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"Carnivore" (1985)

1. Predator
2. Carnivore
3. Male Supremacy
4. Armageddon
5. Legion Of Doom
6. God Is Dead
7. Thermonuclear Warrior
8. World Wars III & IV

1. Predator

They live beneath the ruined city call the subways home
anxiously wait to see the sun and a land as of yet unknown
gone below to escape the death of the nuclear winter
ice and darkness due penance for the sinners
six generations 200 years later
their ancestors crawl from their holes
hungry and frightened and barely surviving
they're tired of living like moles
up on the surface a fate worse
than dying meeting the end of the food chain
teeth yielding pain

I sense that living human beings dwell below my feet
an important source of protein, you are what you eat
post Armageddon, neo-barbaric,
the nuclear warriors due battle
to satiate our hunger we breed human beings as cattle
hunting in packs ready for the attack
we eat our prey raw-rabid animals
frothing and ripping the carcass
we're stripping our own yes we're cannibals
eat or eaten beat or beaten
I am on my life rest assure a predator

broken splintered bones, boiling blood
torn and bleeding skin
blackened burning flesh melting fat
amputated limbs
eviscerated, lungs torn out
heart ripped from the chest
decapitated, a meal of
vagina and breasts
Eyes plucked from sockets, gaping holes
through which picking brains
phlebophilia love of blood
life spills from the veins
I detect the scent of prey by
her menstruation
you have been chosen the main course

-Bon Appetite

2. Carnivore

Drool dripping out my tongue
hanging south saliva flowing free
my eyes full of lust my balls
gonna bust give yourself to me
thirst I can't quench c'mere you wench
there's something that I need

I'm a meat eater
I'd like to meet ya
I know I'll reach ya

The hunger I feel makes you a meal
oh girl you sure taste sweet
by my hair pull me there guide me to your treat
spread your legs I'll seed your eggs oh, feel me deep

Lick me she begged she pulled
down my head I love to eat pussy
a taste so fine like sweet april wine
I won't trade for any money
did you cum I eat and run I live for sodomy

3. Male Supremacy

I live to war it's in my blood if I want it I take
the men I've killed the children slaves
and all the woman I've raped
between my legs I've got what it takes to be called a man
fighting, feasting, fucking all I can
moonlight on horseback till death we will ride
northern winds pushing us towards suicide
Mars god of war masturbating in rage
wild libido I've freed from its cage

Male Supremacy

I eat the brains from my enemy's head
I proudly wear their scalps
I burn their towns to the ground to me the prisoners bow
muscle, sweat, long hair and dirt leather, fur and chains
my uniform torn and worn covered with blood stains
testosterone mates with adrenaline
bearing a son of insane aggression
woman will never know or understand
the power men feel to kill with their hands

After the war I come home weak and sore
I fall into your arms
we lie by the fire
you feed my desire with me safe and warm
outside the wind blows cold
inside the embers glow shelter from the storm

Years been away I fought night and day
for my land and my king
woman it's true
I do battle for you, you my everything
when on the fur I make love to her
how her body sings

4. Armageddon

A grey and sunless sky above lies heavy on the earth
fire storms acid rain celebrating birth
fall on down to corpses rotting in the streets
baste in their own blood upon the pavement from the heat

Maggots crawl from festering sores soon will turn to flies
spread disease across the land to the lucky who've survived
minds asleep are restless with reminiscent desire
sinners writhe in pain and fright baptism by fire

Cities once great of stone and steel
now lie black and burning
drifting far and fast away a dying world stops turning
a shroud of darkness steals the earth its solar womb
hopelessly I've given up prepared to meet my doom

5. Legion Of Doom

We rule the streets after dark fast silent like a shark
the 1200 I got between my knees
my hog helps me to spread the disease
people don't understand hair,
and leather but I'm telling you I couldn't be living better
I don't fear nothin' with my brothers on my side
fuck with us and it's suicide

Live your life by your will learn to be an animal
by the light of the moon beware the legion of doom

We only ask to be left alone
having good times getting stoned
pulling some broad and guzzlin' buds
riding high into the sun
to serve in heaven might suit some wall
me and the boys would rather rule in hell
looking for trouble I'm warning you
you'll be dealing with the casket crew

6. God Is Dead

God looked down from heaven shook his head and wept
his flock had gone astray wolves mingling with sheep
you tried to save man once by sending down a son
but the bastards nailed him up
and laughed at what they'd done

You gang raped mother nature I love a virgins cry
blood poured from the earth she suffered and she died
rusty scissors still in hand you castrated father time
feed his balls to the hounds that drink his cum like wine

God Is Dead

You've taken all my precious gifts
I gave unto you life from by breath
you a product of my love
your gratitude shown in my death

The devil has taken your spirit
keeps it chained up in the night
tells you that evil is good
but you will never see the light

Eat his body drink his blood
then we'll sing our song of love

Now you come crawling on your hands and knees
you beg for forgiveness suck me till I bleed
and for your transgressions heretical blasphemy
the punishment is damnation you'll burn interminably

Look what you've done to nature
and what you 've done to timethere's no more room in hell
your sinners you steal what is mine

Now the dead walk the earth
there's nowhere to hide
the devil and his disciples
rejoice my suicide

Bustin' heads breaking legs
smashin' faces spreading hate
screaming out this can't be real
broken bottles chains and
knifes bats and pipes to end your life
crush you beneath my wheels

And of course no regret give me freedom or give me death
you're flirting with disaster
riding wild running free no one's gonna govern me

7. Thermonuclear Warrior

The atom germ wars gone precipitate genetic mutation
social degeneration
creatures born of malignant science
the children of technology
plutonium anthropology
who will cleanse the mess left by the past
who will expurgate the scared cytoplasm
to rid the earth of abomination I proclaim my nomination
as the thermonuclear warrior
Strands of malformed DNA strangulate our future
chromosomal executioners

I seek the dying, sick and deformed
all who would taint the species
stabbing and choking and burning
and drowning exterminate subhuman feces
to every problem an answer must lie
to this I have a solution

Crush kill destroy
I will smash any resistance
crush kill destroy
the reason for my divine existence

You may ask what's right have I
to take human life this way
well I'm in control I make the rules
and I don't need your o.k.
genocide is my way of life
it's a fact I will not hide
the millions I've killed to sterilize
euthanasia's not homicide

Crush kill destroy
I will not tolerate imperfection
crush kill destroy
I will impede the spread of infection
I was born my own master

8. World Wars III & IV

A bomb hits the city all life instantly vaporized
but I'm not so fortunate burning right before my eyes
stumbling I trip over pieces of descending flesh
leaving a pile of smoldering humanoid mess
coming in waves
leading me to
a nuclear grave

Are you ready
will you be
will you fight WW III
are you ready
are you sure
will you fight WW IV

Humanity somehow stood up on its mutated feet
reeling with pride man just would not accept his defeat
into the missiles deadly disease and poison gas
launching them off terracidal journey kills the last
vomiting blood
I choke on my tongue
the gas from above is filling my lungs

Silence and darkness the species of man is extinct
the boiling oceans into which the continents sink
gravity gone the moon collides with a dead earth
flaming world out of orbit flying into deep space
prey for your death
if you survive
you'll die in pain
in world war V


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