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"Eternally" (2005 EP)

1. Every Night
2. Eternally
3. Darkman
4. Deny Yourself

1. Every Night

In my dreams we have to run
They do chase us and thatís just no fun
We have to fight there is no choice
Stand up to them and fight them one to one
We must not let our fears control us
We will fight fight for our lives
Until the dawn of our great sun

This is when they try to get us

Tear our flesh but we donít let them
Close to us and we do fight them
Every night and we wonít fail Again

In my dreams we walk to slow
Taking paths we should not go
We know itís not itís not the way
The way to find our safe homes
Itís so hard to find the right way
We are led by something else
Far beyond what we know

When I awake you are not here
I am so sad I had a big scare
Iím all alone with all my fears
Itís so hard to hold back The tears
I just see you only in my head
That is where I will find
You all alone weíre such a pair

I just see you when I slumber

In my dreams Iíll only see you
When I sleep there is no other
Every night and we wonít fail

2. Eternally

Into the darkness
I feel him coming
Towards me slowly inside
My heart skips a beat
I canít fight the urge
To be near him always

Find me and take my soul bleed me
I give my life to you eternally

The night covers me
I donít feel the warmth
In me flowing inside
My thirst controls me
The hunger binds me
To you always

I donít feel the pain
That I had in life
No more hurting Inside
You are all I need your touch
It comforts me
It will always

I choose to be with you my dear
Iíve found peace not held by fear
You are my love I wonít pretend
Iíve found my one true friend

3. Darkman

Dark is my boyfriend
Dark is my best friend
Dark is the one I can't ignore
Dark is no coward
He is so lovely
He is the one I'm yearning for
I really want him
Cold hearted seraphim
I know what's in store
He cannot show love
He only feels pain
Sadness to the core

Be my lover and you will see me
Love is not the way to set my heart free
Pain and sorrow is all it knows and
Take me now, oh please please dark man

Dark is my savior
Dark is my plaything
He has his cold grip on me
Dark is so sexy
He gives me shivers
My true love my fantasy
Please mister darkness
Come to my doorstep
You will find the key
I want to join you
In your safe arms
Please don't ignore my plea

Dark made me his slave
That makes me happy
Without dark I cannot live
Dark plans to take me
Down to his dark lair
Through his halls my life I give
This is the sad tale
Of me and my dark man
I do hate him so

4. Deny Yourself

You are so cold and filled with hate
I can help you if you want
I try to tell you this is not your fate
I am your true confidant

The pain consumes your life you cannot see
That I will be there for you Tthrough the dark
You only feel the hurt I cannot make
You see that I have it too everyday
What happens when your love
Just pushes you away
Do you question your life
And all of your lonely days

Your fears fill up your skull with itís lies
Candy coating all your pain
You think I wonít see or hear your cries
Your thoughts will drive you insane

Will you just take my hand I want to save you from
A life where hearts never mend
Just try to let me in you do not know that I need you
Just as much as you need me
What happens when your love
Just pushes you away
Do you question your life
And all of your lonely days

What happens when the wind stops blowin
Does dust collect around you?
What happens when the water stops flowin
Do your wounds stop their bleeding?
What happens when the cold creeps up on you
Do your limbs lose all feeling?
What happens if she doesnít love you
Will your heart start to seize?

I know what youíd do
Deny yourself love deny yourself joy
Deny yourself happiness
Live your life in pain


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