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Blind Mastermind

"Blind Mastermind" (2004 Demo)

1. Intro
2. Norseus Surgery
3. Antagonist Resorrectionist
4. Blind Mastermind
5. Outro

1. Intro

2. Norseus Surgery

Norseus surgery
Frame the living
Revibe the dead
Create the misiah, Our way

Human flesh for thee
Combine the human beings
For atheosophy, Ending

Fall forth and die
Come to me
Berry their cryes

Stich up there eyes
Can't you see
Erase there lives

Decay their denise
Don't lie to me
If lie then you die

Take all you pride
And misary
Leave no discize

Cut through the cranium
For bliss
Tourtured screams
Seek the brutality
Withen their minds to bend their thoughts

3. Antagonist Resorrectionist

Why can't you fucken see the bodies
Are waiting for me not for you
Bring me the precios flesh fry the filth
Disposal, What a waist

Your resorrections why waist your time
Fucken try me!

Weather it be me or you
Fuck you
Desacrate the human race
Is what we do
My dead ones arise
As mine
Then the dead would devide

Dead, dead they lay
Here to bring them from their graves

The decisisiesde is mine bring them to life to commit all my crimes
Stay away the dreams that you have had will never succeed
What's mine is mine, keep that in mind search and you'll find
The weak you have will be our human shields

Enter the battle see who wins
Out of the shadows my army appears your defeat!
Waiting.....the battle shall now begin

Plumishing forward to oblivion, trampaling over our own dead
Crushing the rotting below us
Our armys are slowly, devouring beneath us
How can they betray us?

4. Blind Mastermind

For I, knowledge is nothing
Knowing everything I am supreme
Waste your life figuring out things
wondering.......? Not for me!

Awakened! born to this world knowing everything
Forsaken! alienated by society

For I see all, everything before you once created
all the things that shall not be

Born knowing your future will perish
Scencless life has ended with me
For all things that shall bein to end, again
I've come back to obtain this domain
For everything that you've lived for, I restrain

Take me, take me further, show me somthing I've not seen before
Drag me, as your fake mesiah once did... before
What will I see? When I've seen everything once before
What will it be? Why don't you ask me and stand beneath thee

What is the destiny? Of all human race....
Is the end coming near? Why should you care.....
What about prophecy? Is there a heaven and hell....

5. Outro


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