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The Skull Of Golgotha

"The Skull Of Golgotha" (2003)

1. Three Nails And The Hammer Of Satan
2. Horns Of Hate
3. Jumalviha
4. Death Worship
5. Siunatun Surma
6. Morbid Hordes Revenge
7. Herramme On Saapuva
8. Dedication In Misantrophy
9. Suicide Manifesto

1. Three Nails And The Hammer Of Satan

2. Horns Of Hate

Bestial hatred upon mankind
Gazing down from the throne
gushing misanthropy
Disgust, dripping from the mouth
Expression, twisted insanity
Ritualistic art of dying
made by my horns of hate

Gone are my humane emotions
what is left is a faceless void
of downcasted evilness
Submit to the HORNS OF HATE
For you are just flares in the eternal night


Mislead lambs
where is your shepard now?
Never see the Light...
Book of Revelations, prophesied wrong
Defeated armies of god
Glorious triumph of Satan
Cursed black magic from the Horns of Hate

3. Jumalviha

Revi hänet sisältäsi
ja paiskaa pirstaleiksi
Ota naamio kuolion
kasvosi lamauttamaan
Ikuiseen pahuuteen
sillä kristus ja valo poissa ovat

Katso haudattuun maahan
Kylve sen kosteassa kuolemassa
Kadonnut, kätketty voima
Saatanallinen ylivertaisuus
Ihmisyyden irkikuva,
loputtoman kärsimyksen monumentti

Kulje tie pimeyteen
Älä koskaan käänny,
älä katso takaisin
jumala ainiaan kirotkaamme
Saatanassa ja yössä on voimamme
Kadonnut on hän,
joka laupeuttaan jakaa
Saapunut on hän,
joka tuhon julistaa
Oma tahtosi on lakisi
ikuinen pahuus on voimamme

4. Death Worship

In a room, darkened
Full on my suicide notes
On the walls..
In the ceiling..
Covering the floor..
Every corner saying goodbye
cursing this world
hailing death

As I stagger
in this world
and the one beyond
The words of the notes
Form faces, grotesque
Demonfaces, horned and mocking
Staring at me
Laughing at me
Screaming in my mind

Elder scriptures
Tongue of demons
Written and carved
all over my skin
Written to summon
those creatures in blasphemy
Deny Heaven
and walk the way to blackness
In the last momets
"odo cicale Qaa; sodoreje
Iape sodirejo Noro Mada, hoathahe Saitan!"
and the demons
rip me apart...

5. Siunatun Surma

Kärsivan rukous
Tuskissasi jaloissani ryömit
Armoa anoen
Vuodattaen verta tuhansista haavoistasi
jotka suolalla ja myrkyllä kyllästin
Ei ole armoa
Ei anteeksiantamusta
kun kasvojasi ilkkuen potkaisen

Kuka nyt on Herra
ja ketä on korkeuksiin katsottavan?
Kenen varassa on elämä ja kuolema,
kenen vihaa on nyt peljätävän
Kurjuutesi on onneni!
Heikkoutesi on vahvuuteni!

Mahdin alla taipuu kovinkin teräs
Pelossa katoaa syvinkin viisaus
Viimeinen isku
Raastaa sinusta elon rippeet
Ruumiisi häpäisen
ja hautaan kuolleeseen synnin maahan
Kerran taivaan valon ruhtinas
nyt ravintona matojen
Kun jälleen yöhäön palaan
on nimesi vaipunut unholaan

6. Morbid Hordes Revenge

Dead like a priest hung from a tree
Ropes drawn about his armpits
Crows have picked his eyes away
Flesh is scarred and ripped to shreds

The crucifix still hanging cold
Dancing slow to the wind of the north
His faith couldn't save him, nor could his god
Weak human destiny, nothing pure inside

His soul cried for angels
But I raped it endlessly
A thousand days of torment
Doomed to fucking die

Hopeless, starved, miserable
You'll see the eye of Master
Never will you see the light
Morbid fate of a mortal man

Mortal worms - crushed by
The hammer of the Nocturnal

7. Herramme On Saapuva

Kostonkuu joi verta tuhannen kristityn
Höyryävän maljan heidän kalloistaan
Edes aseet ruosteiset eivät itkeneet
Ne vihdoin saivat nauttia veriteoistaan

Ei auta parhain miekkakaan
Ilman miestä ja tahtoa takanaan
Heikko kansa (joka) luottaa jumalaan
Jää aina tappiolle - kuolemaan

Suru nousee uuteen loistokkaaseen kunniaan
Vaikkei herran kansaa täällä kukaan surekaan
Kun tanner verestä juo jälleen humalaan
Syksyn pakkastuuletkin saa kosto juopumaan

Vanhan kirkon raunioille
Ei elämä tee paluutaan
Herramme on saapuva
Vallitseva ikuisuutenaan
Helvetin kunnia mukanaan

8. Dedication In Misantrophy

Human cruelty
Animosity towards each other by command or by will
Wars for religion and land
Executions, slaughtering, torture
For earthly fortunes and pleasure
So worthless is one life

Geniosity of most fierce
way to produce pain
Brilliantness to invent
thousand agonized deaths
From gas chambers to nuclear weaponry
Man truly is a misanthrope

Incarnation of the Antichrist
Leaders of murderous holocausts
I hail dictators!
I salute massmurderers!
The true artists of human suffering
Masters above the dying herd

To wear the skin of another
To carry the skull of one's enemy
To cremate a living person by force
To push the button inflicting poisoning
To dismember one limb by limb
To beat someone 'till last breath is taken
That is the true artwork in praise of Satan

9. Suicide Manifesto

Staring at the cold bleak light
Steaming breath leaving from my lips
At the circle of malevolence
No joy to benefit from here

Time is sharpening my knife
Reflections of pain and misery
Had humanity meant a thing to me
Would I still embrace depression?

Secrets of the moon
Nail me to this place
Filled with nausea
And whirling memories
With age would I wield
knowledge and mysteries
But the human in me
Will lead me to decay

I hear the humming of the trees
The calling of the withering leaves
The shivering voice of remembrance
Cold steel for an age of hate...


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