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"Origo" (2005)

1. Where the Wave Broke
2. Sever
3. The Immateria
4. Slave Emotion
5. Flight's End
6. Homebound
7. It Comes Into View
8. Storm Wielder
9. Mercy Liberation

1. Where the Wave Broke

Could have carried us farther
Mired only by ourselves
Horizon glowed in morning
Though vile was our resolve
A Promise to betray
A betrayal to remember
Where the wave broke
And flushed us back
back into the sea
Would have brought a haven
Sadness, that bitter failure
Night's embrace was colder
As the starts lit
One by one
A memory rejected
Rejection was the promise
Should have gazed beyond
Ashen clouds that covered
Saw us huddle
That bloated bastard sunrise

2. Sever

Where have we gone?
I find it harder to connect
And I find it farther away from me
Where did you go?
Where have I gone?
I feel my wound is healing poorly
Scar tissue render me frozen
Where is it now?
What have I lost?
Give me back my demon
Call back my demon
I feel the void won't swallow me
Has it been torn from my heart
It takes us so long
Are we waiting for nothing?
Summon back my demon
Sing for me my demon
Foreboding this uprising
A vermin coronation once again

3. The Immateria

A silver sky and I lie down
You don't provoke me anymore
These hours try,
And we go down
And horror yields a door
The light outlives the setting sun
End a day to shun
My senses slip,
a lie begun
From all to none
The black as painted by the moon
Colour filth from which we're hewn
Beekon hell it ends too soon
All waning hope and ruin
The storm that rose the crushing gale
Awaken into dismal pale
My senses blank, the sleepers veil
Where and why the burning fail
A nightmare catalyst
Harness delusion

4. Slave Emotion

I lost this
I surrendered this
Carry out the sentence passed
They nurture no more dreams
In acceptance this mute was given
Voice, as he fell from the sky...
And everything was bled into this
Hold me down this time
Killing slave emotion
Letting all pass through
We wed darkness, worship the light
Tragedy woken from slumber
Once again given voice
As it grew out of earth
Reinvent and pry it open
Spine bare, hollow shell
Kill all slave emotion
Lying, soothing voice
And there is no horizon

5. Flight's End

Wings riding evening breeze
Skies run vast around
We'll find our place there
These Borderlands abound
Strike a path trough air
Flapping winds of glory
Below the fires on the moors
We fare and end our story
Haven for the weary
Flight's end summarize
Journey to an end
Rest for broken wings
Ever purging
Time through sand
Adorn me wings of plight
Nesting in the Borderlands
Sing our cherished flight
Connect again
Nothing dies in vain

6. Homebound

There is a place where hindrance is dead
Vissions gone wild in a burning red
Dream my friend
Ever in rest
With your head in your hands
And your gaze fixed firmly ahead
We are safe here
A black winged angel watching over you
And you dream
And I pretend
Sleep is all I ask
Rest from all these bitter ends
I've found a place where I won't be missed
Steering clear from those jaded eyes
I've murdered apathetic
Your numb sense becoming my fix
And i dream
Far away from these tortured lands
Cast away
Spewing out the bile
Purge me of the vile
It's tjere
I want you to see

7. It Comes Into View

8. Storm Wielder

I wake to see
The bastard children thrivning
The plight
Your burden
The Scourge abiding
No matter what the conseqence
I have only knives for you
I will be your storm
The strike you never knew
You litte man
No willful melancholy
No matter how you plead
This wind to right you folly
Crushing worlds in front of you
Gushing through the trial
I am the wind
I am the storm wyou'll always flee
Find you there
Where the sun smote
Storm cleansing all away

9. Mercy Liberation

Hear now what I tell you
Men shall know of this
They shall sleep content
With certainty they'll see
And here's the secret
No hidden logic in the seasons
Dreamer's topic denouncing
All forms of reason
Every lie to a child
Every beating of a promise
Embody all the scourge
Something beautiful to throw away
Let the weight of the centuries bend you
And the light of clarity blind you
I tell you of humanity
It's come to rise unbound
Finally to Earth
Finally born


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