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Anticapital / Blindspot /+3

"Anticapital / Blindspot /+3" (1994 Best of/Compilation)

1. Socialized Crucifixion
2. The Thousand Mile Stare
3. Population Index
4. Dogmatic
5. Spiritual Manipulation
6. Feasts of War
7. October Revolution
8. Procession
9. State to State
10. The Perpetual Cycle
11. World of Confusion
12. Civilization Comes, Civilization Goes
13. Page by Page
14. Sterility
15. Body Politic Equation
16. Anticapital
17. Epilogue
18. Wall of Shame
19. Suffering Quota
20. Parade of the Lifeless
21. Blood and Cloth
22. Automate
23. Within Without
24. Blindspot
25. By Design
26. Spine
27. Infanticide

1. Socialized Crucifixion

Your lifesblood has been systematically drained away by those who rule over you.
Shouts and screams of freedom fall on deaf ears
as our intellect is discredited and displayed on the gallows of our lives.
Lifeless we swing as dictators continue to propagate,
to legitimate lies which pave roads for the children.
The loopholes of the system have been filled with your decorum.

2. The Thousand Mile Stare

This shattered mirror holds the only truth,
the sole reflection of our existence
which is broken into fragments.
Each frail piece holds a distorted view
of double standards and hidden agendas.
Each sliver captures a cracked glimpse
of scenarios of our exploitation.
Each culture scrapes its identity
attempting to squeeze through the cracks.
But perhaps the most frightening image of all
is the bleak expression on the face of our society.
How can we look at this anymore?

3. Population Index

All that is artificial maintains us.
That which exists is inadequate.
The hypocrisies of technology betray our senses.
Simulated emotions, fooled again.
We're labels on files in cabinets.
Payroll accounts and calculations.
We're gears that run the machine
that dictates life as we know it (and we don't).
We're gears that run the machine that dictates our lives.
We're the rung of our humanity
on which technology thrives.
We're expendable figures, we're liquidation.
We're character strings and data statements.
We learn, live and die a number.

4. Dogmatic

Icons of a cruel and ficticious god
impregnating minds with a lustful theology of blind obedience.
Enslaved by fairy tales,
tribulation and dead end hallucinations.
Seeded in the hierarchy of salvation.
Kneel before the altar of inequality.
Bow your head, close your eyes.

5. Spiritual Manipulation

Hiding behind the thin veil of religious insecurity.
Searching for answers where questions have no meaning.
Petrified by seclusion,
fear of uncertainty,
graciously accepting euthanasia.

6. Feasts of War

We starve our children
before the banquet of knowledge
while politicians indulge
in the feasts of war.

7. October Revolution

The process of revolution
has already littered the streets of Leningrad.
The indivisible masses have been victimized
by the pages of their own history.
What they hold in their hands
slipped through their fingers
and into the grip of the common threat.
The wall they allow to be built around them
segregates by hope and nullifies their dream.
Inseverable by principal,
consolidated under common banner,
the failure of emancipation,
torn apart by their creation.
A people who's self determination
was the kingpin to their so called liberation,
stand blindsided by misconception.
Nullified revolution.
Emancipation, deception.

8. Procession

Military livestock bred to expand state control.
The underclass, suppressed,
underprivileged and lured by incentive.
Church and state, hand in hand,
lead them through the trenches of war.
A nation born blind
should have been terminated in its infancy.
There is no purity
in the glory of commercialized patriotism,
it's drenched in the filth of their deceit.

9. State to State

A nation's tear reflects its tear and separation.
Ambiguous relations between republics breed hatred.
A country's cry for solidarity goes disregarded,
while ruling nationalist chauvinism turns state against state. Soured by arrogance, once brothers with brothers,
turned statesman vs. statesman
in an authoritarian race for expansion.
Tears reflect tears and separation.
Soured by arrogance,
once brothers turned state to state to state.
State to hate to...

10. The Perpetual Cycle

The perpetual cycle rotates
on the axis of despair.
The unbroken link stands untouched by question.
So uninterested we merely turn our heads.
Uneducated, unrealistic, unsensible, so unrealistic,
we sit and watch the cycle feed.
If people had the power to snap their fingers
to change the face value of life,
many would withhold the energy,
much rather watch in false pity.
Around, the cycle rotates on the axis of despair.
Untouched by question, we merely sit and stare.
Such a blatant disregard
for the fundamentals of existence,
dwelling in a state of apathy
so obedient we follow.
So uninterested we merely turn our heads,
rather watch in self pity.
No profit, no personal gain.
Concentration, evolution, extinction.
Whispering, speaking, screaming lies.

