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"Battlechants" (2002 Demo)

1. Cori Dorcha na Coilte
2. StormGod
3. Magtuired
4. Cursus
5. At Dusk We Rise

1. Cori Dorcha na Coilte

2. StormGod

It began to rain so heavy
And the sun was hidden by Ominous black clouds,
Which swirled across the open sky.
Winds rose with great fury ,A sight of terror to mans eyes.
Darkness turning day to night .Darkness lit by lightning bright.
Can you hear the cries of the warriors?
Storm God waiting for the oath of calling.
Thunderous skies break open fall upon us.
When the Storm God is called. Daybreaks, battles soon.
Sharpened swords seek bloody wounds.
Men eager to battle claiming land and cattle.
Be now with us Storm God! For 'tis written.
Forever by bond of moon and fire, Through all the ages!
Hear the cries of the warriors!
Storm God waiting for the oath of calling,
Strange oppression in the air, I sense your power is near.
"Be now with us Gods of the elements,
Let our foes feel your power through obliteration,
Let their hearts be filled with terror!
Let them tremble before your might, and die!
Bare witness his might and die or retreat!

3. Magtuired

4. Cursus

I see men, Strong in battle.
Wounds in fair flesh, Memories scarred in minds.
Enter the Witch cruelly snarling " I cast thee warriors into the fire!"
Witchcraft bloodthirsts through me, I feel its venom in each vein,
Enchantment captivates me, The spell she casts brings me ill faith.
The sky has fallen On limbs of pain we die.
Spellbound, Eternal But I will have my vengeance!
Driven by unwanted past, Forgetting not the life I once had,
No light shines in my eyes, It is cold and dark but I'm still alive Morrigan!
Your sleep is eternal, No spirits to act mournful,
Your death sorer than fever, Curse us not wretched demon.

5. At Dusk We Rise

This night will soon begin, how peaceful, oh so tranquil.
In the shadows as we lie, at dusk we rise.
I forsee, at dusk we rise our armies will follow, with strategy,
one kill and all, watch as their blood flows.

Clad in mail we break their stronghold, strike them down leaving them lie cold,
blood will gush the warriors storm, flesh we hack, the warriors storm.
At dusk we rise, surprise, as we storm through the battle, run or die,
we take control of your abode, leaving no one alive.

At dusk we rise, surprise as we storm through this battle, run or die,
they battle on but they are no match for us,
they'd be better off preparing for the next world.

Blood flecked and wounded, the fall of the enemy,
prepare to meet thy faithful doom,
we cannot hold the enemy any longer,
disaster met us, while I'm here in sorrow,
with the loss of so may brave men.


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