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Out of the Desolation Planet

"Out of the Desolation Planet" (2003)

1. After the Last Eruption
2. Towards the Empire of Ruins
3. An Evil Revenant Rises
4. The Path of the Perverse Spirit
5. Out of the Desolation Planet
6. At the Mountains of Carpatus
7. Dawn of the Avenger
8. Reverence for the Chaos
9. In Spirit I Suffer
10. Epilogue

1. After the Last Eruption

Enormous balls of fire and lava invades the hazy sky, the dominant destruction which decimates the species
before the end of the day, the eminent devastation shall take the ful surface of the Earth

A flame stands over the clouds of dust
and the steam which rises from the seas is can suffocate even the most resistant soul,
creature but the huge rage which consumes me for centuries would never be taken by weakness or doubt
under these debris I have rest until the moment when
all my hateful power has concentrated in the energy which would bring armies of evil ghosts

still motivated by the repulsion and disgust, regret and fury
till reach, at the limits od the unbearable pain,
The legion of demons which have rested for centuries inside my "I" to finally see

Awake to the reality thou hast concealed from me
its unbearable petrifying.
But I'll not be submitted to weakness of ignoring thou
Since all vengeance gives me pleasure, and in the name of the Iniquous one I swear at you forever

Enormous balls of fire and lava invades the hazy sky, the dominant destruction which decimates the species
my soul wanders through the cosmos, out of the desolation planet

2. Towards the Empire of Ruins

Like a hammer which smashes the face of divinity
I incorporate myself in iniquity and sin
Like a lighting in the ultimate storm of terror
My torment canalizes in hatred, vengeance and disgrace
Over the world of mortals I curse all of them
Whilst worms, its spitirual inconscious condition
turns them even more insignificant, and its decreases
my satisfaction when I see these wonderful scenes of devastation

In the funeral night thy yowl awakes me
And my dark desire is summonned by the beauty of thy pain
Desert and lifeless... is what these lands shall be, this wilt be my legacy

Mighty Lord of Darkness, before thy magnificence I bow, in reverence
I thy profane name I wander towards the empire of ruins

Decadent and leprous I shall wander among the downfall... While the lesser blow of life still running
in my body, hatred and proud shalt run through
these cold veins, brought by all destruction and memory...
Of the night of the inferno kataklysm

3. An Evil Revenant Rises

From the profound darkness I rise, among the hazy clouds I can see the NightSky, now I can think in clarity.

Recovering the senses, I am hugged by the destruction in turn of me,
the humitidy turns the night cold more intense and in those darkness I
begin to feel stronger.
Thy irrefutable presence would never pass in vain, my stone heart
finds peace before thy energy and strengh.

Unholy Spirit of Shadows, thou comfort me, with thy force my spirit
shall continue strong to seize my weapon in this world of endless war.

So, my soul can wander with thee through the valley of death, while I comtemplate the beauty of the frozen eternal infernal darkness.
Oh, Lork of Datk.
Though tired enough to doubt my courage, I know there is no victory without honor and pride. Blood shall moisten my hands and my arms.
Thus I shall rise again.

4. The Path of the Perverse Spirit

The gates of my palace was opened and the dark sky holds my soul, once again...
Surrounded by majestic mountains, I behold the dead
valley on which I've rode centuries ago, and once
again I can feel the gelid spirit of lost and oblivion

Through these lakes of blood I saw, hidden behind
the tormented clouds of the last storm, the flame
through which the king understood the wisdom of
existence and time

The wind of fury wind of victory it shall bring
Lost in the grimness of the NightSky exists
I shall hold the keys

So, in a deep dream of horror I saw, in the essence of my own
The shadow that had blinded my eyes, and through
stormy bloody clouds
The ray's light divided my soul in doubts about my reality
I know, I'll never get that answers

5. Out of the Desolation Planet

After a great explosion of fumes and dust
my tired eyes see through the heavy dark fog
the mountain range stands alone
the desert Montes Carpatus
imposing icons of the lifeless world

