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Terra Incognita

"Terra Incognita" (2007)

1. Tree Of Life
2. Meeting With The Unbelivable
3. Land Of Lights
4. The Secret
5. Another existence
6. Inner Fire
7. Inferno
8. Someone Must Take The Blame
9. Forgive Me My Foolish crime
10. Why?
11. Bleeding Moon
12. Plummeting Into Eternity

1. Tree Of Life

Final minute of her sweet life
Final moment that lives on forever
Her selfishness went n' conquered her meek fright
And she threw herself down into the doldrums

She's just flesh and her blood's just mud
Damnation's now just a glimmer on her face
Her soul's a leaf from the tree of life
Is that a smile lurking somewhere beyond her face?

She's a leaf from up in the tree
Hey, that's just life, it'll never cease
Down below withered leaves rove
But up the branches new buds grow

That's our plight in the tree of life
We all plummet when we all die
Deadly winds rage in the bleak sky
Coldly hunting just you and I

Blood sucking, soaked-right-through diary next to her
She left her tale with the living here forever
I just can't resist, oh the temptation to understand
I read it through so it'll live with me in wonderland

2. Meeting With The Unbelivable

I. The Real World has become a Shadow

An ear-piercing silence
Has come down on me
N' moves everything which
In the darkness I see.
This is oh so obscene
Such a ludicrous dream
Now the real world I know
Has become a shadow

Oh yes, perhaps I was dreaming of the night
When suddenly I was accosted by everlasting time
N' by the window pane, there I saw her
Standing in the moonlight
The dreaded fear, the wretched fright,
Caused a rush: adrenalin swamped all my veins
Cos my mind simply denied what I saw with my eyes

And when she spoke
Everything just ceased
An angelical face peering from the strange light right at me
"I've come to see you, cos I'm your guardian.
If you give me your soul
The wings of fate will help us fly
Back through time to the start of life."

II. Back to Eden

Our souls soared far and wide
Through the dark of night
This here's a strange terrain:
A garden, pure n' plain
Ancient, chaste domain
Standing there, two people
Upon the dawn of life

I can see sweet Eve; her eyes
Are full of intellect n' fire
The serpent smiles...
And the apple that will fill her
Heart with passion and desire
Sin and mortality

I realize:
Sin and demise...
Let's fly on by!

III. The Alliance

Bygone times
Behind us now
Devastation brings death, and confounds
And always finds us here somehow

"Listen to me!"
The angel did speak,
"All this can change
In an eternal place."

Take me there, far away...
All this pain!
Reality's oh so strange!
Angel wait!
Then I touched her and she suddenly changed...

"The land of light sure does exist
That's where you must go
If you'd give me your soul
You could take the stroll
No one living can make it through
First, you have to die
Your life ends for a while
But then your soul revives"

3. Land Of Lights

Maybe I've been alive just for a minute
Yes, I still feel all the pain
It'll hurt if I have to go n' live through
Where this world's goin' again

Like a dream, it embraces me so gently
Misty haze falls here upon
And I'm blown like a dust speck 'cross the white sky
To which I now do belong

And a soul flies through the bright light
To which I give up my whole life

Air-bodied souls all build their faces from the smoke, mist n' fire
Through me they revive the ancient rite: the song of light

All my desires of the past and their strands
Are just torn from the land that was once my life
Oh this place is so strange
Death won't make me feel estranged
If my soul makes it here in time

Yes, this was I - in the Land of Light
And now I'm filled with hope here inside
My body's just flesh
My blood is just blood
But my soul's so bright...

4. The Secret

The silence is so intense
You're in your dreams, I'm here again
My secret's immense
Oh so immense

I see you won't awake
Maybe I could tell your sleeping soul
Just what awaits
Oh just what awaits
I'll softly whisper
Through the sound of the rain

5. Another existence

GUY: I dreamt something last night,
and it still plagues my mind
I just can't forget, I must tell everyone

I spent my whole lifetime standing in the dark night
Couldn't find the meaning while I lived in the gloom and glum

The place you explored on your voyage now has me enthralled
There, into the light we'll soar and live on as one

All our doubts have ceased now, no more horror creeps now
Now a future without fear has just begun

You know I must go now, out on this mission so proud
I must show them meaning, spreading the word to everyone!!

A newer state of being waits beyond our life
A new terrain awaits to where all our souls fly
From the temple of the soul here towards the light
The land of shadows - we'll never see again
In our future life

GIRL"Listen here!
The road's a nightmare
All the world may not understand
You're not prepared
You still need a guiding hand..."

GUY: I cannot wait
Cos life won't wait either
My soul is pure n' prepared for all
Let everyone see clearly from now evermore!

