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Kill Or Be Killed

"Kill Or Be Killed" (1985)

1. Melt Down
2. Pig Slaughter
3. Omen Of Fate
4. Into The Ovens
5. Knights of Old Bridge
6. Eternal War
7. Blessed Death
8. Napalm
9. Kill Or Be Killed

1. Melt Down

Rays of death beyond our sight
Escape their metal walls
For life we are forbidden
Painful death will have us all
Nuclear reactor
With its human in control
Push the poison slowly
Keep the earth from hot back hoe

Bolts of red hot lightning
Fill the sky in broad daylight
Earth is slowly melting
Tell not if it's day or night
Millions of degrees
Turn solid rock to molten steel
Glowing red hot rivers
Turn human lives to earth's last meal
Many billions years
But to the sun not time at all
Inside the sun we'll find ourselves
When man's reign hath to fall

Planet earth lies barren
No life no light
Reactors stand like guardians
For bones in nuclear tombs
Play with fire and you get burned
Predestined hand of doom

2. Pig Slaughter

Special breed sick in mind
Slaughter pigs from behind
Patent leather stained with blood
Bloody badge in the mud

Pigs must die (x3)
Pig slaughter

Stalks his prey by night or day
In the end all pigs must pay
Crush his brain with pain and steel
Make the law repent and kneel

Pigs must die (x3)

Rest in peace you pigs

3. Omen Of Fate

Crashing down to head on death
My mind is rapped in fear
Prepared to hold my one last breath
King's voice is all I hear
Evil tried to hell us it was coming
It was near

Our minds controlled by terror
Raging fury mass of fear
Metal ripping, necks are thrashing
Skin is broken, bones just snap
Blood is dripping, skulls are broken
Cannot feel the pain just yet
Taste the blood upon my tongue
How sweet it tastes to live
If not for metal flowing through our veins
We would not live
King saved us from death

Deep inside the moment just before
The crashing blow
Eyes are locked on headlights
Death is calling won't let go

Omen of fate
Omen of fate

Hail the omen of fate
Take heed the omen of fate

4. Into The Ovens

Death by life, they march
Into the ovens of Hell
Select and slaughter
the perils of war
Scorned by hatred, six million souls
All are dead, no one leaves alive
Into the ovens! The Fuerer cries

Burnt flesh -
bones and skulls are turned to ash

Cold blood -
Future burned forgotten pasts

No hope -
No one here will set you free

Don't pray -
Don't you put your trust in thee

March forward meet your death
Your life ripped and sold
Evil power left to rule
Nations helpless abandon like fools

Dead they stand alone!

5. Knights of Old Bridge

Beyond the realms of mortal men
The knights of Old Bridge stand
We'd give our lives
And stand for these
Raw metal rules their land
Kings, Queens, blessed be
For you are why we live

Death to all who cross their path
By death you all shall learn
To band amongst those living gods
Our flesh will always yearn
Knights in armor standing strong
Faces of death banging long
Power strength never wrong
Knighs of Old Bridge your song

Metal soldiers we knight thee
Stand long legions of steel
Rule by power and
Torture laden death - die
For metal live for death

As I look toward the sky
And think of days gone past
The kings they enter my mind
Born leaders of the quest
Old Bridge, we live for thee
Old Bridge, we die for thee

Brothers in metal
Brothers in death
Our future unfolds
Predestined we met
Old Bridge, we live for thee
Old Bridge, we die for thee

Give me Old Bridge or give me death

6. Eternal War

Earth in flames, sky of ash
Total war pray for death
There's no future, there is no past
Run your lives are burning fast

Eternal War

Years before and years ahead -
War will rule your lives of dread
Run from Hell or so you try
But there's nowhere to hide

chorus reprise

Life born into a war
This war will not end
Face this life of hell on earth
Join and kill avenge your birth

7. Blessed Death

Enter my sorrow, breath after breath
Life is a vission, blessed only by death
There is no heaven, not even a hell
It's useless to wonder
Religion's a spell

Minds of greed, men of hate
Set the earth round the sun
Instincts, not morals
of animals on the run
Blessed Death

Rot off my flesh
Frees my mind
from this world
Answers to questions
are only now brought to light in the end
Blessed Death

Forced to the ground
by the weight of my tears
Bless my existence
Put an end to my fears

Blessed Death
to a life on this earth
Blessed Death
unknown to birth
Blessed Death
You fear that it's true
Blessed Death
to all of you
It's not I that is dead
But the flesh and the bone
Bury me deep, My underground throne

Slipping deeper into death
Cold and alone
My last breath

Take me-Blessed Death
Give me-Blessed Death
Free me-Blessed Death
Save me-Blessed Death

8. Napalm

Showers of fire sent from hell
Boiling flesh bodies melt
Napalm - fire rain
Napalm - blessed pain
Generals deal the death
Mortals gasp for breath
Napalm - slow and true
Napalm - dropped on you

Warlords planning destruction of life
Killing essential no matter the price
Bleeding and screaming
No where to run
Running 'tis useless
Your bodies will burn

No one wants to take the blame
Blood runs true, dropped on you.

9. Kill Or Be Killed

The rights of man, to kill or be killed
In fear men live of their kind
An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
Deaths, payment for sin
Life taken for truth

No more will I take
I will kill men who take
What's not theirs - blessed wake
Shoot to kill or be killed
Strike to kill or be killed
By my hate I choose your face
You must die
Hate, lust and greed
Roam the streets in evil meed

Kill or be killed (x4)

Take in your hands
The law, rule the land

Kill or be killed (x4)

Mothers and daughters
Raped by shadows that lie
Old man and woman
Bashed in skulls left to die
Frozen corpses. mutilations
Unseen murders
When will this end?


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