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Doomed Dark Years

"Doomed Dark Years" (1998)

1. Passage To Eternity
2. Voyage Of Eternal Life
3. Thorns Of Charon - Part I (Astarte's Call)
4. Doomed Dark Years
5. Thorns Of Charon - Part II (Emerge From Hades)
6. Thorns Of Charon - Part III (Pathway To Unlight)
7. Empress Of The Shadow Land
8. The Rise Of Metropolis

1. Passage To Eternity

2. Voyage Of Eternal Life

The woods are lonely, dark and deep.
Stopped between mountains and frozen lake.
The darkest evening of the year,
I came and wrote upon a cross of wood
For the rotting flesh lying under foot.
And on the mournful stars gazed up above.

The eagle watches from his mountain walls.
Good bye to the sun that shines for the dead no longer.
Now sleepy death summons him down to Acheron,
That cold shore.
There is no bride song there, nor any music.

She softly whispers your welcome to the endless darkness.
Where the blue sky turned to black
And the moon remains a frozen hidden memory.
One would say that the earth
Is the way of all flesh.
And the sea is the way of all souls.
The very dead of winter.
Oh, starry night! This is how you wished to die.

3. Thorns Of Charon - Part I (Astarte's Call)

...The wolves run through
the evergreen snow forest.
Unsould bodies dragging on the dark wood path
Driven by wolf servants of Astarte.

Soul senses are shocked to the naked ground.
Here where bodies were lying dead,
Now they have dragged away in the dim forest.
Madness has given wings to their souls
And a wind lures them towards the vale of revenge.

Listen! To the tumult of the blasphemous harmonies.
Come from the shadow of the dome of pain
Where man's empty bodies
Were locked inside Astarte's cages of steel.

As the dawn release its sun drops
Astarte's crimson light summons Them(the souls)
To her place of the evil shades existence.
When a storm will break from the shadow skies,
Souls and bodies will become one and then...

4. Doomed Dark Years

The dark flower through the walls of sorrow.
Where a man behind his bars,
Has never tasted the touch of rain.
His innocent soul cries
For his ferocious face.
All nature's beauty was locked outside
Of his brazen cell where
The forest's clouds couldn't come.

You can see what the night bird can see,
You can hear the wrath of the winds,
But the dust of your cold cell
Have closed up all, even your dreams.
You only travel your thoughts to the unknown
And wish death to visit you.
Oh! Death listen to my voice
I beg you...
Join me

5. Thorns Of Charon - Part II (Emerge From Hades)

...And they swim in cold thoughts so lifeless!
And cease upon mythic valleys of midnight.
Wings of death convey them beyond tomorrow,
As the unbroken silence whispers the stillness of sorrow

Weep no more for them
Cause they'll face life once more again.
Crush the Walls of Death
And run to the future
Of mortal rebirth.

Hungry souls to the old familiar ways
They took back the long path which
Connects death and life.
Leaving like the moon in the winter dawn
And carry revenge in frond of them
And distances behind.

(Back to earth)
With snow, the dense air raises rich
Around their bodies dimmed with evening.
Hungry wolves smell the snow buried flesh
And dig deep during the long white night.

6. Thorns Of Charon - Part III (Pathway To Unlight)

For now as they look at the sky
Their respiration fades away by moonlight.
Man's eyes are dead to light again
And they feel their minds slip
As their souls travel
The deadly moonpath of no return.

Monnlight!!! Drive my men's souls
Straight to your endless Universe.
Earth! Fall over their bodies upon the thorns of life.
Make them bleed!

Bright path of the moon, light men's way.
Empty bodies gaze their interval march.
As the storm of snow roared up from the sky
And the snow wave covered their empty bodies.
Flight of steps leads (souls) beyond the moon
Straight to the shadow of the undreamed domain.
Waves of moonlight carry away their souls...

7. Empress Of The Shadow Land

8. The Rise Of Metropolis

Beyond the greenwood's shade
Near the rippling mountain streams
The old buried myth
Will open the doors of Metropolis.

Rocks symbolize eternity,
Sunshine seeks in your darkness.
Beloved cosmic force of evil.
Raise Metropolis once more.

Mythopoeic vision of darkness and rebirth
Bring back your moon shadow.
Winter beauty of the gray society
Trap the sunshine and raise "Power".

As the evening mists come
My need will be stronger.
Behind your black cloud's fortress
I'll reach your hidden Cosmos.
I will cross the misty forest.
Until full moon shows the gateway.

Dark stone walls my pleasure to touch.
From the dead land I'll built my strength.
Silent land! I'll come to raise Metropolis.


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