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Burger Grill

"Burger Grill" (2004)

1. Fuck Truck
2. Meat Curtains
3. ...
4. Dutch Oven
5. Jack Hammer
6. Milk Man
7. ...
8. Porcelain Train
9. Bath Plugs
10. Cow Girl
11. ...
12. Fur Burger
13. Hook Dick
14. Rooster Grip
15. ...
16. Turkey Slappin'
17. Mexican Facewash

1. Fuck Truck

1> I've got a big rig, it's a machine
The king of the road
It's so long and god damn wide
That I'm always losing my load!

2> If I take passesgers I don't slw down
So jump on you better be quick
If you hitch a ride, you got to abide
To drive with your hand on the stick.

CH> Drive a fuck truck, right through the muck
Drive my fuck truck!
Drive a fuck truck, let's get it stuck!
Drive my fuck truck.

2. Meat Curtains

1> I'm standing outside and I'm standing tall
But the backdoor 's locked, I don't have the keys
The windows open just a little crack
And the drapes are flapping in the breeze

2> My fingers in and the windows up
It's open wide now my god
All those thick & fury drapes needed
Was a big long slippery curtain rod

CH> Through your window - light is spurtin'
When I open - your meat curtain

3. ...

4. Dutch Oven

1> I've got something cooking
I'm baking up some doe
Can you smell the yeast rising
It's wafting up your nose

2> It comes out warm and crusty
A long brown whole meal mass
When I bake a loaf I bake it hard
I bake with natural gas

CH> Oven Dutch Oven -
I'm baking you a chocolate muffin
*I'm baking you a muffin -
A chocolate muffin in my dutch oven.

5. Jack Hammer

1> I love busting shit apart
I love that pumping sound
When I raw my bit bit into your crack
And ram it to the ground

2> I'll crumble you to rubble
Demolish you to dust
You know your fucked when my jackhammer
Penetrates your crust

3> Have you got the stamina
To take me full pressure
When I'm down there
Jackin' ya with my big jack-hammer

CH> Jack-en-her - Jack-hamm-er!

6. Milk Man

1&2> Deliver thick and ritch
Creamy liquid silk
It's my job to make your
Wife cry over how I spilt my milk
I check her cans are nice and full
I dump load and dash
To go and milk the cow next door

CH> Big Udders in my hand -
I am the milk man!

3> I deliver creamy silk.
Your wife crys over my spilt milk
When she's full then i dash
To go and give a milk mostash.

7. ...

8. Porcelain Train

1> All aboard full steam ahead
This old girl ain't got brakes
She goes real hard + off the rails
Until she gets the shakes

2> She's gonna pop she missed her stop
She's gonna make a mess
Out the tunnel like a funnel
Porcelain Express

CH> Strain
The engine feels the
A full carriage again
She likes to drive the Porcelain Train!

9. Bath Plugs

1> Big and round and rubbery
Gigantic huge and bold
They rise up in the centre
Especially when the water's cold

2> Bath Plugs come in colours
They come in pink and brown
I love the sound the suction makes
When the suction sucks them down

CH> In the tub with bath plugs
I get em wet and covered in suds.

10. Cow Girl

1> Spread your legs and mount me
Give that leather whip a crack
Corrals are open
Ride it hard bare back

2> I'm a bull with a raging horn
To stay on you'll need luck
You know you'll cum unstuck
When you try to tame the buck.

CH> Cow Girl
Want to spin and twirl
Cow Girl
Take me for a whirl.

11. ...

12. Fur Burger

1> Give me a burger with the lot
Two slabs of pink raw meat
I want sauce dripping down my chin
Give me all that I can eat

2> I lick my lips and open wide
Inhale and bare my teeth
But the cheese has gone all mouldy
There's fur growing on the beef!

CH> Do you hunger for a bite of her
- Fur Burger!

13. Hook Dick

1> Grab your rod and grab your tackle
The fish are biting mate
Dazzel them with a shiny lure
And watch them take the bate

2> They're so wet and smelly
Yet there fillets taste so sweet
Pull out the hook and gut them,
And the sea-weed you can eat

CH> String on a stick, take your pick
I catch more fish with my hook dick.

14. Rooster Grip

1> I'm the cock that rises early
The pecker of the group
Hens nites are my specialty
I do the laying in the coup

CH> Rooster Grip!

2> Ruffeled feathers and clucky hens
After laying eggs they're loose
I lean back my head and crow
Coz I've come home to roost

3> I am the cock
And you're the chick
Part your feathers
For the rooster grip!

15. ...

16. Turkey Slappin'

1> I like meaty big plump birds
That gobble down the lot
They give good head especially when
It's on the chopping block

2> Pluck it's feathers make it smooth
Spread cranberry sauce like sap
Spread its legs for stuffing
Make it tender with a slap

CH> Wings are Flappin'
Necks are Snappin'
Turkey Slappin'

17. Mexican Facewash

1> Underneath his poncho
You'll wear a cheesy grin
In your mouth hot beef borito
And tequila down your chin

2> He'll stuff your taco
With meat as the base
Wack off his pinyata
Spill chilli on your face.

CH> Arriba - Arriba.
Prepare your face for cheesy slosh. Arriba
Arriba. Arriba.
Mexica facewash.


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