and pain.

Steely clatter again
Fills the endless stars and planets…
Falcon will pray for rain to wash your wounds…

Bridge III
Fear and pain, love and joy
In your Heart of the World!

4. Shatter My Dreams

Your mind is getting numb,
Your heart is torn to million fragments
And there's nowhere to run -
The dice are cast, it's too late
You'll never forget that name
Even attempt won't be forgiven
You try to break away
But you'll have to follow your fate.

Bridge I
If you love her so,
Burning with desire
You destroy her,
Yet in dreams revive that fire…

Chorus I, II
Make your choice again
Look inside and see your reasons
Happiness and pain
Will mist your eyes again with tears.

Night dreams bring real you,
The Moon will wash away your fears
But you reject her anew
With the morning light
What does she have to do
When the love is filled with sorrows?
And could she ever knew
The real pain of life?

Bridge II
Sunshine and moonlight,
Joy and bitter pain -
Just reflections in unseen, unreal mirrors.

Bridge III
When you love her so,
She's in your blood and flesh
You will burn her,
Yet each night restore from ashes…

Chorus III
Truth or shameless lie
Under your feet - the glass of blue sky
If you befriend your pain,
Your dreams will live again
Love and Hatred both
Will live like twins in you forever
Happiness, tears and fright -
Like mist that obscures your sight…

5. Silence Flows...

I have blundered
Separating Death and Life
Even Heaven
Cannot draw that parting line
Heaven's angels can't see human nature
Light of Darkness - they still fly through the Void!

And the silence flows
On the Isle of God's Bliss…
There your heart will know
When to bend your knees

Snow-washed orchard
Lost all hope for summer glow
Stop that torture!
She, who's near me - let her go
Let her palm the sound of my forename
And dissolve it in chanting stream's voice!

Heaven's angels can't see human nature
Light of Darkness - they still fly through the Void!

6. Chosen by Heaven

Candles fight darkness, silence adhere
You are alone
Your eyes on the icon, meek and austere
This is your world
I don't belong here, I am a stranger
No place for me
I hear the summons from alien places -
Should I believe?

Bridge I, II
Ying and yang, black and white
Your soul is burning bright
Hell or Bliss, win or loose
You have to choose!

Chorus I, II
Only the song could ever join us
So we will taste the sweetness
Distress and pain of love

Shadows are dancing, your face is lifeless
Under moonlight
All masks are frozen, your world is ruptured
Because of love
Days flying by you
You're not even able
To tell foe from friend
You'll never hear me and we'll regret it down in the end…

Chorus III
Blue sky will glance at earth and laughing
Will tell the truth that never
Will take the root in our world

… My heaven will grow through me so that I break down my faith…

7. Sunrise Beast

East crimson with the dawn,
The red on mountain heads
It is becoming so
The land of singing sands!

The East is Sunrise Beast,
Its paws are darkness-clad
The cruelty of East
Will make the sky reel back!

Bridge I
The dawn for infidels
Brings gift of slashing steel
The Hawk with wings wide-spread -
The sign of blood to spill…

Chorus I, II, III
Oh! Who is trapped by his faith?
God is one and alone,
Darkness hiding His face…

Each ray of coming sun
Is filled with steely glints
The orders of the One
Is sealing their lips.

The road to Heaven's realm
Is light from battlefield -
Foe's blood on your sharp steel -
Just bring your gruesome yield!

Bridge II
Their silken robes and veils -
White ghosts in windy mist
The Hawk in blood-filled skies -
The Omen of the East!

Day grows older in its time -
It's a law for all that's born
Sun goes down and distant line
Cuts away the firestorm.

West like wise old lion
Lies down with lazy ease,
And from the stone
Licks the blood of East!

No matter what - East or West -
Never-ending dispute,
Foolish blood-spilling quest…

Chorus IV
Who tells Shaitan from Messiah?
And our blasphemous hands
Raise our banners so high…
Oh! There are so many names
For the only one God…
Bitter smile on his face…

8. Tarantul (Instrumental)

9. Dancing in the Fire

Hear the torrents of life
Rupturing all dreams and hopes
Beating and storming the Gates of Heaven!
Life-music's thunder and sights
Shattering mirrors and worlds
Will break down your former self forever

Bridge I, II
Shed all your chains and soar above
In clear sky where only eagles dare…

Chorus I, II
Your heart
Will open to your dream
The world around and start
The flame inside your sole

Past dreams are better dropped down
Find solid ground in your doubts
Your soul is spinning around madly
Do not think of what's yet to come
You live only here and now
Now you have a chance to become your own self

Bridge III
Forget your doubts and fly so high
The world is breathless for your soul alive

Chorus III
Just dance
Let fire in your heart
Stir up the pain of lust,
The chains and hell of doubt

Chorus IV
Just dance
And follow up your dream
Enigma of your fate
Will open - just believe…

10. Star Waterfall

Do you remember he times that are left behind
Thousands and thousands of long eons ago…
Stars streaming down, skies hanging low…
Your tender skin next to mine…

What's the price of laughter and your tears?
Let the headsman calculate the cost.

Bridge I
Oh, how I wish that I could unite
With stars waterfall in your eyes open wide…

Chorus I, II, III
Your way to Heaven
Is as long as life
Let God of Life
Embrace the Sun to save its light…

Hear the bells of hope and expectations -
Can you tell me the price of that sweet sound?

Bridge II
You can't refuse - the choice will remain
With you - what to loose, what to gain…

Bridge III
Can't live without her,
It's nobody's fault…
Decision was yours under stars waterfall…

Chorus IV
Doubts and regrets
The wind will blow away
First morning rays
Will light the faith in your life again…

11. Crusader

Each of us will find
His own way to Hell and Heaven in his life
But remember that we have two different ways -
One of dreams and one that leads us through the days
Filled with empty fuss

Bridge I
But if you dare just ones
Span bridge as straight as a lance
Over wild waters of Life
You'll merge into one both your ways forever…

Chorus I
Wind sings in your ears
Drying unwanted tears,
Will and Love and Freedom -
Crusader of Holy Light!

Each of us will find
His own way to warmth and ashes cold as night
Don't you ever think of any thing as slight -
Devil's feeding on the smallest of your frights -
In hope to rip your life!

Bridge II
Hesitate for a wink -
Your fiery arrow will miss
And the Evil will melt both your lives
Into meaningless nothing!

Chorus II
If you cease to walk blind
Your lives and reasons and will
Will grow with the Holy Light -
You're getting used to the life of Crusader.

12. Follow The Sun (Bonus Track)

Life never stops
And the time will stop and wait for... No one!
But we won't know who's the last one
To cast shade on Sands of Time?

Sun fills life with its warm light
And your words will never stop… Sunlight
And it's my choice every morning -
Start my life as something new

Bridge I
Playful wind will blow me in the face
- Hey, wake up, it's time to shine! -
And the Sun will send me to the place
Where doubts and shame will not be mine…

Chorus I, II, III
What if there's no time tomorrow
To run my usual way?
Sun will give no way to sorrow
Warming up my hope and faith

Evening comes back, giving me a reason
To light up my eyes with smile - gently
For what is gone, with its hasty feelings,
Will dissolve in useless dust

Bridge II, III
Let the past die quietly away
Fill with reason each new day
Don't stir up the ashes of before -
Just forget and lock the door…

Chorus IV
The Time is flying by us
Not all is as it seems
Maybe I'm growing wiser
Time will never break my dream…


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