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Kinetic Faith

"Kinetic Faith" (1991)

1. Troubled Times
2. Hired Gun
3. Ever Fallen In Love
4. Mountain
5. Ski Mask
6. Everybody Knows My Name
7. Young Love
8. Kiss The Train
9. Crimes Against Humanity
10. Sweet Louise

1. Troubled Times

We Don't need no burning crosses
Put out the fire of bigotry
We don't need to count our losse
When they burry you they'll burry me

I have a dream that we can be united
It will only work when fears are subsided
By the sweat of my brow I won't let it happen
Freedom for our heart's is my battle cry

Were living in troubled times
Were living in troubled times
How could we be so blind
We living in troubled times

Poor man beggin at a rich man's feet
He eats the crumbs off of the floor
We are starving for something to eat
We are whales up on the shore

There was a time we tore our country down
For the same reasons we fight for now
And if pride comes before a fall
why tell me why they tore down the wall

2. Hired Gun

They Pay Me Lot's Of Money For What I Do
I'm A Dancer Midnight Romancer Under The Moon
I'm On The Clock And I Like To Rock
I Don't work the streets
You'll be amazed your eyes a glazed
When I do my high wire feats
Exterminater, Rawhide Gangster, I can equal the odds
I Pay for your sin with my boyish grin
I create the facade
Steady hand I'm a gentle man
I've got deadly aim
Womanizer, lone surviver I like to play the game

Hope you and Jesus have it all worked out
I'm A Hired Gun

There is no heaven here on earth
Love must rule us all
Black days coming
Every prideful man will fall
Have no fear or shed a tear
There will come a day
When I'm looked in the eye
Asked to die I'll hear somebody say

3. Ever Fallen In Love

She drives me crazy makes me belong
I can't take it nomore
She gives her best, she gives her all
She pickes me up when I fall
She got a good thing
She's got a special way
She's there when I need her the most
She really doing fine, She's got a heart to give
She Put's Me Together Again

Ever Fallen In Love I Have
Ever Fallen in love I am

She tells me she's all mine
Knows how much I need her
I'm blessed to have these feeling again
She makes me the man I am
She's the one I believe In
She Holds A Key To my heart

Love Bears all things, believes all things
Hopes All things, endures all things
Love is patient love is kind
Love is forgiving Love is Blind

4. Mountain

I see the scars from the madman's knife
Marks on your wrists wear he had you tied
You try and tell me it doesn't mean a thing
I Hear the sad songs your left to sing
You thought you could take it day after day
You're blessed to still be able to walk away
Your mother told you they were dirty old men
They say if you don't play you can't win

You want love You need love
Your Love on the Mountaintain

His hands were folded as if to pray
But he never had any words to say
He walked beside you then left you alone
To face the fear he places in your soul

Prodical Girl, come in out of the cold
Rest your feet before you explode
Prodical girl I know you hurt
I know what they stole

5. Ski Mask

Let's go out and have some fun
With our Ski Mask and hand guns
Driving Fast cars to the sun
We'll be blind but we'll die young
We were wild when we were young
With our Ski mask and hand guns
The law means nothing when your numb
I bet those handcuffs weighed a ton

Ski mask and hand guns
Lived on the edge lived on the run
With those ski mask and hand guns

I never knew love until I met you
Makes me do the things I do
Walking talking no use crying
Living Loving no use dying

There was a time I thought I knew it all
I could walk before I crawled
Jesus crushed my heart of stone
Gave me love I had never known
Don't need No Don't want no

6. Everybody Knows My Name

Everybody Knows My Name
Everybody Wants The Fame
Everybody Wants To See
Everybody Wants A Piece Of Me
Everybody Wants The Fun
Everybody Sees The Gun
Everybody Be So Kind
Still Got My Piece Of Mind
Everybody Knows My Name
Everybody Can You Feel My Pain

I Was Born A Poor Boy
Left Home When I Was Four
Momma Never Named Me So I Was Never For Sure
I Learned To Read Enough To Know Life Wasn't So Kind
All I Own Is My Guitar And My Piece Of mind

Everybody Knows My Name
Everybody Play The Game
Everybody Wants The Fame
Everybody Knows My Name

I Went Out Into The World To Find My Place In Life
I'm Learning More, Everyday Surving Really Bites
They Ask Me For A Line Of Coke, Needles, Knives And Guns
I Said To Myself I Think I FOund A Home Cause This Place Sounds like Fun

