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Doomed For Live

"Doomed For Live" (2003 Live album)

1. Mirror Mirror
2. Bewitched
3. Dark Are The Veils Of Death
4. Demon's Gate
5. Under The Oak
6. At The Gallows End
7. Samarithan
8. Dark Reflections
9. Mourners Lament
10. Black Stone Wielder

1. Mirror Mirror

Mirror, mirror upon the wall
Magic demon eye
A realm of madness
Awakened by the call

Speak the ancient words of mages
Try to take control
The essence of evil,
A challenge for your soul

The battle of minds
The riddle the rhymes
Beware of the darkness behind
Usurped and enslaved
Redeemed and betrayed
The devil in the mirror, obey!

Iridescent pulsation light
Glowing in its heart
The surface is reflecting
Nightmares of your mind

Green mist swirling deep within
A dark dimension takes from
The grip of clawed hands drags you inside

The battle of minds
The riddle the rhymes
Beware of the darkness behind
Usurped and enslaved
Redeemed and betrayed
The devil in the mirror, obey!

Enchanted with powers to conquer your soul
Good or evil it won't mind
The mirror of darkness is blind

Feel the presence, the voice of the dark
Break the balance, intrudes your mind
Try to deny, oh master of fools
Captured forever, the loser learns the rules

2. Bewitched

Can't you see, the devil in me
just take a look in my eyes
I will play for you, this wicked melody
it's magic will reach for your soul
It burns inside, no place to hide
this strange tune possesses your mind
It comes over you, and the nightmare is true
you'll enter the realm of the dark

You are bewitched... [x 2]

Bewitched be delight, you'll reach the night
dancing and singing to my fiddle
So take my hand, and understand
that no-one will see you again

You are bewitched... [x 2]

I am the master of the enchanted tune
I'll play for your joy, for your soul, for you doom
My fingers they dance upon the strings like fire
weaving a spell of my burning desire
Sing with me, meet your destiny
set yourself free to the magic
So come with me, my kingdom to see
believe me you're captured my friend

You are bewitched... [x 4]

3. Dark Are The Veils Of Death

Death is present the candle has burned out
the scythe is raised he's eager to reap
the extreme unction prepares for the last flight
but God knows where you will rest
Dark are the veils of death

To sail the seas of eternal damnation
to cross the desert of woe and despair
or drink the chalice of divine ambrosia
Your life will be put to the test
Dark are the veils of death

Enter the great adventure
just wait and see
Heaven or hell will call you
now when your spirit is free


Where can your salvation be
now when your spirit is free
where can your salvation be
now when your spirit is free
Fading light
disappearing light
tells you darkness is to come
Ancient rites
the death-mass itself
has never revealed where you will go
You will enter realms where angels fear to tread
open hidden doors within your mind
Sail with Charon sail into destiny
accept your death and make it to your own choice

[Repeat 4th Verse]

[Repeat 1st Verse]

[Repeat 3rd Verse]


4. Demon's Gate

Beyond all nightmares I met my fate
an ancient passage surrounded by hate
scared I was with my hand on my cross
I went into the demons gate

Across the Styx among the mists of Hades
a gate of stones marks the path
to soul's damnation and hell's wrath

Ancient evil is awaiting there
at the doorstep to hell
within it's darkness the demons dwell

From the dark age the passage hail
created by witchcraft and hate
where every sinner will meet his fate

The place is cursed by the hands of doom
unholy powers in reign
the devil's paradise of pain

Approach !
The Eibon opens for you
the choirs of damnation, call you on through
The twilight possesses, the heart of your soul
the starlight is fading to black, into the Demons gate

5. Under The Oak

...Deep was my anguish infor these words
they froze my blood and changed my soul
the master has spoken, the truth, not any lies

The Devil gives and evil takes
the thing in life that man forsakes
a throne in hell, a price or a sacrifice ?

Still the wind was blowing soft
and gentle here under the oak
which gave me shelter and rest infor my trial

I'm not strong, weak is my mind
a new beginning, where to find ?
I'm the last one on earth, please forgive us our crime

It was a time, when love was mine
now it's time to sacrifice

My heart, bleeding for my race
the traces of mankind sweeped out
by the hand of our Lord
I cried for the ones I lost
Midnight in paradise, grief
away goes my hope
I cried for the ones I lost

Hear my prayers
Climbing on the clouds above
Silent cry
reach the inner halls of truth
Give me a sign !

