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Completely Killed

"Completely Killed" (2002 Demo)

1. Lilith / Bug Killer I
2. Axophiliac,
3. The Blade My Love
4. The Deep Fear In Your Eyes
5. Bug Killer II

1. Lilith / Bug Killer I

After god cast her from heaven
She fell straight to hell
On the shores of the river Styx
(Sucking murderous pricks)
She wove her immortal spell

Adam the first dogís creation
Could not submit her
And thus she was replaced
With a passive creature

Dedicated to fornication
Fucked by demons her own spawn
In a sea of masochist orgasms
She gave god one hard-on

Her womb became a gate
To one hundred fiends a day
Cast into the world
To torment and slay

Goddess of hellish desire
Served by steel and flame
In the dawn of your dark kingdom
I wield axes in your name

Lilith, debauched seductress
Your legacy lives in me
I will raise hell on earth
And be back on time for tea

The blade of my axe
Will undo the dogís word
And Iíll be back on time
To suck your bird

Newspapers call me sadistic
Innocent people they say I kill

I kill cops, lawyers, priests,
social workers and all city scum
Politicians and their sluts
Upon their crushed skulls I come

2. Axophiliac,

The moon is dramatically hidden
By a shape that swiftly ascends
Itís the blade of my axe that rises
Just a moment before your life ends

I feel your desperate terror
As I advance towards you
Thereís nowhere you can hide
Your life will now be through

Feel the blade inside your mind
As it cleaves your skull in two
I stick my boot into your face
To retrieve my axe from you

I drag your corpse into the sewers
As your head bumps on the stones
Then my axe rises again
To hack through flesh and bones

I call the rest of the band
And they arrive in Johnnyís van
But sirens echo through the night
The shitís about to hit the fan

We leave behind your body parts
And escape the frantic chase
The bowels of rats and stray dogs
Are your final resting place

3. The Blade My Love

The smooth curves of your handle
Set me alight
And your cold head of steel
Shines bright
The edge of your blade
Cuts deep so sharp
In my heart releases the dark

An erotic pulse as I hold you so close
Your design pure perfection
My desire grows
You move with such grace
To undo manís creation

You rise to descend
In your labour of love
Spraying blood far above

You rise up above
Youíre the one I love
Come with me to the grave
Youíre the only one I crave

Catharsis flows in my head
You look lovely all drenched in red
You dismember, decapitate
You quench my hate

4. The Deep Fear In Your Eyes

I watch you day by day
Like a snake watches a mouse
Iíll lead you into my world
A cow into the slaughterhouse

I am your worst fear
The messiah of your death
I lurk in the shades behind you
Iíll witness your last breath

The deep fear in your eyes

You think you are so secure
In your world of fancy dreams
Iíll fuck your illusions up
Iíll laugh as I hear your screams

You sob and cry in pain
Your blood hits the floor and walls
But before the final hack
You will have to lick my balls

The deep fear in your eyes

5. Bug Killer II

Lawyers in their world of lies
Cops protected by the badge
Priests, hypocrite shitheads
False moralists, pull you off the edge

Social workers there for the money
Donít give a fuck about you
Bitches of high society
Their pussy makes their dreams come true


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