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"The Step In The Warpath" (2001 Demo)

1. The Cage
2. Medieval
3. Hide The Inside
4. GBH (Good the Bad the Heavy)
5. The Thrash Song

1. The Cage

I can see their faces, I can see the way they feel
But break down looks invade their eyes………I feel
I can take the road I’ve made and crush those who stand in my way
Now I find the air remains…….untamed!

Beat down on the new blood with these whispers of my name
You stand and wait for reaction……..from me!
Shake my head and raise this brow at the disbelief I find in thou
I’ll burn you with my eyes again……again!!

I can’t change…..its not a question it’s known
So take this from me……and stay away from my….

I can see right though you, you’re whisper of this green
It pushes me away from thee….haha!!!
24 is all I see but 13 seems to be with me
now take this and you will believe…..believe!!

I can see you and hear what you say
And I can do the time
Your words fuel me the fire I breath
Now I will walk my way

Regrets seem to be with me you’ve touched my cage and now you’ll see
You’ve released the beast in me…….the beast
Hell raisings now in my blood, you’ve turned me red and now im done
I’ll crush those thoughts and break this will……..your will

2. Medieval

Come down to my house I got something to say
Get down and dirty with my fire we shall play
Escape the light into the chamber of me
Deep down inside we’re getting dirty you’ll see

Into the darkness hide the trail of desire
Into the mirror find the fuel for my fire
The clouds above you rain the taste of the stray
And now its changed into a battle of sway

I know that you will do unto me
Come one, come all, join in
Get medieval with the one and only

You’re just a shadow just a master at me
You rein the weak and they’ll decide what you’ll be
Put on the mask put on the show they all love
I’ll be around to pull the strings from above

Step up to me step up to one not afraid
Bring on the shadows bring the ones you have made
Look into my eyes tell me what do you see
Come one come all and get medieval with me
Come on medieval
Come on come on get with me
Oooh yeah medieval
Come one, come all and get medieval with me

Now come to my place tell me what do you see??
You’ll find the strong you’ll find the way it should be
Below you’ll find the weak, the struggle with fame
I am the king and I shall rule you again

3. Hide The Inside

Deep down an empire grows
In the dark through the river of red now its already taken you
Nothingness to the king of pain
This shell is where I rein
Still falling as I gain now I continue ruling you

Touch faith with outside love
Touch faith with the trying mind
Reach up for the “heavens” above I feel that trust is only mine
All blame on the “one” up above
Enraged with the trying mind
Can’t stop but the way that I feel, I feel the loss is mine….only mine….only mine

Took it all, took the creed out of me
Take end to the ones I love
Deep down where elation must grow, I know its not enough
Can’t stand what has happened to you
Can’t stand this twist of fate
Wish it all on a nightmare on me, so you can go your way…the only way…my only way

Now I look into their eyes
I can’t stand to see their pain
Now the emptiness is here
Please just let them say my name
Touch my face and feel my tears
Touch this stone and weep away
“wish not upon my enemy”….R. Williams
Can’t this hide inside of me…hide in me…..only me….

4. GBH (Good the Bad the Heavy)

Full speed out of my way
In light of another day, the sweet sounds of me raging
In heat of another light
Attacks on everywhere in site
Kids out for another fight
The sleepless here for breaking

Bring the flint to light this fire
Said bring me what I need
To light up the flame
Break this leavey
Fuse the fuel
Receive the heavy!

Smash through these gates and doors
Pain is gone feeling nevermore
Bow down to the metal lords, reality walls fall down
Fights on there is no way out
Insane you scream and shout
Gone mad from the body count
Serenity can’t be found

Sounds down your demons run
You’re left, the only one
We’re through the damage done, reality might comeback
Hells fire it has fallen down
The wrath of STHESIA sound
Be back for another round
The good and the bad have raped you

5. The Thrash Song


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