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"Demo2k1" (2001 Demo)

1. Denounced
2. Art Of Fisting
3. Evisceration
4. Iconoclast
5. Cankerous

1. Denounced

The vulgar resentment I feel for you
And all you have put me through.
The pain you have caused cannot compare.
So called lord, why don't you care?

I denounce you
And all you stand for.
I despise your kingdom in heaven.
Life of lies.
I can't take any more.
Blasphemous rage fills my eyes.

This world of shit has been forced on me.
Nothing I do will set me free.
I break the ties that cause me pain.
Your precious faith is all in vain.
Invert the rites and Catholic verse.
Bastardized religions now rehearsed.
Break the oath; curse the path.
Blind followers led to death.

Plague of His Creation . . . Blasphemy
Christ died . . . Died for His belief

I live to not believe.
But as I look around my world,
I know you must be true.
Killing and murdering without a sound.
Millions dead . . . burial ground.
All in praise of your name . . .
More dead bodies all because of you.

Judged and cursed by the laws you made.
Bleeding, dying slowly raped.
Existence based on a book of lies.
Heaven is Hell when we die.

If you truly do exist,
Then it only stands to reason,
That to you we're just a game.
A schizophrenic entity.
God and Satan are one in the same.

I deplore you
And laugh in your face.
The hypocrisy of belief.
Endless hate
Symbolize your ways.
Denounce you in blasphemy.

Father of worthlessness . . . The plague of His own creation.

A schizophrenic entity . . . God and Satan are one in the same.

Bitter hatred I cast on you
And all you have put me through.
The pain I now realize,
You'll still be there even when I die.

2. Art Of Fisting

Legs forced open
I can't control my excitement.

Bound and gagged.
My fetish is sickening.
This is just the beginning.

Crotch exposed before me
To fulfill your dreams.

Conscious and aware.
This horror is real.
A tool in assisting
My art of fisting.

Sin in skin.
Flesh begets death.
Naked on the floor.
Salvation in a whore.

My aim is true.
Rammed right into you.
How deep I will go.
From fingertip to elbow.

Master of my art
Pray you're not ripped apart.
To see your legs contort and bend.
The humility will never end.

Bleeding profusely.
The art of fisting.
Crying hysterically.
The art of fisting.
Spirit now broken.
The art of fisting.
A servant to my needs.
The art of fisting.

Reaching deep inside
I open my fingers wide.
Inner walls rip and bleed
Now prepared to receive my seed.

The art of fisting.

3. Evisceration

And your scent still lingers . . .

Hold me until the angels come
After all is gone, said and done.
Embrace me in your Devil wings
Safe from all the pain she brings.


In the light of the candle's flame
I can still hear you call my name.
Every time I close my eyes
Your haunting image is cast.
You seem so real . . . but you're gone.
Left feeling so forlorn.
Everyday I cry for you in vain.
Even in death you still bring me pain.

My veins,
They bleed.
They cry for release
From all the anguish that I feel.

Never did I wonder why
That without I would rather die.
My soul is under constant strain.
A bloodletting for the pain to drain.

I'm lost.
Never to heal again.
It's grown.
The worst pain I've ever known.

I can't hide from the emptiness inside . . .

An eternity of torment thrust upon my soul.
To hold you again . . . to have and to hold.
I still feel the texture of the blade in my hand.
Gripped so tight with all my might.

I had to kill you!

Staring down the barrel to lead filled forgiveness.
Living with the scars decorating my wrist.
Praying on my knees to remember that one last kiss.
There has to be a better way than this.

Struggling with the memories of the night you died.
Wondering if the tears were of joy I cried.
I can still smell the breath of your one last sigh.
You're dead now and nothing will change.

You told me you loved me.
I thought it was true.
There is no knowing what you could do
To get what you want.
Now I know why I never was loved.
Our love was a lie.

I gave you my life and you took all I could give.
You ruined my life and cared nothing at all.
You made me love you and into psychosis I fell.
Killing you was easy
But living without you is hell.

Oh, how I did love you.

Hold me until the angels come
After all is gone, said and done.
Embrace me in your Devil wings
Safe from all the pain she brings.

And your scent still lingers . . .

4. Iconoclast

I . . . challenge your sacred beliefs.
I . . . slaughter the flock of sheep.
I . . . am your redeeming device.
Look into the eyes of your bitter demise.

Eventually becoming sadistic.
Human herd failing to grasp
Fall to reality.
Time to tread a new path.

Follow the Iconoclast.

You . . . see through holy tinted eyes.
You . . . are the one your maker despises.
You . . . and your dogma condemned
Are fought to death with every dying breath.

You put your trust into your "savior."
Has he ever been there to return the favor?
If your feeble minds can grasp . . . the answer is no.
Follow the Iconoclast
When your beliefs are fading fast.
After all is gone and itís useless to pray
Donít look to your God for he has lost His way.

Crossing the span of space and time,
Beliefs converge, controlling the mind.
Hear the toll of sanityís bell while
Catching a glimpse of your religionís true hell.

"Bow to me," sayeth the Lord.

You are abhorred.

Hallowed be My name.
My kingdom come.
Thy kingdom undone.
On earth as well as in heaven.
Follow my way
To salvation this day.
I will lead you all into temptation
And deliver you to evil.

Jump into the abyss
Never expecting to be engulfed by darkness.
Iíll witness your end . . . your final collapse.
Losing your souls in one fleeting gasp.

When all that is left is a burning desire
I will set your world afire.

When all is gone and it's useless to pray
And your beliefs are fading fast
Follow the Iconoclast.

5. Cankerous

Reliving old wounds once that healed.
Can't escape the memories once dormant in my mind.
As doubt settles in
I cannot rekindle my faith.
Unending despair I feel.
For I fear it's too late.

Can't explain what went wrong.
Fleeting hopes of sanity.
Frightened by my instilled thoughts.
My mind won't set me free.

Engulfing fear.
Shadowed in grief.
Enduring this pain of disbelief.
Whispering chaos.
The end has begun.

Staring into the reflection of horror.
Death is a mask of pain unforeseen . . .
Vivid images of corruption and sorrow.
Humanity kills.
Innocence obscene.

Point of view became reality.
Sanity is but a mere shadow on the wall.
In a blink of an eye, lost mentality.
Corruption of our minds;
The black abyss of thought.

At war with my reality
Walls falling onto me.
The stranglehold of corruption grows.
Until it reaches the unbearable end.

Dead in my eyes.
Through my eyes you're dead.
The lies that I once believed
[Were] the last words that you said.
Now through my eyes you're dead
And dead you'll always be.
Using rage to escape
The binds of pain engulfing me.

Anger bleeding into my vision.
Fading fast before the incision.
Going in for the final kill.
Never ending.
I'm bleeding still.

Cannot live.
Cannot die.
Waiting and holding
Onto my final goodbye.

In the shallow plane of the conscious mind,
Reality fades
Losing faith with time.

In the inner soul of our cursed existence,
Emptiness . . .
Devoid of forgiveness.

We watch and we see and realize we don't care.
Oblivious to our own malignancy.
Too concerned with ourselves to ever take notice.
Void of expression
Now damned to be . . .



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