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When All Flesh Has Burnt

"When All Flesh Has Burnt" (2005 Demo)

1. White Room
2. Tomorrow's Colosseum
3. Consequences of Grand Tyranny
4. Outro - The Past Dissolves

1. White Room

Once a week when the gate is open
You walk through the shadows of garden
Watch the torn swans float in ponds
Of their own jetblack blood
You imagine of diving in there
Where the surface fastly disappears
Scarlet light filters through the waters
And unseen hands pull down your feet

(But) you will wake into your own screams
That surrounding walls echo in your ears
You'll know that the moon is growing
You cannot move, they have leashed you here

So no-one know about your tortured whispers
No-one knows about those choking cries
That echo from behind
The barred windows at nights

White walls surround your kingdom where white worms
Feast on your flesh, crawling on your chest
And shoulders, where darkness never seems to end
. . . you're on your quest

When small window lights your land
You will open your tired eyes
Sleepless you've spent your night
Again, you swallow your daily lies

And the gate is open now
Still float the gutted swans
Again you're drowning deep
But you will never die

2. Tomorrow's Colosseum

In this democratic world of filth
There are places for weak and sick
This wouldn't happen in dictatorship
So i let them taste ancient tyranny

Took my model from caesars of might
They were the rulers of my kind
Mankind needs to feel the irongrip of mine
Only strongest will survive

I will kill all who disobey me
But before i give them serious pain
They shall feel the animal rage
Death by being a lions pray

Lions have unique way to survive
In this world of tyranny and might
They were wise making their minds
By being assasins by my side

You swirl in an old cursed ocean
Of bestial stench and blood
Gasping rot of your lungs
As fangs tear holes on your skin

You're suffering I'm here watching
With gleam of joy in my eyes
But your bloodsoaked eyes
Won't catch me until on the other side

3. Consequences of Grand Tyranny

Limbshrines rise above the nuclear dust
Time has passed, sand flows off mankinds hands
Far beyond the rising black plague clouds
Still are heard the screams of past, from the past

Under the veil of poison smoke
The dead dark planet dwelleth
Planting the forms of vengeance and sorrow
Never meant to be born

Generations bend under the obscure laws
Imminent war crushed the barriers of all that was before
Technology with grand revenge, hand in hand
Roams the surface of this nightmarish world
Skyscrapers stand pinching holes on the fog
Majestic monuments of glass and iron, fall
One by one they are sinking in the trash of mankind
Skulls and bones beneath the carrions of steel

What is this all if not a trophy room of one
Tyrant who started the battle with all surrounding world

His spirit wandering alone with hands raised to horizon
Skin tearing off his limbs, still porcelain teeth gleaming

4. Outro - The Past Dissolves

...Mighty empire
Once so powerful
Now only ruins shall remain

Vaporized bodies
Of previous emperors
Lying in the piles of trash

Hand raised for the glory
That once prevailed the earth
Now it's all gone
Vanished into dust

Still the teeth of the mighty one
Lie shining in the sands of past
Gleaming for better tomorrow...


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