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Live To Die

"Live To Die" (1988)

1. Metal Might
2. Hell No
3. In The Dark
4. Out For Blood
5. Live To Die
6. Fire And Brimstone
7. Whiskey Seed
8. Here Comes The Bride
9. Heroes

1. Metal Might

Can you see the sorrow in my eyes
You know it's your behavior that I despise
I search for what is truth
You wonder what's in it for you
You wonder if you can make it through

Because I sing in all the wrong places
Because I'm seen with all the wrong faces
Its not just the music they fear
But the words I sing strike so near
That's right, That's metal might

The ones with power they have control
(you know) Their mere words will direct your soul
My words of steel carry through the night
Leaving behind the wake of metal might

Because I sing in all the wrong places
Because I'm seen with all the wrong faces
Its not just the music they fear
But the words I speak are so clear
That's right, That's metal might

2. Hell No

Close the hatches and lower the sails
The wind is whipping great balls of hail
Tempest is raging pulling us down
Time to learn to swim or time to drown
Oars have broken your time to kneel
The storm is screaming with vengeance to kill
Faith has plunged into the sea beneath
Waves beat the ship with iron fist to sink
We won't go to Hell, no we won't go [2x]
(All aboard)
Fear is the driver we fight for our lives
We're not afraid of death but we don't want to die
Prayed outloud and clung to the deck
No glory for sailors when they've been ship wrecked

3. In The Dark

Things I've held close have passed away
So I try to look for a brighter day
Memories of my past haunts my destiny
My dreams are illusions inside of me
Is nothing for real I can't tell no more
I've never been in this place before
There has got to be a way out of here
Nothing but blackened walls I'm getting scared
In the dark, don't be afraid of the dark
No rest for the wicked, I know that now
I'm ready to rest but I don't know how
I had surrendered my soul to the evil side
I need your love Lord to survive

4. Out For Blood

You're just a kiss away from your destiny
Just a word away from deceiving a friend
You must go to your own place
Crying over eternal fate
Judas kiss, Judas kiss
Out for blood, you're out for blood
You slip a note under the table
And wait for a handful of change
You've grown weak, honor is lost
You got the ransom He paid the cost

5. Live To Die

I'm not going to be the one to tell you
That we don't need guns
But I know one thing for sure
We don't need more war
I won't be the one to say
That you need religion
But without a Savior
There's no chance to be forgiven
I'm not the preacher, I'm not the priest
I'm not the devil, I'm not the beast
I'm not a prophet, I'm not a witch
Live to die, die to live
I won't be the one to say
There's some things you can't deny
But I know one thing for sure
True love will never die
I won't be the one to say
That we are all damned
But I know one thing for sure
We're children of the Lamb

6. Fire And Brimstone

All the words have been said
No new visions or chapters to be read
Every song has been sung
Tolling bells have been rung
No more babies can be born
Vows of oath can't be sworn
The last bent knee has repent
Lightning from the sky has been sent
I am coming for you
Soon you will know
Everybody has a chance
Fire and brimstone
All the wars have been fought
No criminals to be caught
Complete lies have entirely spread
No more graves to bury the dead

7. Whiskey Seed

So you want to drink because it makes you feel so big
Pour it down I'll break you like a twig
I am the whiskey you shoot in your veins
I am the bullet you put in your brains
I am the letter you leave on your bed
I am the angel that meets you when your dead
You're so young but you want to feel so old
The only way to be hot gain the world and lose your soul
I am the gin that makes you sad
I am the anger that makes you feel bad
I am the fever that burns your skin
The addiction injects sin
Go ahead when you want to feel mean
I'll show you how it's done I'm the maker of the guillotine
I am the reputation that makes you lose face
I am the fear that presents no case
I am the grave where there's no return
Open the gates of Hell to the world that burns

8. Here Comes The Bride

I'm the man in white
The eagle in flight
I'm clean and pure
My heart is sure
I'm dressed to kill
I've got the strings of fire
Screaming guitars
Energy that will explode
Got the golden throat
To put on the show
The power I will unload
Here comes the bride
Got feet of brass
I'm first and last
Sharp two edged sword
Nail scars
I hold the stars
I live forever more

9. Heroes

I'm standing on the sword of the Dragon
He can't pull it from beneath my feet
Down in the darkened cavern
In the field of blood I'll watch him bleed
Watching the smoke rise from the wounded hero
Standing dazed in the acid rain
A bitter taste in the air
I hear the danger of the tightening chains
Heroes, heroes, heroes are not here to stay
They will all fade away
Except the one who raised
I crawled through the ruins of old
Beneath its rubble lies a city of gold
His hands are chapped and bleeding cold
Returning all the riches that had been stolen
The people stand in the street and stare
The hangman releases his chilling cry
The heavens split to see the earth
The serpent is wrenching his silence sigh


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