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"Castle" (1994)

1. The 7th Empire
2. The Emperor's Children
3. Alter Reality
4. Exposed
5. Travelling
6. Castle
7. Bridge Of Snow

1. The 7th Empire

I am the Emperor, ruling all known universe
I have absolute power and absolute thirst...
Thirsty for even more, wasting energy in great haste
Eager to learn the Lore, fertilizing psionic waste
Conquering my enemies, striking them with all my might
Changing all known histories, the winner is always right
Watching at my Empire, borders seem without end
Greed is burning like a fire, I weep but I don't understand...

I have changed a lot, once humble, now God; WHY???

In my youth, long ago, changing all with determination
I seem my alter-ego, trying to change my destination
Thirty years I've been sleeping, my whole Empire has been weeping

I now realize the Empire changed me, instead of me changing the Empire
I have become what I once... did despise
But instead of hating myself, I enjoy it...
Enjoy the power, that's what I hate: I don't hate myself...

The game is nothing; the playing of it is everything...

2. The Emperor's Children

Children... on their way
Travelling... lands of Snow
They are... on a mission

Five... so they say
Exposure... long ago
Causing... purple visions

Consumed by innocence (?)
When clouds of the lords collide, I did collapse too...
Swarms of (f)lies, enter our void
Rearranging every kind of humanoid
There is no one to recreate our lost minds
Petrified eyes, perceiving nothing, no one find

Walls of Ice, exist no longer, we're exposed
Remaining Lies, growin' stronger
Heaven's closed...

Travelling... lands of Snow
They are... on a mission

Five... so they say
Exposure... long ago
Causing... Inner collisions

There is no God but Man; he's the Emperor

3. Alter Reality

Everything is tied, even God has his strings
There's left much pride... Heritage of old kings...
Woven with laws, woven with lies
Life's the cause, Pain's the prize
But I can change, everything around
Heaven's in range, with the spice I found

I am the Son of morning, destined to try
Climbing all my mountains, climb so high
Watching the screaming seas... of Eternity
I decide to become God, Alter Reality

Leave fear behind, alter my fate
God must be blind, I hope that it's not too late
Feel so alive, making new rules
Despair is the drive, I'm joining divine fools...
Leaving Reality...

Nooo, scorching pain, FIVE voices... going insane
Gates of life open wide and scream, knowledge lost
Why isn't it a dream...
All was in vain, I ain't no God, unbearable pain, faith it
Starts to rot
Feelings mummified, Voices in my head, at least
I have tried
Now my mind has fled
Leaving Reality...

4. Exposed

Since long... been floating... through oceans... alone...
Big walls of ice protect me for the outside
It's cold inside, a neverending grey night
Despite the safety, I dream and moan
They're always about the same they're warm
But warmth becomes heat, it's growin': a red storm

A long time ago, I did, trust a young God
He did gave me warmth, he did care a lot!
But as true gods do, he faded, disappeared in the air
Left me with my solitude, life isn't fair

I did shape my wall
Wrote my youth on a scroll
Gods don't care after all
The time consumer ate my life
Benefitting from my age of strife
Now warmth is kept away
And everyday is the same day

My eyes they stare through tunnels of glass...
Slowly the second sunrise appears
It's purple rays, they melt, come near
Memories: dripping, I remember how it was
But it wasn't worth it for an innocent mermaiden
I've lost his feelings and lost his faith

I now do have an alternative
I have the choice to stay or to live
Once I lived, it hurts a lot
Where is he? My Son of God?
Where is he now, your Son of God

5. Travelling

Travelling space and time, swooping down from skies
Fourth-dimension crime, fields of hope the prize
Inner states of pain, overwhelming memory
With an immense strain, I forget the Prophecy
Nights are unpredictable, fear or restless nights
Staying awake is umbearable, maybe I should enter the light

When I was Young and believed in Father
The world did seem so small and old
Sands of time won't go further
All my dreams have been sold

No one imagines, what I feel clawing fright...
Enter light, meet the One, travelling: the first time
I will fight, fear is gone, the second time
Growing might, all is done, the third time
End in sight, nearly won, enter the Fourth Dimension!!

Travelling, searching the Light
All my efforts were in vain, I can see it plain
There will be no reward, death is near, life is short
Always heading to the light


6. Castle

Billions of years ago, sudden I was there
Placed on a rock, around it a lake, the borders that far
In the middle of the waste, it rose to the sky
The place was warmed by a young, yellow burning star
But why???
It had no enemies, until our tribe appeared
They filled the waste with science, soon it all was fertilized!
They filled the waste with the victims of human GREED!!!
Huge, black walls surround the place; the last defence
Massive towers, with magic aura, grabbing for the sun
Winged guardians on the walls, armed with sorcery
The Arch-mage and his son prepared a medusa-stun

Mustard-seeds growing on the walls
Soon they tumble and they fall
The guardians fought at Thermopylae
Choosing Hades as the only way

Impale them with your lust!
Stun them with your GREED!!!

Soon they all, they tumbled their fall
They fell, bleeding, into an endless night
The Virgin was raped, but no one helped her at all
The Arch-mage, he wept, his Son was crucified!

The Arch-mage scorched the Earth with his magic breath
After that he drowned us all, with his endless tears
Forty days of bitter sorrow brought the tribe to death
Very few survived it all, haunted by their fears

Man was scattered over Earth
Lost in too many different languages

7. Bridge Of Snow

Travelling... lands of Snow
I came across a bridge of choice
Meeting... The One below
Recognizing his unique Voice

Doubts on the bridge of Snow
Crossing or not is the question
All that remains is hiding
Seeking for a solution

Going to the One I owe a favor
Leaving myself until it's over
Leaving the bridge...

Travelling... everywhere
Remembering what's left behind
Knowing... every sphere
Seeking Light, for my mind
(Perseiving life as a Bridge)


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