11. World of Confusion

I want to do everything,
yet I sit and do nothing.
All that say, says nothing at all.
Does mere existence truly justify itself?
Optional in your world of confusion,
powerless in my world of frustration.
You seem to laugh, I sit and cry.
In this world we all lose to the politics of lies.

12. Civilization Comes, Civilization Goes

The clowns are now the ringmasters
backed with the arsenal of the economy.
Our ears are plugged
when we speak the tongue of reality.
Failure to accept the truths,
we speak of peace,
but push civilization to the edge.
We can't build harmony on apathy
and we can't live on dreams alone.
I pledge allegiance to the symbol of power and greed.
It stands for a false republic
under the guidance of a question mark god.
Raping some, stealing from others.
Fighting to scale the class ladder
that splinters so many hands.
Uncivilized. I'd rather close my eyes.

13. Page by Page

Along with the art of conquest and domination,
we have developed the absolute science
of ignorance and bound it in text for generations
of the unthinking.
Between the lines of a one sided history,
reads the bitter truth of exploitation.
The echoes of dehumanization
can still be heard in the hills of Wounded Knee
or the streets of Bensonhurst.

14. Sterility

The delicate strings of fear
wrap around another statistic's throat.
The home viewer gets another
animated victim to pity.
The horrors of antigender violence
are rooted in traditionally force fed superiority
for which there is no one to blame
but ourselves.

15. Body Politic Equation

The pigment of imagination
has been woven into the fabric of constitution.
(Article I, Section II) Our framework has been dictated in black and white.
Compromised to fraction,
educed to body politic equation.
It's time to burn the white robes
of american history along with the flags
and symbols of our concentration camp land.

16. Anticapital

Productivity has become
the modern embodiment of slavery.
Efficiency traps laborer
in the circles of exploit.
Chained by the human costs
of prostitution
and the misery it incorporates.
A prison of measured time.

17. Epilogue

Disaffection falls like rain
soaking the tempers of a distended kinship.
Common culture gains momentum
as common enemy.
You stare antagonies in the eyes,
but at a closer look you're face to face with coexistence.
How far will opinions shove?
To the edge of hatred or the end of...

18. Wall of Shame

19. Suffering Quota

20. Parade of the Lifeless

21. Blood and Cloth

Seeds planted by misinformation
blossom into patriots and servants
whose perception of soil and cloth
is equal to that of the blood and skin
of their martyred counterparts.
Pledges and ceremonies
celebrate murders and their actions generating respect
for violence and breeding traditions
of disfigured heroes and slaves
of states and countries.
The freedom achieved when others die
is imprisonment by the rags that symbolize flags of glory. Rags symbolize nothing.

22. Automate

We have come full circle,
subservient to our self inflicted automation
that disregards genuine anguish
and promotes synthetic indifference.
Not of flesh and blood but of gears and cams
fueled by submission.
We choke on individuality
and suffocate under procession.

23. Within Without

Figment options stand upon platforms
of contention promoting themselves as products.
Their proposals are ultimatums
and nothing more than a higher form of bribery,
mere scenery for the self indentured
and parasite to a false sense of obligation.
No choices offer solutions.

24. Blindspot

Policy is only a reflection of misery.
Freedom reinforces conditioning
and thoughts are but delusions of enslavement.
Trailing in the shadows of the sightless.
The treadmill of your pathetic life rolls on.
The world is a series of cages
and the people a nation of jailers.
The blindspot encircles us all.

25. By Design

The penetrating stares of judge
and jury condemn emotion,
dictate the standards of said principles
and bore plasticity through your character.
Life slowly turns into a sterile cage
of uniformity and enforced morality.
Tolerance is nothing but void.
The individual has been cancelled.

26. Spine

The innocent prey of tyranny
flock and veil beneath statues
of fraudulent liberty in lands of untold slavery.
They try to find themselves in the emptiness
of ellis isle but their attempts at redefinition
were nothing more than metaphor.
Hollow eyes bare desperation
and blighted hope for preconceived freedom.
The soil of so called aspiration was their only reward.

27. Infanticide

Speaking in the name of decaying foundation.
Thoughts of mass sterilization,
distorting choices for a dreamlike salvation.
Factory made humans, plastic souls, empty goals.
The back street butchers smile.


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