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Beyond The Infinite Horizon

"Beyond The Infinite Horizon" (1998 EP)

1. Seasonal Stowaway
2. The Endless Swamp
3. Quest For Eternal Life
4. The Bright Sphere Of Forest

1. Seasonal Stowaway

Winter, master of eternity
The gate seems so far
I'm void of soul, void of spirit
Show me the path to follow
Open up the way through the forest
And Accomodate me in your manor

By your greatness, by your splendor
The eternal snow is falling again
Freezing the sea, freezing the land
Preserving the knowledge, preserving the destiny

The stars admire you
But every night, the clouds try to hide you
The moon lights the way, to see your beauty
But the shadow lays down his blackness
The trees bring down their twisted branches
But the frost chase their leafs away

The storm is doing his way
Through all (through all)
through all your thoughts

The winds forces never decresea
The devastation of the meadow has begun

The invader of your mind
Take advantage of the events

Maintaining yourself alive
Breathe the remaining fragments

When the twilight appears
The winter will belong to you

The confrotation was, in fact, just a reunion
Both sides are learning from each other

The winter and the mysteriou are just one
One for soul, one for body

The human's body is standing tall
His soul is gone to regenerate cold season's one

2. The Endless Swamp

I search the final road
Into the swamp of death
To exit this pool of blood
To see the pure life

In the mysrtious book of life
Some sentences have been erased
Since the beginning of humanity
Too much sentences have been forgotten

There are many tasks to carry out
There are many rules to follow
Do not be like the majority
Be unique, leave this endless swamp

Find the missing pages
To know the reality
Build the history
Search Impurity

In the lifeless forest
Where fear is alive
The mage's vision
Expanding endlessly

Enter into the castle of perception
Climb up the step to find the mystery
With the crystal, break the magic mirror
Get the power, become the strongest mage

Now the forest belongs to you
Use your power, get the vision
Feel the strength, change your life
Past is dead, futur will begin

Now your dream is realized
Show the way out to the swamp's prisoner
Pass through the freedom's gate
Exit endless swamp, exit this wasted land

3. Quest For Eternal Life

Somehwere on an hidden piece of land
Something is afraid of heat
He si easily damaged by the sun
In a cave, he lives to survive
As the night raise from his sleep
His strategy is build since so long
For the futur, eternal fight
To know which will be victorious

Suddenly the sun awake
He proclaim his throne
The wind and the sky join the night
To expel this fire star
With their combination of force

The sun hurl his ray
Clouds are gathering in circle
Over their desperate land and minds
The wind blows violently
Hurricane chase away the sun

The fault is tearing the land
The fog stretch upon the night
Ceremony for the lord begins by the wind
To celebrate their rrival
Time to settle down our planet

Forsaken implore recovery
And wonder before their saviour
Hearing the screams of their delighted souls
They can finally live
Without this fear to die

All these figths with the natural darkness forces
They brought us victory for ternal life

All these figths with the natural darkness forces
They brought us victory for ternal life

4. The Bright Sphere Of Forest

In a deep forest, there is a bright sphere
Who generate dark forces and upgrade supremacy

On the full moon's night, the light enters into the wolf's eyes
At the top of the hill, wolf changes into spirit

The ancient tower of animal's god will fall down
The mysterious spirit will build of fortress

In the core of the fortress, an higher force is taking form
The force merge the spirit to create a sublime desire

Winds of the sky surround the fortress
Fear, hate, despair, shame, lies, ignorance
The masked tree of night touch the sky
Source of life, sight of death, sublime desire

Eternal majesty open your soul
Show your real face
Get over the imaginary rock mountain
To receive the elexir

At the last page of the ancien manuscript
The sphere reject the baleful energy
I feel that I will pass away soon
Remember the wolf, remember the masked tred


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