I've Seen Holyrollers, Midnight Strollers, Cops Shake With Fear
I've Seen High Heels Clickin, Red Lipstick, Blood, Sweat And Tears
I've Read About A Man Who Died For Everybody's Sins
If You Want To Make A Change You Got To Put Your Faith In Him
I've Seen The Limelight In New York City
I've Seen The Rainbow In Hollywood
I've Walked The Streets Of London England
The Streets Of Gold Look So Good

I've Voted For Their Politions
I've Seen All The Dirty Religions
I Wore Their Three Piece Suits
But I Did Not Wear Their Army Boots
I Didn't Fire The Guns Of War
Never Knew What We Were Fighting For
Everybody Wants The Fame
Everybody Knows My Name

7. Young Love

Roxanne Doesn't Think She's Pretty Enough
She Sits Staring Up At THe Sky
Dream About A Life That Could Be
She Throws Her Diary Into The Sea

It Becomes A Very Long Summer
The Careless Nights Of Fantasy Are Over
When You See Her She's White As A Ghost
She Misses The Sun On Her Face The Most

Young Love-Kiss Him Goodbye
Young Love-Don't You Cry
Young Love-It's No Lie
There Is Love Before The Day You Die

She Feels Her Life Has Fallen Apart
I Tried To Tell Her The World Has A Bulletproof Heart
Sometimes The Past Is Hard To Escape
When The Future Is Bent Out Of Shape

Roxanne Doesn't Think She Pretty Enough
She Sits Staring Up At THe Sky
She Wears Across Around Her Neck
Got The Words At Her Finger Tip
At The Church She Knelt To Pray
Sweet Lord Jesus Give Me The Strengh
She Cried His Name
She Cried His NAme

8. Kiss The Train

You Always Told Me You Can't Be Beat
Thought you had me bound hand and feet
I can see your lies, pain, and ecatsy
It's time I take control love comes quickly
You lay your cards down you ain't so tough
Is that all you got I will call your bluff

Kiss the train-I won't do it
Kiss the train-I'd be a fool
Kiss the train-I won't do it
Kiss the train, Love will take me through

In my sleep I could feel the snake
Burning my body until it ached
Signed my name in blood,dream of Salvation
The morning will come, my love without reservation
This isn't the way out, there's always hope and time
If you wait on the train you'll go out of your mind

9. Crimes Against Humanity

Prisoner Of war, prisoner of love
there's a torch to my head
crimes of passion crimes of youth
stop the ringing in my head
Born again not born at all
the future is full of smoke
Born to lead the need to think
I grab my lungs and I c-c-choke
What we take for granted can be taken away
and then you ask for more
Your still dropping bombs from a plane that went down in the Civil War
Drive the nails, Drive them Hard
Peace turns to war again
Crown Of thorns, Crown of peace
Political Battleship

Crimes Against Humanity, the dogs are closing in
And when the kingdom comes
It will bring it to an End
Tell Me you believe

Let's crown another beauty queen
do you find it so obscene
What about the homeless, the starving the poor
No room for the sick because the rich want more
They lied to us, they lied to them
Breaks my heart inside
Took their hope stole their love
No life left in their eyes

I stand on this hill and I scream your name
It's something they tried to erase
Some say nothing lasts forever
We all run the risk of being lost
Some hold on and some thought to never believe
We've got bigger guns
we've got to find higher suns
One day you'll see the truth you've been running from
Tell me you believe
I still believe
I believe in love It's all we have left

10. Sweet Louise

I can still see sweet Louise
standing there
Like a child she whispers softly to me She comes to me, I swear, I close My eyes
I still see sweet Louise
I hear the songs she used to sing
Her voice sounds so real to me
Tell me it's not a dream
my heart is strange
Like it used to feel with sweet louise

Sweet Louise She's still with me
Even though she's gone
Sweet Louise she part of me
She lives in my songs
The door opened and closed
And No One knows our secret place
Where memories are safe

No one can move me like she did
No one can touch me like she did
On a rainy night how we cried
I held her hand and I kissed her goodbye

I can see you up in heaven
looking down at me
Make the dark clouds disappear
There can never be a love so sweet
She left this world without a tear

The door opened and closed
And I know we'll be together again


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