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With Triumph Comes Loss

"With Triumph Comes Loss" (2004)

1. Killing Tool
2. Nothing's Left
3. Vanished In The Dark
4. Skies Grow Black
5. As We Speak
6. Godevil
7. Fuel
8. Reborn From Fire
9. Saving Shelter
10. Hallow Horns
11. With Triumph Comes Loss

1. Killing Tool

Bright headlines used as a calming injection. In the mirror of lies I see the reflection Of
buried thoughts and stolen freedom The absorbed struggle of the human race This killing
tool in this reign of control All the miseries of this rotten life In blood their baptised with
poisoned words Truth once so pure has been deleted And all curse of history has been
neglected This killing tool in this reign of control Victims become the worst enemies
Their Lords and kings are now the weak The power of today's mass media have an destructive
impact on our modern society. Manipulated headlines are being used as deadly weapons
in warfare and propaganda is one of the leading forces of this war machinery. The abuse
of mass media to manipulate the opinions of millions of people is growing dramatic and is
well accepted as a part of this system. Of this failed system.

2. Nothing's Left

So many times we shared our thoughts So many moments we were so close So filled with
joy and full of trust We walked along the lightened road Nothing is left now that I m gone
Now I see your hidden face Nothing is left... Tied by my feelings in my heart, I couldn't
see behind the mask It's all past and from this spot now I can see what you were and
what I despise I ll go my way with compassion towards the light The decision I took
opened the door to take a step out of the dark What is left of the angry and creative
energy that we used to have when this was supposed to be the most important thing in
your life. Together we developed passion, dedication and trust for this and now that you
grow older you turn your back and everything you ever talked or just thought about is
worth nothing to you now. There's nothing left of you!

3. Vanished In The Dark

Is this our road to keep moving on following your heart in the right direction? Dreams and
desires, where are they left Dreams and desires, vanished in the dark Vanished in the d
ark Passions and wishes buried in empty fields Passions and desires, you oppressed
yourself These are the chains we re force to wear These are the chains we have to break
Chains we re forced to wear! Chains we have to break! Are you really free to decide what
to do with your life? Is there individuality? Aren't we just born into a framed life, limited
by values and rules? Is there a way to get rid of this huge pressure on our back since
we're born? If we stop questioning ourselves we wont be able to have an impact on any
outside influence. Everybody has certain patterns he is given by birth. Humanity needs to
educate itself to get rid of this burden. The way to do this is hard, very challenging and
most fail but if we stop, we drown in chaos... we have to break our invisible chains.

4. Skies Grow Black

Drifting from the living the skies grow black Truth's now bleeding pure blood of the lack
Beast of possessions licking your blood From burned stumps their future's cut Denial of
freedom, denial of salvation, denial of life for their salvation Dominion's been revealed and
erased all cultural breathing Slavery will take control of your chained soul! Of your soul!
Modern war is not just about a conflict which has to be solved. Todays "leading" nations
use their destructive war machinery to achieve power and political influences for future
economical actions. No matter what the consequences are for the freedom and will of the
people who live in the regions of interest. And reality strikes again.

5. As We Speak

Everyday struggle for freedom and for peace Will smash humanity for it's unreal habits
With every battle there comes death A world torn between triumph and loss Insulted by
information and manipulated by look
Infiltrated by your leaders and used as their weapon
The orders we follow implant deadly seed
That splits us apart like jackyl & hide The ghouls are implanted through power and lust To
empower the weak to rise as we speak To rise as we speak As we speak I face my ghouls
of my resistance
Will fight your seeds Indoctrinated As we speak ! Everybody is stuck within a system, no
matter what kind. Even the most independent gatherings have rules and leaders. With
every news we get, with every step we take there is information we got indoctrinated.
As for people in a more educated and democratic world, we are still capable to judge
whether it's good or bad. And yet we cannot avoid to get indoctrinated by information
that manipulate us to act a certain way. We all have a two sides in us. We all like to
good and the bad. It just shows in different ways. As varied as humans are, as many
faces the devil has. We need to overcome our indoctrination code and be aware that we
have to stand for our own beliefs. We should base the laws and systems on being aware
of our own demon. The demon of greed, power and lust...

6. Godevil

Empower your servants, there will be anarchy All evil will rise and Gomorrah will be here
Burn the holy book, the book of tales and myths There is a new power to be risen on our
planet Ashes will cover all false believes And hope will be the new destiny This will be
when we will have strength This will be when we will overcome Set free the legions
dominating species For a new planet earth and a new world order I destroy your believes
No gods - no masters I destroy your symbols No gods - No masters No gods - No masters
No gods - No masters When our mind is free from (religious) imagination and beliefs this
world is going to be a better place. Humanity uses symbols to hold on to lies and to
justify their unworthy unrighteous behavior. Terror is based on beliefs and false hope.
War is based on books about tales and myths. Freedom died when humanity started
reading the holy books and started creating symbols to justify their insecurity about
things they can't explain. We have to overcome this urge and accept that we can not
know everything. They should fear the revenge and not hope for forgivingness.

7. Fuel

I won't give in, I won't back down No matter what you say my heart carries the truth
Whatever you say fuels my engine And every action you take is the pavement I walk on
There's only one truth I carry with me No one else can see No one can take it from me
Take it from me I won't give in I won't give in Everyone can doubt about your actions,
beliefs and thoughts. They can try to hold you back and try to put you down referring to
them. What they fear is what they know you are able to achieve, so they won't let you
do it. They can doubt about your goals because they don't understand what motivation
you have. But there is no one that can doubt about the pure strength of your will and
your heart. It is your pathfinder and the only thing they can't take away. We won't give in.

8. Reborn From Fire

9. Saving Shelter

The saving shelter I want to achieve This last drop of blood running down my knees I see
the path of endless passion No estimation for my determination This is ... what i would kill
for This is what I want to carry in my heart This is what i stride for - my strength and
truth You have betrayed your own existence Focused on broken dreams that ll burn you
soul This is ...What i would kill for! This music has give us the most important experiences
in our lives. The importance of what this means to us can never be described by words.
Everyone who just stood on a stage for a single second knows what we mean. This is
something that we don't want to miss, this is our life and this is our destiny!

10. Hallow Horns

A poetic rhythm brought by the storm No grace, no glory - pure pleasure in Pain Two
horned master is on the rise Deaths riding in by the storm they are driven Cant you hear
the screams - we are the damned We are the feast for the unholy priest Master and
Servant, the puppets are on Man has to retreat for the masters brigade Listen ! Listen !
Listen ! to the hallow horn Listen to hallow horn A new race will be born Listen to hallow
horn A new race will be born The undefeatable legion Will kill the great pigeon This is one
of many futuristic and symbolic looks at how the world will once come to an end. Looking
at the wars that are been fought all over the world. We are nothing else than heading
straight into our decline. As we are raising hell everyday, we have woken up the two
horned master. He is awake for the free blood. Soon there will be a big death storm
raging around the earth with his legions leading it. They will come to take our lost souls
and bring back purity with fire. He will be marching in with glory horns and will be leaving
a bloody soil. And we give support day by day.

11. With Triumph Comes Loss

Humanity is covered by the veil of suffocation compassionated world is set on fire the
leaders rule with no regret dead bodies have formed the absolute the foundation of
oppression they have been given is the result of nations history has driven this engulfed
world we have to set free this crippled bodies we have to heal Most western civilisations
often take their social and economical structures as the basic platform for a healthy
society. Without considering the cultural and social evolution, they try to stamp their
own meaning of life onto other civilisations in the meaning of being the only "right"
solution for all their problems. We have to fight this triumph of loss.


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