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Fist Full of Bees

"Fist Full of Bees" (2001)

1. Too Tired
2. White House
3. Beginning of the End
4. Dog the Nine
5. Bitter End
6. War
7. Never Thought About Going Back
8. Soul Winner
9. Jesus in Me
10. God
11. California Sunshine
12. Rollin'

1. Too Tired

The agonies will come after you been lit up
The All Stars amped out bender got corrupt
Behind the eight ball nothing but flimm flamm
You been hawged and your souls been damned

Shot out to the curb with no place to go
Drink plenty of water and best walk slow
Started as ice cream then a joy ride
You can't stop coasting cause vanity is high

Too tired to fall for that
Hate them with a perfect hatred

Plexin and panic oppression and pride
Fear and a snare hell has eyes
Gnaw on the bones Fata Morgana
How'd you get so far from the garden?

Duckets out the window ends on the streets
And you medicate intravenously
Profit is worshiped smells like stale ghost
Forgiveness is unnatural with legal loopholes

Out there bad count the dead
Died with their mouth wide open
Started with a gateway you've been had
At Jesus Second Coming

When there's no one left to pardon your sins
The wicked are estranged from the womb
Will you still be standing in your disease?
Are you ready to face the Doom?

2. White House

He wore a 4-piece he's doin' all day
He had put on Front Street: plenty to say
Started with a Bullet: started buggin' out
Now he's Red Tag: Confine to a cell.
There was a blanket party There was a lock down
Somebody was Stitched up: Blook In, Blood Out
The Hooch: got deep the mainline squeezed
Fence parole rabbit drowned in his ink

Taking it to the Square: Bumpin his Gums:
The rev was called to clear the air up some
Don't mean nothin' don't mean a thing
CON SOFOS [Twice as bad back at you] L.W.O.P.
If you can't Make Paper: prepare for pay back
He had been debriefed he was courting out
Started with the moan and grown, ended with the clicks
Phones off the hook lifers in the bricks

Lean and Lurch here comes the church
On the one crew trying to feed me the word
Then it just happened like a house tossing
Who says it's fair Due Processing
Here's the righteous here's the holy
The redeemed of the Lord and godly
This is reality this is carnality
This is life. Life is a felony

From the White House to the Church House
From the School House to the court House
Do your own time

Rest your neck kick the deck
Find peace within your head
When you press the bunk the shakedown comes
It's best to know Jesus what he has done
Of all the kings that have ever reigned
All the priest that have ever prayed
All the men elected president
Of all the armies that's walked on land
He took the form of a servant became flesh and blood
Got the prize of the poor got dragged through the mud
Let me give you a hook down Jesus was a walkalone
Smoke on the horizon the King's sittin' on the throne

He pardoned my sins he acquitted and forgave
I was a dead man walking to the sting of the grave
An exchange took place I was granted freedom
Don't need no governer with his twisted reason
Not by works or my own righteousness
Cause I wear filthy rags and I just can't brag
Comes by grace the measure of faith
Crucified the rebel that had been enslaved

3. Beginning of the End

Drinking coffee from a cup three days old
Looking for an antibody, toxin a miracle drug
The life inside has lost human rights
It's a legal crime it's an issue of life

It's the beginning of the end
Everybody listen got to tell you something

WHAT? Your body is the temple
WHAT? You are not your own
HOPE! Maketh not ashamed
I KNOW! For He dwells in me

Politics are assassins doctors dig the graves
Partial birth abortions my Jesus saves
He came to give life give it abundantly
Activist abuse freedom executes liberally

You label them embryo call them fetus
Practice of a humanist made in his image
Hardness of the heart reprobate mind
Malignant intentions bingeing on the lie

4. Dog the Nine

If you live in the eternal now you're a ball in hand
Never believed in luck a benefactor of the damned
Lost your rhythm and your stealing' fire breather bringing smoke
Whose got the church key more of that Claymore dope?

You wouldn't go decafe you said Jesus was a laugh
Now whose is that in the body?
In the neighborhood you thought about repenting
But you' rather take from them be the one whose given

You better know the house rules to finish in this life
Cause you'll learn the difference if you Dog the Nine
"I can not seem to say what I want to relate, but by His power I will say
The picture of what he wants to portrait wants me by Hid Spirit to associate

The warehouse getting smaller skitzing played yourself
Versace on your back sideways and ill
You were left behind you weren't watching' you were sleeping
Now your mother's squatted down alone and she's weeping.

You might not think its phat to apply the cross The blood of Christ was shed to save your soul
It's all about the sin that you're compiling
Cast salt into your violence stop freestyling
You got the right to remain silent or freedom to speak your peace
Straight up with the truth I give you liberty
Why you wanna live out of bounds with a riot in your veins
Hoodlum can't find no peace only trauma in the grave

You need a designated driver for your hostility
Spiritual habitation for your responsibility
Effectual fervent prayer touches the throne of God
Your self inflicted mass suicide die with the mob
...In nineball [the game of billards], to have a simple shot on the nine, but to miss it due to the pressure. Can apply to missing any shot, as in "Joe dogged it".

5. Bitter End

Wired on the slam of crank
Don't you hang up the phone!
Internal conflict riddles my brain
Think I'll blow my head off

Wired with a meth cook
9 mm inoculation
Lift me higher take my breath
Who'll deliver me from this body of death?

