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Killing Process

"Killing Process" (2002)

1. Watery Grave
2. Tragical End
3. Killing Process
4. Mortal Climb
5. Earth In Sorrow
6. Winds Of Death
7. Burn In Peace
8. Under Concrete
9. Lost In Agony

1. Watery Grave

The sea was smooth, the wind was calm
However, it was a great surprise for those innocent people
To see a maze of rocks and icebergs

Suddenly the sea surged, winds formed waves ten meters high
Slamming into an iceberg drove some people mad
The hull was pierced

Life boats were prepared but waves submerged them
People died in frozen water
In less than an hour half of the passagers disappeared

Every hour, the boat sank meter after meter
When rescuers arrived they saw nothing
But floating corpses, faces turned towards the abyss

2. Tragical End

They prepared their voyage
Everybody was delighted to go
With projects in their minds
At the take off all went fine
After flying for hours
The plane crashed on the mountains
Half of them survived
They had to find a way to stay alive

No food
No life
They ate

Some of them refused to eat it
They grew weak, the injured died quickly
Their thirst never posed a threat
An avalanche that covered the plane
Killed many more
They tried to make short expeditions
But they fucked it up
They set out, all together, following the river

It was a failure
Pieces of the wreck were found
Like the receiver
With which they could hear
That nobody was searching for them
They called for help, but transmission failed
Slowly they died
Having eaten one another

3. Killing Process

4. Mortal Climb

With some friends you used to climb the mountains of your area
During this ascent you knew that few men
Were able to climb this peak

Having climbed over five thousand meters
Climatic conditions became harder to bear

The whole team wondered if it was worth it to maintain
Challenge was set, you would not give up
When your leader fell every fear came alive
Screaming ten seconds before his crash
300 meters below froze your mind

Next day two of your friends died
Impossible to descend
Mortal climb
Even if at this point anyone wanted to
Mortal climb
A snow storm caught the three survivors
Ten hours later the last fell as the others expired

5. Earth In Sorrow

6. Winds Of Death

Your land was known as a paradise
And also for its seasonal wind
Older people had warned you, they heard that once a century
Winds will gather from everywhere

As if they wanted to eradicate life
Winds descended like locusts from the skies
Never such an event occured in autumn

Dark clouds came from the west and the north
People prepared for another storm
When the sky became overcast all at once
People prepared for another storm

You were hoping the storm would stop quickly
A few trees had fallen
All of the buildings around your town were destroyed by massive trees
A hail of debris broke windows and roofs

Winds never stopped increasing
Tornados wreaked havoc on the town
Hail storms annihilated everything still upright

Two days later, when weather calmed
Everything was razed everybody was dead

7. Burn In Peace

8. Under Concrete

Your town was asleep
When the earthquake shook the ground
Many buildings fell
You were trapped under concrete
Everywhere around you, rubble obstructed escape

A girder had pulverized one of your legs
The suffering was unbearable

You had the feeling
That you lost your fucking mind
Your muscles grew numb
Pains became unendurable
When you slept, nightmarish visions spilled over into your brain

You thought of death non-stop
But you didn't believe it would arrive

9. Lost In Agony


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