A crimson sky, bless my eyes
Up goes the sun, my time has come

6. At The Gallows End

Sunrise I greet you, the beauty of your light
so warm and tender was never the night
In tears I see you, the last time it will be
so give me your blessing, I'll meet my destiny

No rest for the Sinner
Hypnos refused me my sleep
This was the last night of my life
with wine I pondered on my deeds

I drank to the devil with servants
It's good with a friend where you go
No one would share my last chalice
So I drink to the ones that I know

Ring brother, ring for me
Ring the bells of hope and faith
Ring for my damnation
I am at the gallows end

With sad emotions, I sing this epitaph
my swansong, my headstone, the farewell of my heart
The hills of Tyburn, up where the gallows stand
only the vultures will come to see me hang

Behold the sight of my Golgatha
the gallows enlightened by the moon
proud of his art are the carpenter
his creation a tool for my doom

I am the outcast no winner
I am the fallen the one
that lived all his life as a sinner
The Tempter has called me his son

Soon it is time the dark has now fled
and I see the place for my death
the priest he will pray for my lost soul
I'm sure he's wasting his time

A sinner, a fool or a devil
or just a victim of life
It's no fun to burn in hell's fire
but I sure have enjoyed my life

Ring brother, ring for me
Ring the bells of hope and faith
Ring for my damnation
I am at the gallows end

7. Samarithan

One day I saw a man
dressed in rags, with a staff in his hand
begging for a penny to survive

How poor a man can be
I gave him hospitality
a room, a bed and lots of food to eat

Still I hear his last few words
"I can never return what you've done
heaven will remember and repay"

Fifty years had gone since I saw him
I was dying and I'd soon be dead
Three angels stood in front of me bed
The first one she said to me, don't be afraid

I will give you immortality, and grace for your soul
The second had eyes of gold, she gave me my wings
The third gave all wisdom, and angel could give me

[Repeat 1st Verse]

[Repeat 2nd Verse]

I joined with my destiny, eternally
I knew I was born again, an angel to be
A vision beyond my dreams, called me by name
So in devotion I spread my wings, to heaven I had came stay

8. Dark Reflections

A black star fell down the night I was reborn
a last chance to save us, a last chance to turn dusk to dawn
The vultures they cried out
their welcome to greet my arrival
the shadows they danced for my death
at the nightmare's trial
The demons of fear tearing my sad soul apart
a horned winged creature laughed out its scorn to the dawn
The sun wasn't able to send down its light, swallowed by thoughts in my mind
Dark was my conscience, I was the last of my kind


I was dead
awake in hell
A lonely corpse
to break the spell
A soul in flames
a heart in chains

Can't you see
You must believe...
The witchbrew was drained, I couldn't escape my fate
wrong was this place full with awful disgrace and hate
Sweet ancient memories, fragments of times that have passed
came to my mind like a blessing with grace for my eyes


9. Mourners Lament

Let me stay here by your side
be one with you my precious child
Let me cover your bed with tears
I will save you from all fears
I burn the candles for your soul
I sing you prayers as the preacher told
I bring you flowers, I dress in black
though I know this cannot give you back


I sleep by your shadow
remembering your light
In my heart
I'm with you every night
Far goes your journey
into the unknown
wherever you might be
be well my son [1st Time: you are my son]
Why just you my flesh and blood
I cannot live nor understand
my dearest treasure to be found
six feet under in sacred ground
Watch me bleed you lucky ones
I envy you your living sons
I'll give mine the strength of my faithful breath
I will mourn him to my death


Rest in peace

[Repeat 1st Verse]


10. Black Stone Wielder

The rain kept on falling
and darkened the sky
the dawn was to come with the sunrise
Revealing the shadows
that passed through the mist
the torchlight was flickering, the storm
was chasing them on

A procession of dark coats
followed the star
foretold to come since ages
In silence they walked on
Crossing the lands
On their way to Bethlehem, to break the
chains of the spell

Stone, they worshipped the stone
In generation from father to son
A star, a star is to come
to light them way to the one who is born

The leader he knelt there
to greet the newborn
holding his pendant before him
Teardrops were falling from his eyes as he said

don't do as I did long ago

Into the sundown he returned
the moon was rising and heaven burned
like shadows disappeared the men
and the black stone wielders were never seen again
Stone, they wielded the stone
In generation from father to son
A star, a star is to come
and light them the way to the one who is born

They came across the western sea
with powers greater than needed
The wizards commanded the lightning
every creature knelt in for their will
But they wielded the black stone with evil
and their evil was cast back on them
condamned to praise god forever
'til his son was born to deliver


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