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"Promo 2003" (2003 Demo)

1. Eden East
2. One Powered
3. Stampede
4. High Water Mark
5. Demise
6. Painting the Chaos
7. Without Colours
8. The Apostate

1. Eden East

Swirling on the soil that we tought ours
Without barriers, without bars
We are the neglected Ones
Hanging on the rope of oaths

Still dreaming about an Eden
Thinking that hope will carry on
Or some kind of ancient instict
Will help you on and on

But we don't need no hope
We don't need no care
As we strew the seeds of failure
Crawling for not to be reaped
Banished the side of Eden
With the mark � We cannot co-exist!�

We cherish the memories with our blood.
Because we are tainted with their blood.
Just keep looking back.
Never choose the harder path

We have a dream about Eden
Believe that Hope will carry on
And the life grows sore and priceless
As time goes on and on.

Just dig inside your little secrets
Being straight now ain't enough
Serve and toil for the guarding angel
And toughtless � just struggle and trust

2. One Powered

Again things went down down-hearted
Nowhere to break
Debates - all are came to a dead-end
To the dead-lock of the day

Don't know who's the hunter, who's hunted
They are all the same
See Justice is blind, but bound
If she's ever awake

The One for one, the One for all
You have to stand the ground
To prove the power of one
The power on one

You have to cut through all the knots
To light the darkest toughts
To prove the power of one
The power on one

You say someone have to force the changes
The tables have to be turned
But now - seize your chances
And don't wait for another

There's too much to do in this tiny lifetime
To waste them once for all
Just gather the deeds that'll raise you

When you write the final chapter
And leave the world to burn
Not just counts what is complete
But all what you cared to build

Don't disturb the ashes
Accept them once great
Recognize their beauty
The beauty of the fate

As we write the final entry
And the journal is have to be closed
We long for getting another chance
To shun the darkest road

Where the flames os burning bridges
Light the way we walk
Ther ash our last companion
Witness of tales untold

3. Stampede

See the void is getting stronger
Slightly touching as it hides
Lurking in the purest daydream’s shadows
Waiting to arise

And the self grows empty and tired
Slowly the blindfold takes its place
And then we’ll cannot bear the sunlight
‘Cos Evil in its blaze!

But some stars are always shining
Hard to follow – could not be reached
Choose that One which is in you too
Bathe in its gleam

And if you find your own fire
You are to enlighten not to burn
Try to wipe out all the shadows
Heal the newborn seeds

Ahead with the cleansing fire
Ahead full bloody ahead
Feel the full force of stampede
Its power

Too late abandon its guidance
Beware the burned out Ones
If they try to extuingish the fire
Just give them hell
And remain free

4. High Water Mark

As far I know - course set and sealed
In sweet unlight I can’t receive
Or transmit the toughts of mine
Revelations – fevered kind
Of visions – in bitter light
On this highground of life
Just climb upwards ‘till the final approach
Never knowing where’s the peak

As the steps take us further
Away from our sweet belongings
Dreaming about our wounds would ever heal
But the facts are not responding
Without the former guiding lines
Just struggling in the dark
When will we reach our zenith
Where stands our High Water Mark.

We’re without tears, without fire
And without understanding
Seeking the joys we’ll never feel
Well known, but still annoying
So as we slowly reach the slopes
Much easier to see
Great times are left behind us
But the mark will always shows the peak

Slopes and risings of the hills
Have I created something
Something that really hard to leave

Like thirteen stars of freedom
And yellow rose amongst the maize
Fight for your cause and soul
With fury and faith

And as I cross over the river and have
Rest under the shade of trees
I look towards the sign
Enjoying its hights
Hights of a trail

5. Demise

Against aims so ashamed and sober
Torn souls are too fragile
Searching bright, divine answers
Forgotten, deaf and blind

Just chant your hypocritical lies
And sink into self-chosen demise
Raise the sworn-believing scythe
There’s some sinner left to find

It’s too dark to see the nightmares
With the light so far behind
Useless fighting to hide
To hide from self-denial

Weeping icons, holy grails
Answer unaccountable ways
of God – Above all the condemned
With ignoration rule the herd

And chant hypocritical lies
Sink into your self-chosen demise
Below the sky of divine will
Still some heretic left to kill

It’s too dark to see the nightmares
With the light so far behind
Useless fighting to hide
To hide from life tonight

Too dark to see – tonight
The sinners bear the light
Darkness of the ages
Came to an end

The scythes of the sworn-believers
Still out, sharp and blind
They’ll rip your soul apart
In the name of their merciful god

Frozen thoughts of a dying present
Still serve their god now – a true belief
Their wisdom will close the mind
And forbid the answers of divine demise

6. Painting the Chaos

Awaken like a distant concept
So pure and weak inside
Alone in the rolling cradle
Just learning the Art

Lifelines on the waxing canvas
Paintdrowned innocence
Stains on once-noble answers
(Are) weakening, weakening

Oh, look and see as the madness is
Overhelming, the dying
Saints and the lurking nightmares
On the fresco’s darkest scenes

Could ever the canvas be filled
Or just the paint would run out
As tears dilute the portrait
Tears dilute the portrait

Oh, look and see that as the strength diminishes
And blood colored are all the shapes
The shades are beyond all that human – so strange
The final touch discolour the paint

Dying like forgotten concepts
So cold and weak inside
Alone in the rotting cradle
With a picture, with a picture done

7. Without Colours

Behold the lack of comprehension
And the laughter of the lamb
Their tales about the frankness
Like honey on a fence

The lust for a complete life
Is strong and never dies
Just taste your inner fire
And let your daemons rise

These dreams are neverending
Yet the dawn is still too cold

Colourful illusions
Like crosses on the back
In the daylight they can’t protect me
Valued prize just ain’t worth to get

The visions of a grey world
I have to realize
My daemons want to trick me
Whispering lethal little lies

But now I know the way I have to walk
Without blood I’m without colours
That little pain, oh so vain
So little price to be accepted again

Sometimes I feel I’m getting old
My long gone daemons taken my soul
A portrait so lifeless, a frame so gray
Renouncement is my chosen faith

The dawn has lost its colours
The rainbow is so grey
The one who still could paint them
You are - so you have to dream

8. The Apostate

Left alone in these drifting tides
I think they call it life
The Lost ain’t found – but still ain’t died
Yet the time seems always right

Another footstep, another mile
And questions are all around
What is it for – where is too far
Answers are too fragile

What life could be lived in this way we have to walk
When all the faith is ruined and the confidence is died
On through all the years I stood tough and proud
With an all out sacrifice – mastering all demise
In those years – I fought – but now I’m tired
With the work undone – a life undone
Oh I fought- but now I’m lost
My life is an utter defeat

And now I’m waiting – For what still to come
I know I cannot hide
Fate’s right beside me - Yet it seems so far
Torturing me with it’s delay

And I’m all alone in these drifting tides
They have called it life
What was it for – I don’t got too far
I didn’t get too far

And now I’m waiting – For what still to come
This time I cannot hide
Death’s right beside me and he is welcomed
Welcomed with all my life

All alone in these drifting tides
Someday, someone called it life
Fate’s right beside, and he is welcomed
Welcomed with all my life


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