Using me up to the bitter end
Death is naked before God-Destruction lies uncovered.
Brings all things to the light
Over and over and over

Paranoid and lab aware
Butane Tunnel Red phosphorous glow
Fist full of bees watch the children change
Don't anybody speak English in the grave

When you come to collect my body
Watch for the trip wires cyanide loaded
Cristina baby I'm sittin' on a bomb
I'm the Crypto boy in the mutant mob

I'm a God with spoon and syringe This is where the pain ascends
I'm a God with spoon and syringe The world of darkness where death begins
I'm a God with spoon and syringe Chalk one up and let's pretend
I'm a God with spoon and syringe Oh' sweet Jesus be my friend

How do you like me now?
Bet you wish you stayed near the cross
As long as I have life in me
Got to get off that movie star stuff

6. War

Incarcerated in mortality
Until we give up the ghost
Languishing over morality
The flesh we love the most

The soul incased in prison
Encircled within our minds
The conscience strains to listen
The ticking hands of time

Expression, confession I can't wait
War "in the soul"

Incriminated abandoned
Upon the blasted plains
Without hope in this life
God in the flesh came

Justice and the law
Established to condemn
Holy Spirit sent
To convict the heart of sin

I swear you live your life
Like your going to live forever
Actions of a natural man
We all meet there together

I never put any faith in this life
And the countdown begins
The Day turns to Night

Voices from the earth
Say don't come to this place

7. Never Thought About Going Back

In a moment in the twinkling of an eye everything you know is gone
Nothing feels right everything is wrong
Your no longer in control you're helpless and alone

The one you kneel before he sits upon a throne
You find yourself in a courtroom a place without walls
Cause here there is no time eternity begins and ends
The judge and the lawyer and the jury looks the same
Cause they are one and they are all the same

I never thought about going back

You never believed that this moment would come
Cause you never believed in him
Something terrible seems to have happen and there's no time to repent
Every opportunity to be forgiven passed you by

The words that you have feared are upon you
Depart from me nothing that's accursed can enter in
Nor nothing that defiles you never consider the blood
To the praise of the glory of His grace

God so loved the world merciful longsuffering
You never saw eternity as something so beautiful
Awake to righteousness and cleanse your hands
Jesus is the Son of God He is the Son of Man

Accepted and beloved at the cross an exchange
Deliverance, healing restoration price paid
Manifest, transformed, all things new
My hiding place my image my all in you

8. Soul Winner

Daddy lost the moon rock
Only thing that we owned
Only way to get out of poverty

Born in a small room
Then we lost everything
Swallowed up in apathy

I want to be a soul winner
Who will save my soul?

We got down on knees
Prayed for the love of the truth
Never lost or misplaced our hope

Say more than they say do more than they do
Be more than they will ever become

9. Jesus in Me

No body's getting in nobodies getting' out We got a live bomb and were going to blow the house.
AK-47 thanks be to Kalashnikov Bang, bang bang and were going to get off
Ghetto bird be flying heat wave to bail out somebody get the bank cause the berries round about
One last blast then we'll gauge hardcore Everybody lights out like a Nyquil score
We going to knuckle up cause the Jakes bring war Cause the wrecking crew come knock'n down the door.
Following the cloud for foo foo stuff. It ain't no secret we be headin' for a bust
Whose that humming upon my blindside better drop the sack chaser only there for the ride
Somebody getting' killed from that sewer in her vein. She was a thirst monster now she's gothic insane.

How can I reveal Jesus in me?

Can't take another dusting cause the egg is going to crack. Devil's got dandruff got her nose to the grind.
She's in the boneyard with the dead presidents. Somebody get a shovel and find out where she went.
If she's with the funky drummer we need an exorcist. GTA---MPV Alpine bliss.
She says OH Sweet Jesus don't need no Holy Oil. Been a bumrush dreamer while taking her stroll.
Her author babysat with a B-40 lit. Show and prove no grease couldn't scrap a lick.
I know the the PJ's the plats and the plays cause I met'm in Sweden right behind the stage.
63 Impala speckled for explosion Dippin' to the get off house, three wheel motion
Top Fuel buck 50 with a finger on the trigger Hop on the side of the free world grave diggers.

Kick Artist jump the knocker nothing but a shife He ain't no trill he just quacking bout a knife
junkie give me just a minute to make a long story short Widow makers zeroed at the basketball court
No body had been capped no body had been killed And in the end there was no blood spilled
Chillin' with the clique got the mad hops jaming. Psychin' out the gangstas with the base line slamin'
Who is that punk with the three point shot? It's the reverend from the church sultan of swish and swat
He had come correct he was reel to reel He had been redrum in his past life devil-ile
Now he be preachin' to get men saved The Word stopped the game they begin to pray
Down on their knees at the half court line They accepted Jesus for they ran out of time.

10. God

I been wounded by ambition
Promised the impossible dream
Lied to me with pen and ink
Criticized for ministry
Reach out for the lost Manipulated
by my friends
The heart is desperately wicked
Who are the Born Again?

God cannot change
God cannot lie
God does not evolve
All is gained all alone
Nothing's lost all if found
All for love

You say I have a problem
Sounds like you hava a problem
I got no problem with you

What's truth?
God's Word is pure
What's truth?
Only thing I know
What's truth?
God's Word is pure
Only thing to liberate my soul

God cannot change
God cannot lie
God does not evolve

If you can't keep your tongue
You can't keep your soul
You talk about love
You're killing me in cold blood

This is my freedom
This is my statement
This is God's music
Here is my confession

All is gained all alone
Nothing's lost all if found
All for love

God cannot change
God cannot lie
God does not evolve

11. California Sunshine

Fifty ways and maybe more,
to the tree of life to come up short
The narrow road is the way go
In a trumped up 70 Super Sport

Come home from the California sunshine Recycled Angel tears
Flat blues in the headlights back breakers don't come back here

Truth and lies has consequence
Depending upon ones competence
The fearful losses confidence
The world sees no difference

And it makes little sense
to suffer through the politics
No one drank the new wine
Flushed in their list of crimes

Time for me to elaborate
The good and bad will separate
You heard about the judgement day
I hope you don't miscalculate

12. Rollin'


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