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Demo 2001

"Demo 2001" (2001 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Viirastus tõusvas tules
3. Igaveseks koos
4. Läbi halli udu
5. Igaviku laps
6. Esoteric Madness (Bonus)

1. Intro

2. Viirastus tõusvas tules

PHANTOM IN THE RISING FIRE (Viirastus tõusvas tules)

as fire roared in the darkened sky
casted shadows into the impenetrable blackness
scattered the tomb-like silence
as beneath ashes fued started flaring

painful words from soring torment
bloodstained spirits from gory water
malignant hatred from malicious flesh
the Hellborn spawned to the heavens

neither satan nor god but death
the bearer on the dyers' crown
thrusts light into obscurity
throwing spikes from the celestial throne

empty words from hollow life
flames once flaring die away
senseless wrath from morbid flesh
sent to earth from heavenly skies

below a cold stone from frigid sleep
arise who are foreign to light
eyes reflecting the darkest dark
everything vanishes
like a phantom in the rising fire

3. Igaveseks koos


treading the graveyard path again
here you're the only one i know
only here can
my soul be with yours

we belong together
as in life so in death
it's hard without you
in this ruthless world

we share one death
we share one grave
your hand in mine
together for eternity

i reach the cemetary once again
as every night before
but tonight it's final
tonight i'll never leave

digging up your tomb
i behold the frozen moon
then slit my wrists
and kiss your lips

i hurl beside you
perish in your coffin
in your eternal embrace
i bleed to death

4. Läbi halli udu

THROUGH THE DIM FOG (Läbi halli udu)

through the dim fog
a ship is drawing near
spirits of the damned
and ghosts on board

in the dreary mist
a ship is landing
the ghost are creeping
to the shore

through the dim fog
a fullmoon gleaming
in its light
they'll take your soul

all hope, all goodness dies
all love is dead
only wrath and dread
without your soul you'll lie

waking without devotion
you wake with longing
longing for the fullmoon's light
longing for the end to strike

through the dim fog
a ship is receding
carrying demons
and the damned aboard

yearning your burden
waiting for a fullmoon night
waiting for a ship
to arrive
through the dim fog (as the fullmoon glows)

through the dim fog
your future i see
in final desperation you
raise your hands in scream

5. Igaviku laps

AEON'S CHILD (Igaviku laps)

i step through a door
that leads to nowhere
and look around me
again i'm here

in this world
where affliction's endless
no gateways out for me
still i'm here

i despise these days
crawling pass me
i can feel the dread
spreading through me

i hate this world
that's full of traitors
i can't fathom
how anyone deems it nice

i'd kill you
burn you down
but deep within
i only wish i'd die

death, my lonesome escort
leads me to eternal sleep
sleep i merely need
as you are not here

i know without me
it's a better world
my only solace that
someone dies before

now i am free
for life was not for me
forever free
for none of you are here

6. Esoteric Madness (Bonus)


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