6. Inner Fire

I. Inner Fire

On wings of wind, our words take flight
And find hearts as they go by.
I'll supply the answer
If someone's full of fright
Cos for some unknown reason hope always dies.

Now I feel the weight of
All the words in flight
Here, the masses come in hope of a better life
I'll supply the answer
If someone's full of fright
Cos up until lately that was just my plight

I feel an inner fire
That burns in my heart
And gives me life!
If you sense it
Ask my opinion
And I'll tell you
Hope's alive!!!

A prophet lives amongst us here
N' everyone's cheering him
A message from the heavens
That publisheth the Light
It's the genuine, pure Awakening

All I want's for everyone to realize
To help them rediscover
Help them to recognize...
Life-eternal waits for everyone
But our dreams we have to deal with: live them
Or simply reach them down here on this Earth

II. Midnight

All alone 'round about midnight
Getting home at the end of the day
She's upstairs, soundly sleeping...
The darkness melts into the silent haze

Somewhere off in the kingdom of slumber
Where the body floats in time
Mystery has taken shape now
I feel a hand - lighter than light
An angelic face - right in my face...

III. Surrounded by Doubt

And once again it's morning
It's tough, but still I'm going
To preach the new word now to all mankind...
What if they misinterpret
What if they just don't get it
And head out on their own towards the light?

7. Inferno

8. Someone Must Take The Blame

Crumbling from within
The city lives in sin
Seeking their demise
Thousands take their lives

They expected more
Or couldn't heed the score
Now they're after blood:
The 'death-dealing' prophet

Yesterday everyone adored him
Today they thoroughly deplore him

Only one option now remains
Once again, someone must take the blame
Dreaded fear, blind faith, selfishness
Now you see: man's not ready yet

Blood just flows and grows
Deadly bogus hope
Deeds breed nil aside
Just newer sins n' crimes

And somewhere he awaits his dark fate
Knowing they'll surely find him one day

Dreaded fear, blind faith, selfishness
Now you see: man's not ready yet
Once again, someone must take the blame
Only one option now remains:
A victim for the new redemption set
Even though we're not worthy of it yet

9. Forgive Me My Foolish crime

I feel you're so far away
Don't know just where you're stayin'
All I want is to see your face
Come on, please, n' give me hope
Bring me light where'er I go
Help me through the night, so dark
Morning is just to far... it's just too far

There's no one left in me
There's nothing inside me
My body hurts no more
And I feel no fear now either
They hit me and beat me,
Torture me, humiliate me,
It hurts, I reply
And they know that's not a lie

There are only good and
Bad roads we can choose from
I made my decision
Maybe it was wrong, I don't know...
And if this treacherous faith departs
From within my heart
Think of me with regret
Cos there's no justice left!

And now life goes on and on
A grave mistake, but now it's gone
Once again we're drowned in dirt:
Egotistic, selfish-worth
I don't need my body now
I can't use it anyhow
There's no fear within my heart
It's gone forever...

Life continues in its whirl
I'm not angry at the world
I was lost, but that's my strife
I only wanted what seemed right
And the Land of Light awaits
That's if it's not all just a fake
Keep my memory in your mind
Forgive me my foolish crime

I don't need my body now
I can't use it anyhow
Forgive me my foolish crime
Keep my memory in your mind

10. Why?

Somber tears in the bleak sky
Tears in my heart and my eyes
Tell me, why'd they take him, why?
It was solely my sin
Why'd they have to go n' punish him?
Why can't he be alive?
Oh why not I?
Cos I'm to blame for all the strife
And now I've lost all the meaning of my life

11. Bleeding Moon

I can't find you, still I call you
Maybe it's simply too late
My intuition slowly strangles...
I can always see your face as
You described the dream that
I once whispered to you
While you were away in dreamland...

He's not amongst us now, they say
He's gone, his soul is faraway
Tell me just where were you
When I really needed you?
I can't hear the noises that surround
Or see all the light that so astounds
I'm slowly sinking down
And soon I'll surely drown

A bleeding moon in my soul
Shines on streams of tears
Sorrow lingers on both shores
Staring right at me

12. Plummeting Into Eternity

Please confirm that this is just a dream
Promise me that I will see him again
Alive like before
Now will every minute cause me pain?
Will my sin forever burn like the sun's flame
Poison all my veins, curse me till I'm lame
Make all my hope wane?!

Please let me go now
This must end somehow
I've suffered for my crime
Trust me, I sure tried
But I can't stand it here now
Wipe away this damned curse!

Perhaps it's best that I'm still afraid
My heart cries out for hope, still my life is pain
Cos nothing now remains, no one knows my name
The Land of Light awaits far away...

I climbed the tower above all the clouds
Where we once daydreamed, n' your memory prowls
Don't need no daydreams, they're worthless now
The dreaded winds howl n' blow me off the tower.


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