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Na Uroczysku...

"Na Uroczysku..." (1997 Demo)

1. Declaration of War (Intro)
2. The Wandering of Souls
3. Echoes of Departed Battle
4. Cosmic Key to My Soul
5. Silver Dagger
6. Na Uroczysku...
7. Obr
8. Black Rapsody

1. Declaration of War (Intro)

i declare war against all my enemies
i declare war against all who want to resist me

2. The Wandering of Souls

the astral world, the second side
is awaiting us after death
the wandering of souls in grim lands
serching for relief in pain
in the land of darkness, in the land of evil
they continue in everlasting nightmare
searching for humanity, they find nothing
that would link them with previous life
evil circle draws its ring
seizing the preys of destiny
the envoys of death, dancing madly
are reaping the harvest
among their follovers
ther's no way back, the decree is made
on the bloody pages of history
the ancient spells are reviving
the demons of human fear
the astral world, the second side
is awaiting us after death

3. Echoes of Departed Battle

from the ancient slavonic tradition
i derive my power and inspiration
walking through slavonic forests
i commune with dark scraps
of memories of sventevith's cult
the fire of knowledge is burning in my eyes
sounds of the departed battle
are echoing all around
i transfer myself to the ancient times that are
praised in forgotten legends
to be there one more time...
clash of arms, groan of dying people
(fertilizating the ground with their blood)
they all are the music enchanted amidst the trees
slavonic warriors drunk with the need to kill
repelling the attack of invaders from the west
cold steel is being plunged in their bodies
letting out the blood imprisoned
piles of corpses lying all around
are the witnesses of polan's victory
their impaled heads shall be
the foundation of perun's temple
wolf's howl is mourning over the dead slavs
tearing the bodies of the dying enemies
all the enemies shall be destroyed
whenever they appear!
let the fire dance like in the old times!

4. Cosmic Key to My Soul

5. Silver Dagger

from another dimension, from the mist of the past
where echoes of history are covered by the fog of mistery
from the darkness of eternity it travelled a long way
going through the immeasurable abyss of time
the silver dagger forged from cosmic metals
in the depths of hell called to being
by the blasphemous invocation, by the ancient demons
the name of which was forgotten
the ancient talisman changing the race of history
it has accompanied humanity since the moment of its creation
to destroy it
when the time is right
the greatest of this world, being its owners
with its help made away with themselves
it was the witness of bloody rituals
and mysteries forever carried to hell
from another dimension...
the silver dagger...
reborned from nonentity
vibrant with the aura of evil, being in pain
paissing the succesive stages of initiation
ominous talisman gives the power to its owner
now i have it!
the lair of demons in the silver dagger
bringing extermination to everyone who is against
the mission must be accomplished
so that the diabolical plan could be finished
the silver dagger...

6. Na Uroczysku...

kiedy zmrok zapada, promienie s³oñca gasn¹
śpiewy ptaków milkn¹, zwierzêta wkrótce zasn¹
mg³a ca³unem okrywa mazurskie knieje, bory
zalega cisza, budz¹ siê ¿ywio³y
wybi³a pó³noc, ksiê¿yca blask wskazuje drogê
strasznym istotom, co budz¹ trwogê
niesione wichrem na skrzyd³ach nocy
nadchodz¹ dzieci mroku w chwale swej mocy
zagrzmia³o niebo piorunów gradem
sp³ynê³o niebo deszczu wodospadem
na uroczysku, w dêbowym krêgu,
gdzie świêty ogieñ, jak dawniej ko³ysze siê w tañcu
tam magiczne si³y wszechświata w jednośæ siê ³¹cz¹
i wrota czasu otworem stoj¹
wybi³a pó³noc...
z nieprzebytych puszcz ciemności,
gdzie promieñ s³oñca nigdzie nie gości
przybywaj¹ dzieci lasu
z³o¿yæ ofiarê okruchom czasu
uroczysko jak dawniej pe³ne jest ¿ycia
wszystko co mroczne wysz³o z ukrycia
wilko³aka wycie sabat rozpoczyna
puchacz swoim śpiewem leśne duchy zaklina
na uroczysku wiedźmy zaklêcia rzucaj¹
przy dźwiêkach gêśli nimfy pl¹saj¹
z oparów bagien wychodzi wodnica
i strzyga i wi³a i lamia, wieszczyca
wybi³a pó³noc...
w krêgu szaleñstwa, w ekstazy tañcu
sabatu rytua³ siêga zenitu
bluźnierstwa i rozkoszy dosiêga szczytu
nietoperzy szum skrzyde³ zapowiada nadejście świtu

7. Obr

8. Black Rapsody


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