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"Oddities" (1998)

1. Intro
2. I Ain't Coming Down
3. Why Won't He Break
4. If I Told You It Was The End Of The World
5. I Found God
6. Closer To The Center Of The Earth
7. Tomorrow Makes No Sense
8. Day By Day
9. Spirit
10. It Is Only When I'm Left Alone
11. God's Human Oddities
12. Under The Blood
13. Die A Little Bit Every Day
14. Restore Me

1. Intro

2. I Ain't Coming Down

Where the body is the eagles will gather
Lift me up and give me your strength
To fly across the great divide
The promised land is just over on the other side
I ain't coming down
Once there was a promise, now there is hope
Restore the righteous thirst of my soul
A river ran which touched both sides
Brought healing and restored from the ground to the sky
I mounted wings from the bright morning star
Let the wind lift me from my feet
No resistance, nothing clouding my eye
No greater feeling than the freedom to fly
Look down in the valley below
With Your word be justified
I see a place where it never rains
The old footprints still remain

3. Why Won't He Break

Indulging in the calamities
Nun's faces down in the mud near the ridge
Are their backs as strong as their faith?
The soldiers march on a human bridge
Gorge with lust until they're fat with pride
Elevate through the darkness out of the mind
Bruise the back with your sharp tongue
Push down on his head and crush his lungs
Laugh out loud 'til he goes deaf
Tear at the heart within his chest
His rob of flesh he won't deny
Use ignorance to crush the apple of his eye
Part the garments, smell the clothes
The scent of death lingers in your nose
The anger is ripe until the veins explode
Hold him down, lay on the stone

4. If I Told You It Was The End Of The World

God's truth doesn't leave me dry
I put it right in your face
You push it away for concept
Then gather what remains
If I told you it was the end of the world
Would you change your ways?
When the sun is gone day is done
You're pasted in a book of despondency
Hopelessness will digest your will to live
Within your mind of despair.
Where do you think you're going?
Spinning on this little ball
If this footstool is your heaven
Better hope this rock don't fall

5. I Found God

want peace in my life
But there's always a sword
The child in me
Has become a man of war
It's not flesh and blood
It's forces unseen
I'm carried to higher places
Than I've ever been
I will not fear
What man can do
Survival is a painful toil
Give me strength to see it through
I found God
I want you to know
I found God
Where He leads, I will follow
What He pours, I will swallow
When He twists, I will bend
All my trust in Him
My tears have been my meat
Deep calls unto the deep
Fill my wanting mouth
With good things renewed
In the Garden of Indecision
I have no apprehension
I am nothing without You

6. Closer To The Center Of The Earth

The city of the dead is full of exhibitionists
Dancing in the streets in their bones
The hounds have the scent and they're on the trail
Chase them into the cave where darkness dwells
If my sin remains I have chosen my god
Choose this day who you will serve
As for me and my house
We will serve the Lord
From high lofty window tops you see
Peering through the oil and scum
Praying the door is locked
They see the chase below through the avenue
And you think those bones look like you
The dead are all around in a state of decay
And you are safe in a secret place
Not of things you've earned or deserve
But you have been called out of this world
They're walking closer to the center of the earth
All along they think they're exploring the universe
They'll never prove that God doesn't exist
'Cause God took away all their evidence

7. Tomorrow Makes No Sense

I didn't choose this face
Or this shell of skin I'm trapped in
You're not worthy to loose my shoes
You don't know where they've been
I am my own enemy
I will lie to myself
I will talk to God
But He won't talk to me
I want no sin, I want no fear
No sting of conscience, no care of death
I want peace, not as the world gives
Tomorrow makes no sense
Only Jesus sees my heart
My hope is that He knows my mind
He will bring me out of this
If I can scratch the crust from my eyes
Inflict my own wounds
Torture my own soul
I choose to be the beggar
Break the bonds of my yoke

8. Day By Day

I'm sick, I've tried not to show it
I pray to God that no one has noticed
But I grow weaker day by day
My face is pale my hair turns gray
It's hard to find the joy I once knew
What has crawled into my bones?
Made me brittle, made me old
All of my dreams are about God
When I dream about God
When I dream its about God
Confusion is my enemy
Restore my soul of faith from reasoning
Jesus save me from obscurity
From the hour, the moment of grief
But I grow weaker day by day
My face is pale my hair turns gray
Hard to imagine the boy I once knew

9. Spirit

I don't like what I hear
That you're going to be leaving
That you are going away
Don't leave me comfortless
If you save your life
You will lose it
Lose your life
And find it
Send back Your spirit
To speak of You
A new peace the world won't find
A New Hope of love in time
Left us Your peace
We will abide in You
The world will hate us
'Cause it hated You
What will we do?
Once You have gone
We will miss You
Where will You go?
Gain the whole world
And lose your soul
Deny yourself
And never be ashamed

10. It Is Only When I'm Left Alone

Like the virus in my veins
A broken window pane
Jaws are locked into place
Mingled cup thrown in my face
I live in a house of clay
Violated and dismayed
I don't want to be a dream
In somebody else's sleep
It is only when I'm left alone
That I pervert what is sown
Blood and skin beneath my nails
Reflects the emptiness of hell
Then I squirm in my bed
Pull the sheets around my head
Soaking wet in a pool of sweat
Pray for me, I'm not dead
Take me out with the garbage
And don't you compromise
'Cause that's all we really are
Until we confess the lie

11. God's Human Oddities

It's obvious what the world wants
To wipe away God's fingerprints in all his intellect
To know divine authority exists
No accountability or reason to repent
Man is not thankful in their futility
They imagine themselves to be wise
Their foolish hearts are full of darkness
They don't see the power of the cross is life
God's Human Oddities
Live for the flesh embraced until the end
Mortify the deed of the flesh (die in the end)
Why do you deny the existence of love?
Say no one looks down (on you) from above
To be free of God is to not be free at all
It means having no one to hear you when you call
All songs by Bride

12. Under The Blood

Contradiction is the word which best suits this life
A life of right and wrong, where wrong is twisted into right
The heart is exploding and the mind is racing
And we find ourselves running out of human breath
The stale life of routine wavers and stagnates
And we experiment and toil in the fertile ground
The answers are seldom given to unpopular questions
Justify our hearts by what we selfishly hope to achieve
I will live my life
Under the blood
All signs point deliberately the other way
The road is slow and misery will be our company
For to find true peace in this life we must forsake
All reason and conscience and cleave to God's faith
Peace comes from above
I have found no other
If we remove ourselves from that hope
Can love truly prevail?

13. Die A Little Bit Every Day

The devil has ears but he can't hear
Except what you tell him from a heart of fear
And now you spit out words just to see
Where they splatter upon me
Die a little bit / Die a little bit every day
Through painful toil of absolution
Swimming up from uneasy dreams
On a continent adrift from its morals
You find yourself a desperate man
Jesus based in solidity
I'm balanced to conceive
When things are revealed to me
I move past perplexity
Locusts came early from the west
To test his resolve
Only difference between war and peace
Is where we place our bombs

14. Restore Me

Restore me
Preserve me
Replace my carnal mind
I'm a sinner with imperfections
Reveal my soul
Give me answers to my questions


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