While the fumes slowly dispels
the dim light trickles like a weeping of despair
over the morbid cliffs of the Lord of Darkness' lais
my spirit wanders through the eternal night

through these mournful galleries of stone

I reach the true roots of my sorrow
when I meet the entrance of the Iniquou's Realm
a stargate to the actual reason of the existence of the spirit
the revelation of the darkness' magnitude
before the immensity of the cosmos

And though these visions are my
suffering's enlargement, I know that
across the centuries, my unpure shoul shall resist
arrested on this immense prison of iniquity and pain
Still my pride have been washed with that blood
these morbid symbols have no value anymore

so wandering in these desolated paths I have finally comprehended
the essence of lost and sadness, and all the destruction which
reigns over this world now.

6. At the Mountains of Carpatus

On the deep waters of the gelid lake the crater reflects, the breast of the
night, that's is for me a remembrance of agony...
Among the valleys I have wandered
like a spirit who thoughts through the tombs of a thousand years old cemetery
the cold images and memories insists on tormenting me
still victorious, I seek for solitude
between the sordid columns off my majestic palace

the gigantic crater dwells over the desolated dark horizon
reflected on the mirror of my soul, the hateful glance of the avenger

Like rats I have impaled them, as well as their children
And now, through the range of Montes Carpatus
these old memories strengths my pride
inside my mind my acts are floating, as my soul is
By these mornful craters that claims the death of an ancient
a new planet descents
A new world of disgrace and destrucion has arrived
On the wings of the Evil One

7. Dawn of the Avenger

At the howling winds of the dying autumn, in the somber hours of the day.
When the concerned clarity begins to vanish between the stormy
clouds, going down through the hills, marked by its unhonoured past.

By the destruction of thy realm, thy life and the punishment...
From the miserable penury to the hate of vengeance.
When, at the end of long months of wandering though desolated ways.

Encountered the ruins of what was once a majestic reign of lust and power.
Encountered the psychotic tower whose porthole windows was
crossed by the wind, which whispered omens of horror and fright.
Memories of sadness and hate arived with the mournful gray
night, by the destruction around from the fury only debris was
Which strengthen the eyes of vengeance
Before the first gleam of dawn.

8. Reverence for the Chaos

The cold in my hands spread from the ruins,
from the castle's basement till the deepest
thrill of my spirit.
Crawling through the darkness I behold the
night around me, the mournful nature and
their threes with his swaying shadows
behaves me to the dark and silence.
The calm of chaos.

As like as the shadows would whisper
omens of horros, and the chant of the
NightWind through the windows and ruin
towers claims the forth coming storm,
touching the most gelid gust existing on my

A blast of spiritual pain showing the last rays
of light whose strenght vanishes forever. A
reign of dark and oblivion surrounded the
landscape, the sky now is restless and
stocked by the Children of the Night.

Oh Shadow Spirit, carry me with thee.
Give me peace in thy majestic Empire in

9. In Spirit I Suffer

The wind, a blast of despair is enough to distract me.
My glance is attracted by the flame of your doomed
candle, whose black light brings remembrances that
dazed me for centuries.

Through the window, in my decadent empire, a world
of debris approaches me like an executioner offended by
A sudden anguish takes my soul, by my hate is strong, as like my obstination is.

The dawn arrives in darkness once again, with the dawn
the legion arrives again, and once more the horizon is
invaded by the perpetuation of terror and war.

My anguish surrenders the wanderer spirit;
I know I shall never rest.
The day turns into a never-ending night, and graveless
demons turns the cold dimension into a great arson.

In these debris I will ever see the other side of this soul,
who wanders lost through the ruins.
Memory shall be the spectrum's eternal torment
Thou hast brought to this world worst nightmare
And in it we enjoy... thy omen is now reality
Though I know thou hast brought even in my sorrow
Forever wilt I am in thy disgraced petrified dark heart.

10. Epilogue


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