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In the Name of Rose

"In the Name of Rose" (2005)

1. I'm Your Master
2. Vengeance is My Law
3. Holy Gates (In the Name of Rose)
4. Diamond Crown
5. Edge of a Knife
6. Initiation (Promised Land)
7. Isolation
8. Naked King
9. Wrongly Right
10. Eastern Dance
11. Whispering (Instrumental)

1. I'm Your Master

Nasty memories bring me back
where my first dreams were born
For my thousand of parents
I’ve always been just a thorn
Nuns and preachers were hitting me
when I was laughing loud
Always teaching me the rules
I’m your master bow your head
I’m the blaster all brains to a blend
I’m your master bow your head
I’m disaster feel the dread
In this wild world a boy speaking less
than he understands
And the countless obstructions of life,
fallen by your hands.
Leave the sobers behind
cause they’ve never been floating high
Always crawling to the ground

2. Vengeance is My Law

After creation
were born many nations
Sharing the land and the seas
Making religions
spread out of their regions
Always praying down to their knees
People are crying
just before they die
And wondering
is this their fate?
Searching for a reason
they still live in prison
Repenting but now it’s too late
Bloodthirsty waiting
for loud sobs to hear
Using the path to law
Subordinating the people by steel
Baptizing crowds in a row
In the holy writes
The lies are overflow
On my rising way
Just vengeance is my law

3. Holy Gates (In the Name of Rose)

Shades of the past are reviving
Rising the cross of hatred
Reborn from the evil's ashes
Are teaching the lie
Dressed in black
are coming to crash you
Different faith? {{INTO THE FIRE}}
They give you a chance:
the church or the hangman,
But you have to live
Holy gates are closed behind you
hidin' inside dirty laws
Turn the page
that's written by a false mind
In the name of Rose
How many great minds are wasted?
Been accused by wizards wrongly,
Replacing the dreams to nightmares
And smiles to pain

4. Diamond Crown

Oh my majesty
Where is your diamond crown?
Did you bring it back?
From the bloodstained ground?
Are you satisfied?
By the things you have done?
Let’s give up the game
Now it’s the time to run
Now what’s your next
target to open fire?
Lightning and bombs in the air
Send a rocket at a place you desire
Cause your god is not fair
See the iron birds
Dropping downloaded steel
Hear the awful sound
Which is preparing to kill
You’ve decided wrong
Trying to change the whole world
Blessed by your god
Now your action behold

5. Edge of a Knife

Once I believed
that you were light
But now the darkness
is your guide
You killed my soul
without a fight
You drove me
to the other side
Living just for
a judgement day
And waiting for my row
Who’s really come back
from the other side
I would like to know
Living by a miracle
Death is the meaning of life
Short time for a little stroll
Love is the edge of a knife
My body is laying
my spirit it’s up
Am I dead or I’m just dreaming
You’ve done so well as always do
Making my heart stop feeling

6. Initiation (Promised Land)

Sometimes you’re wondering
Where are you from?
And where is
the breeding of your home
They told you many lies
You’re born for a sacrifice
Initiation to the bone
The dogs have decided where is the
promised land
Where a bloody hand is moving
through the sand
Forces are fighting for the
human rights
Rabid bytes demolition’s mights
The order was so clear
Let’s kill them all
Bullets are flying to the wall
There’s nothing left to fear
There is no justice here
Your master
is waiting for the gold
I can’t believe it
Where is my life where is my home
My mission was secret
But my death will be known
So I can’t believe it
They wrote my name on a stone
My cross you can keep it
Cause I’m a sinner to the bone

7. Isolation

Someone from high is always
building your mind
And watching you
by a demon’s eye
No time for a thought
when the orders are a lot
If you will swerve then you’ll die
Maybe it’s the god
which is made by the mob
Spreading dread all around
Forces of hell marching
straight on the road
But the reason
it’s never been found
Run for your life
Wait for your shadow
Run for your life
Wait for your shadow
Isolation, through your soul
Ordination, play this role
isolation, through your soul
Expectation, a self control
Now all your life
it’s shining like a silver knife
And sticking the beast in the dark
Running so fast
passing troubles of the past
Crashing the tooth of the shark

8. Naked King

You climb the rainbow as you’ve
done it many times
Diving in the ocean, hoping to
escape from crimes
You think that you can win the
sadness and the pain
While sticking a rusty needle
searching for a vein
Wasting your time with dreams
which are falling too low
You’ve fixed the whole world
under your personal law
You’re a naked king with
thousand of toadies around
But your pierced body is decaying
down to the ground
Once you were a lovely child
Now they all treat you
like you're wild
Empty frames
are replacing your mind
The main theme
you will never find
Sail away to your promise land
You built your dreams
upon a leaking hand
Dark clouds of hell
cover the only one truth
Some well-dressed men get richer
by your wasted youth
You’re begging around
just to buy an expensive lie
Your spirit is dead
your body it’s gonna die
Lies, lies, there is not paradise,
ugly creature all of you
Lies, lies, in the name of God,
you‘ve been lost it’s the only truth

9. Wrongly Right

Look out behind you
a thousand faces wait
Waiting for excuses
now before it’s too late
You have to tell them
how you feel to see
A thousand corpses
floating upon the sea
Screaming, screaming loud
The victims round all around
Bloodstained soldiers
are marching through the night
Abiding by the orders
thinking that’s the right
You have to tell them
how you’re ashamed of this
Nothing is changing
praying down on your knees
How many gods are living in this world
And which one is repressing the right
He must be a runaway
Cause he is missing in every fight

10. Eastern Dance

East winds are blowing
And whispering tales from the seas
Some birds are coming
Bringing the smell of the trees
Holy fights
For their rights
Devil’s child
Blessed knights
Darkness mights
Screams behind
Battles in towers
Hard fights rage on the seas
Nobody’s caring
What is the spirit of East

11. Whispering (Instrumental)


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