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Cold, Evil & Possessed

"Cold, Evil & Possessed" (2004 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Dead Metropols
3. Abysses of Souls
4. Ashes to Ashes
5. Wake My Evil Roots
6. Grabessehnsüchte

1. Intro

2. Dead Metropols

Shadows fall from roots of cold gray buildings
on a lifeless ground.
An empty place where motionless creatures strife around.
-Humanity´s net to die like a long forgotten Name sounding endless through Halls of Nothingness
All that seems alive are crawling Worms eaten.
this silence suffering from cancer- Worlds cold invalidism
Gregarious animals judged to die under the Wolfs command.
Born to became eaten by the Wolf they breed
Ein klalter Hauch legt sich wie ein Schatten auf das sichtbare
- dahinter verborgen erwartet das was lebendig scheint die Hinrichtung.
Erwartungsgemäßer herbeigeführter Untergang
Souls without any signs of life wandering towards execution
on cold gray stones, sorrounded by cold gray gigants they form.
Formed by the Worms, to be ther graves

3. Abysses of Souls

Fallen into deep Depression, tortoured by your own Mind
A dark Power rises from the Abyss of your Soul
Possessed your Brain
Like a Demon it speakes to you, let you doing Things you never want to do
The Abysses of Souls, the Root of Evil
The Abysses of Souls, the Home of the blackest Minds
It holds your Mind in it`s black Claws
Hate yourself for what you think
The War in your Soul destroys you
End your Life!!
The Abysses of Souls…….
Make a Journey inside yourself
You can`t believe, but it is the Beast of your own

4. Ashes to Ashes

Deep between the Earth
is my new Home.
Forgotten by Friends and Enemies
A Black Cell surrounds my Liveless Body
Now that the Silence is around me
I can finaly sleep........Finaly sleep

5. Wake My Evil Roots

In Solitude I praise the Abyss of my Own
-The inner Evil, so hateful and dark!
Satan hear my Calls and let me rise upon this weak Existence
Wake my Evil Roots - The Essence of Negativity
Wake my Evil Roots - Pure Hate
I died inside to animate the Wolve
Rise - my ancient Instincts! A Being beyond their Light
Let me rise upon
Wake my Evil Roots - I hate my own Race
Wake my Evil Roots - I want them to die
I can`t return alive! I have to be alone!
A Hunter hidden in the Shadows of a beautiful and mighty Darkness
Where I can hear the Wolves howl
Belial - Howl for me!

6. Grabessehnsüchte


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