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Mirror Out of Time

"Mirror Out of Time" (2001)

1. Intro
2. Mirror Out Of Time
3. Casus Belli
4. Ghost Of The Winds
5. Bloody Fingers
6. Southern Of God
7. The Madman Through The Haze
8. Reviving The Dream
9. Iron Bones
10. Graves In The Darkness
11. Flames In The Sky

1. Intro

2. Mirror Out Of Time

Music: Panos Arvanitis
Lyrics: G.Hadjisimeon, P. Dedes

Marching through time every
Passing day of my life
Seems like it doesn’t exist
I’m wasting my time
Waking memories of a life
With which I’ve never agreed

But how can I change everything
and forget that my life
someday’ll come to an end
And how can I stop all
this marching of time
which is killing and making new lives

Facing the power of yesterday
I feel like I’m old, weak and tired
The only escape is another life
without time or any desire

I know where to find it,
I know where to search
To make my life again
in a place where myself
will be a two-faced man
the one real and the other a lie

Visions are calling me
to hide my destiny
and save my power for life
Escaping from my misery
by facing the reality
just like a mirror out of time

Memories of suffered life:
break the mirror
Visions are calling me to hide
crash the mirror

3. Casus Belli

Music: Panos Arvanitis
Lyrics: P. Dedes

Casus belli all that urges you to fight
fighting for the wrong things,
fighting for the eternal right
No guns, no weapons cause
you’re not so tough
six strings or four are gonna be enough

I want to hear the sound
that echo all around
I want to trample the ground
the secret has been found

Sharp notes of metal boring
into your rusty brain
right to the bones
Knight riders galloping fast
through the hot desert
like rolling stones
Nobles and preachers
are losing their dirty game
worms in the graves
And if we can live in the sea then
we’ll be fighting like
sharks in the waves

Burning flames are melting
all the bloody swords
every war is making me lose my words
Casus belli is everything you love to try
split the borders, sing together,
no more cry

4. Ghost Of The Winds

Music: Panos Arvanitis
Lyrics: P. Dedes

I wanna fly with the sparrows
I wanna dive in the sea
to glide over the mountains
my home is gonna be a tree

Nobody’s waiting for greetings
I lived my life all alone

I don’t want a ticket to Heaven
I don’t want a place in Hell
When I feel my candle is melting
my coffin is gonna be a shell

Nobody’s waiting for greetings
I lived my life all alone

Ghost of the winds
I’m gonna stay with you
Creatures of the night
My heart belongs to you
Ghost of the winds
I’m gonna stay with you
Creatures of the night
My soul I made by you

The rain is caressing nature
A rainbow is above the hill
All creatures kill for survival
Some people live to kill

5. Bloody Fingers

Music: Panos Arvanitis
Lyrics: P. Dedes

Across the cold lake
There is a haunted place
Where crawling like a snake
You’ll see the fear in my face

A thousand years so far
He lives in the house of pain
He is condemned for ever
To hear the drops of rain

You are a freak of nature
The cursed words were so close
The only thing you have to do
Is just sow fear

In the night, start to fight
Nobody knows how you’re feeling
In night you’ll be all right
Your bloody fingers are killing

He is screaming full of despair
Through the night
How long will he pay for this?
As long as he is trying to escape
He’ll never reach release

6. Southern Of God

Music: Panos Arvanitis
Lyrics: P. Dedes

We can not believe that
We’re now going to heaven
We can not believe
Who’s made this separation
We’d never been captured
Under submission
We’d never worshipped
The holy inspiration

Angels laughing while
Their Master shouts
“Hey little demons, let’s get out…
nobody loves you in the name of God
you got will and that’s too bad!”

