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Silence Is Madness

"Silence Is Madness" (1989)

1. Fool Me Once
2. Hot Down South Tonight
3. Silence Is Madness
4. Until The End We Rock
5. Evil Dreams
6. Under The Influence
7. All Hallows Eve
8. No More Nightmares
9. Rock Those Blues Away

1. Fool Me Once

All the gods have fallen
Grace trampled under feet
Stepping down, making lies
Lips speaking in deceit
Gods of silver, gods of gold
Donations sell your soul
They try to tell us what to do
They'll never take me for al fool

Religion, forgiven, paradise living
Dynasty, make-beleive, spiritual fantasy

Fool me once, shame on you
Fool me twice, shame on me

Don't you see what they've become
All the damage they have done
You know what gives my spine a chill
I see them getting richerstill
All the gods are tising
Is it really so surprising
Turn them off they'll go away
No need to hear what they say

2. Hot Down South Tonight

She gave the devil her soul now she's crying
Boodoo in louisiana, she's dying
Lost her dreams, torture and screams
Broken promises he's lying

Clipped her wings now she's falling
She is deaf the savior is calling
Satan won the bet, on his private jet
Good-bye to ballroom waltzing

It's hot down south tonight

No amount of money can buy it back
All her loose change dropped through the crack
He could always shake her, now he wants to break her
In the back of his cadillac

Signed her name on the rosary
Unchained her green like a deadly disease
She lost her chance but the girl got to dance
Forever lives with the guilt and shame

Bought an acre in a place called hell
They say that everyone's soul is for sale
If greed's our dream we may be awakened
To find it vanished and ourselves mistaken

3. Silence Is Madness

I hear the drums pounding to take me away
Toaring with thinder shattering the break of day
And voices chilling me with harmonic terror
This prison remains my hell forever
The marching footsteps of soldiers rattle the walls
Tumbling stones of tribulation the gain quiver of the innocent calls
And the rain fills the cracks made in the ground
By the bombs dropped unexpectedly without a sound
Darkness rolls through the air, blanket of doom shadow of death
Lightning blisters the sky, the lips of the earth to caress
My eyes i will close, one by one they die by violence
I will turn my back to the madness and breathe the silence

There is a town where no man walks
The streets are silent and the walls don't talk
Still in the past a ghost may wait
To open the door or close the gate
And though time has passed them by
A day will come when the sectrets will die
Upon the mountain strong and high
In the darkness the mystery lies

Silence is madness
Silence is madness around the world

Warden misn in ancient halls
People scraping on the walls
A chapter of voices are crying
To the cloudless night are flying
And when you hear the wind whistle and moan
You'll pray for the light to be shown
When the darkness turns to gray
Forever has come and one more day

Upon the air the land is red
Tombstone of the bloody dead
Let the land shine and then will burn
For soon my friend your king will return
Touching the muted hearts that cry
Brings us closer to ta space in time
Sometimes our words are too misleading
When no one smiles and all is weeping

4. Until The End We Rock

Satisfies your mind can't save your soul
Would you die for rock 'n' roll
Get your feet moving your hands in the air
Scream it out everywhere

Until the end we rock
Until the end we rock
No we'll never stop
Until the end we rock

Only pleasure in the whole wide world
Play music for the guys and girls
There's a reason i sing my song
I love the sage that i'm on

Make a fist, fly 'em high
Lift your voice to the sky
Must make noise to be heard
Shout it out with strong proud words
I only come alive at the pitch of night
Do the show under the blinding lights
Raise my cross, i'll bleed for you
How my soul cries out to you

5. Evil Dreams

All my life i've searched for power
The ability to do or act
To gain control over the simple lines
To show the wise fiction from fact

Evil dreams
They come to me in my sleep
Evil dreams
They won't get the rest of me

Every day my energy was released
So effective but very deceiving
Hinest expression to cheat the children
Foist upon to leave the mothers grieving

Rip. tear, shred, bleed, no surrender 'til i'm freed
Threash, smash, evil mind, blood is shed save mankind
Kick, scratch, bite, claw, no matter what it takes
Push, shove, punch, crawl, fighting to be saved
Stand, fight, turn or run, can you take the pain to come
Lust, love, trust, deceit, can you swallow what you eat
Whiplash, bent and twisted, got to stand double fisted
Please believe me when i say it's noso easy on this stage

In just a slight of the hand, authority was gifted to me
Hallucination manifest, who was blind and who could see
The earth was my water, anger filled my well
I was the devil, she was my hell

6. Under The Influence

The sky grew black and like an engine humming
I could tell it was my time
I could hear the sound of my heart beat thumping
And the echoes in my mind

Just like the prophet spoke, babe it's not a joke
Don't take another sip of wine
You better leave the bottle
Cause it's coming full throttle
And it's going to mess with your mind

Under the influence
Killing the innocent

See the eyes of the innocent cause you ebarrasment
Will i make it out alive
I can beg, i can pleadm or watch you bleed
You know i'm not afraid to die

Don't be cedeived by what you might see
It gets worse for me everyday
I could tell you things that you might not believe
They hightway shows me the way

I steer to the left and i setter to the right
I hear their fatal screams
I never drink more than i really need
It's always worse than it seems

7. All Hallows Eve

This black day is a special one
Tric or treat the house of fun
Dress up, make up, costume delight
Poison kids until midnight
Little do they know, what it really means
Rip your heart out, at it's very seams
This is the night, they all come to meet
To wager and practice, their mystical deceit

One magical night
Running from the light
All hallow's eve

They see themselves as something they're not
What will they do when the thrill wears off
When they fall who picks them up
Who do they turn to when they need love
Where are they going, in what direction
In the dark, there's no satisfaction
And when you hear the wings. beat the stinging air
Don't let the reaper, blind you with his stare

8. No More Nightmares

The night is alive
It calls out your name
Say your prayer
To ease your pain

I try to hold on one more day
I pray the vision will fade away
So afraid to close my eyes
I don't want to die

No more nightmares
No more crime
No more nightmares
No more bedtime

All the children seem alone
Crying in the night
Dry your eyes
Love is alive

It seems the time is forever slipping by
And i wonder how much time we really have
With destruction in our way, will there be another day
Won't you save us from ourselves

9. Rock Those Blues Away

I don't need no doctor
To tell me i'm a sick man
Don't need no doctor
To give me a helping hand
I need to roll those blues
Rock those blues away

I don't need nobody
To ease my aching mind
Don't need nobody
Complaing all the time
I need to roll those blues
Rock those blues away
Gonna rock those blues away

I don't need no bottle
Talking to me
I don't need no bottle
Full of misery
I gonna rock those blues away

Let me tell you brother
What i need

I need a smooth playing guitar, in my hand
Listen to the rhythm of my band


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