We gonna play loud
For the Master of darkness
I really don’t know
What means damnation
Into the flames the metal is growing
We needn’t pray for our condemnation

Southern of God
No one cares about your sins

Southern of God
Sins are a part of your dreams

7. The Madman Through The Haze

Music: Panos Arvanitis
Lyrics: P. Dedes

I hear the footsteps
The killer is behind you
No doubt that you are lost
Be sure that he will find you

Don’t try to escape
The one way dyed in red
Although you save your life for a while
Will be your hunter till the end

Now you are the victim and
He is the judge that takes your head
You’re still a prisoner and
You’re living through the dread

Now I hear the scream
The sound of your fear
Let’s make your last wish
Now your death is closing near

This is no nightmare
This is no dream
You’re dead don’t you understand?
And you have no time to scream

You’re looking in the darkness
In vain for a hiding place
But you’re always facing

But I didn’t tell you my dear? The wild
killer is me!
If you don’t mind give me your soul
That’s all I need…

8. Reviving The Dream

Music: Panos Arvanitis
Lyrics: P. Dedes

South winds are blowing in my dreams
Reminding me of places
That I’ve never seen
Green hills are rising off the ground
My thought is dancing like a ballerina

Lonely castles facing the rough sea
Waiting for greetings
From a passing ship
Traveler birds are flying in the sky
Please take me away
To see the world from high

Now all my visions
Appearing in my eyes
I want to save my soul from
An ancient sacrifice
During the centuries
The moonlight keeps on bright
But now my thought is running
Like the speed of light

I don’t know why,
I start to fly
I don’t know why,
I live in a lie?

Walking out of rage
I’m living twice my age
Stopping time for my dreams
Breaking from the cage
And feeling full of rage
I leave burnt lands and stormy seas

9. Iron Bones

Music: Panos Arvanitis
Lyrics: P. Dedes

Under the ground there is a sound
That shakes the earth until break down
Upon the ground there is a crown
Worn by the speed king in action

You will just burn your wheels
No one can stop this machine
Ride like the wind again
Show us your unsurpassed skills

Ride the iron horse you’ve got the force
While rolling is digging the highway
Singing the song you feel more strong
Born to be a wild easy rider

Rise off the ground, dust all around
Leave all your troubles behind you
Rise off the ground,
Like the speed of sound
You keep on whirling like a cyclone
Don’t touch the brake,
‘Cause everything is fake
You have to escape from the lie.

Horses made of metal bones
Wheels that climb huge stones
Pistons full of energy
Shining like a laser beam
Hands that stick on to the gas
Riders sliding like a moving mass
Fighting for the spirit free
Driven by destiny

10. Graves In The Darkness

Music: Panos Arvanitis
Lyrics: P. Dedes

Missing in action, lost in disaster
Their payment was for saving the master
Troops of doom,
They fought for their land
Not killed by the enemy
But by the world’s hands

Graves in the darkness
Standing all high
No one can see them through
The spreading light
Graves in the darkness
What could they be?
Mountains for madness for us to see

Never ending journey,
They’ll never come back
Killed with a death row the final attack
The battle is over
They were not to blame
The spirits far from past
Will always remain

Winners and losers
Their graves are the same
Fighting for nothing
This war is insane

The sky is cloudy
The ground is red
There’s nothing around you
To keep you undead

11. Flames In The Sky

Music: Panos Arvanitis
Lyrics: P. Dedes

There is a starlight shining in your side
There’s a secret that you keep inside
Burning comets are falling round
With my soul sticking to the ground

Crystal tears in my eyes
When I’m dreaming of a golden sunrise
Poisoned arrows in my heart
You’re living so near
But we’re still apart

Flames in the sky, nails on the road
Your love is poison and I’m drinking all
Stabs in my life, and you have the knife
You stole my heart
And I’m walking in the dark

Flames in the sky, ails on the road
Let’s break your silence I can’t anymore
Follows the starlight
That’s shining so bright
Maybe I’m the same star shining in
Your side

Thick clouds in my way
Barbed wire every word that you say
I’m thirsty in a desert far away
You’re a spring
And I’m crawling to you baby

There is a starlight shining in your side
But there is no longer a secret
You can hide
Burning comets falling still
But my soul will cut like steel


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