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Connecting Animals

"Connecting Animals" (2000)

1. Second Chance
2. Promises
3. Tell Me Why?
4. Behind Your Eyes
5. Money Money Money
6. The World Of Hypocrates
7. The World Of Hypocrates Part 2
8. The Seventh Year
9. Ending Our Days
10. Nothing To Lose
11. Let It Go
12. After The Dark

1. Second Chance

Second Chance

[Spoken Intro]

Sometimes the life can be cruel and hard.
You feel that you lack the strength and ability to go on.
As the time has done its healing process you can admit
that the issues you found very painful were in fact meant to happen.
Fortunately people and things do change.

So many years ago, things went just too much wrong
There was no way to survive...
Feelings tearing too much, slowly running out of touch
And you are in a position of no return

But after years went by it's easier to analyse
The details that were causing so much pain

Trying to know what is right, withdraw without a fight
Soon the madness is knocking on your door...
Loosing the grip of the trust, seeing just too much dust
Surrounding you and mixing your head...

After the years it's so glamorous to find
Everything, seeing that you have been blind
After the years without losing your mind,
you can get the second chance
After the years it's so glamorous to find
Everything that's been always there
After the years without losing your mind,
you can get the second chance,
you can get the second chance

2. Promises


[Spoken Intro]

For a too long time someone has been treating you badly.
You haven't have the strenght or willpower to make things change
but you have promised to yourself that someday it will happen.
The day is now.

So many times you've had your chance to be the only one for me
Crossing the line without the fear is always harder, you will see

All the things you have said, said to me
I'll remember them all

My word is law, I'll keep my promises,
I'm taking you to the final journey, beating you now
You've had your chance, I'll keep my promises
I'm taking you to the final journey, beating you down

Maybe the fairytale is fading, no more lies I'm in too deep
Too many terrifying nights I've lost my mind without a sleep

3. Tell Me Why?

Tell Me Why?

[Spoken Intro]

You feel overburdened under your problems
and feel like trapped in your own imagination.
Realising that there are always new problems to deal with you decide to give up.

No chance to stay, no path to leave the scene
You are a prisoner inside your mind
There's no more trust, the details blinding you
And all the lies mixing your head

Time after time there is some new threat to beat
No solid ground to feel under your feet

No halo shining above your head, all the mercy is passing you by
Give up now the final dreams are dead, can you tell me why?

Too many times the broken mind has found
the answers to the questions with no doubts
Imagination of the injured soul
now finally will see sinister clouds

4. Behind Your Eyes

Behind Your Eyes

[Spoken Intro]

Some people seem to be untrustworthy by nature.
Even if you don't care about the majority of the people,
there are always certain people you need to trust.
In the relationship between two people trust is maybe the most important.

Hard to live, you just don't know what to say
And again, you're feeling pain on your mind

Too much noise, for all the little things
And again, we are missing the main point

Lack of confidence killing me cos time is running out..

Yes, I want to see the truth behind your eyes
Now, I need to trust in you
Because, without the future all the feeling dies
Then, There's nothing left to do

Not enough, time to heal the wounds
And too much, pain to let it fly

Too much stress, and it's forceing you down
And again, we are missing the main point

5. Money Money Money

Money Money Money

[B. Andersson, B. Ulvaeus ]

[Spoken Intro]

We planned to make this cover song long before
this Abba boom that has been on recently.
We felt that there was some hidden potential in this song
and wanted to do our own version of it.

I work all night, I work all day
To pay the pills I have to pay
Ain't it sad?
And still there never seems to be
A single penny left for me
That's too bad
In my dreams I have a plan
If I got me a wealthy man
I wouldn't have to work at all
I'd fool around and have a ball

Money, money, money
Must be funny
In the rich man's world
Money, money, money
Always sunny
In the rich man's world
All the things I could do
If I had a little money
It's a rich man's world
It's a rich man's world

A man like that is hard to find
But I can't get him off my mind
Ain't it sad?
and if it happens to be free
I bet he wouldn't fancy me
That's too bad
So I must leave, I'll have to go
To Las Vegas or Monaco
And win a fortune in a game
My life will never be the same

6. The World Of Hypocrates

The World Of Hypocrates

[Spoken Intro]

There are certain institutions in the world,
each of them declaring what they see as the truth.
Use your own reason and don't get fooled by them.

7. The World Of Hypocrates Part 2

The World Of Hypocrates Part 2

There is always hope even when it seems very bad.
Far from the southern vulcanic sirens comes the hope through the winds...

Don't try to talk, don't even try to move
You are too weak to think, or try to pull it through
We are the good ones, and we surely know the way
To give you better words you could ever say

We know how you should live your life
Here are the details, you will see...

You must remember, you're nothing without us
Alone down there, you just don't have the guts
But with our help, you're the saint of the land
If you're in trouble, we give our helping hand

In our world there's no need to cry
'cos our spirit can live forever
With our trust, with our goodness, there's no need to die
It's the world of hypocrates

Believe in me there's no need to cry
'cos our spirit can live forever
With our trust, with our goodness, there's no need to die
It's the world of hypocrates

8. The Seventh Year

The Seventh Year

[Spoken Intro]

When the seventh year comes strange things start to happen.
There is no reasonable explanation why this is so.
Things just start to fall apart.

There is plenty of time to learn it
There are years to let it grow
You got the keys and all the power
To make it die or let it live

The seventh year is now here
The end is already too near
Too many ways to drown it
Not enough desire to make it live again

Then it starts to live it's own life
External threat effects too much
Everything feels so different
No more laughter, just suspicious minds

When you think that you have come through it
It starts to scratch your vains and mind
Decision, too hard, again...

The seventh year is now here
The end is already too near
The state of mind is not clear
All that is left is the fear

9. Ending Our Days

Ending Our Days

[Spoken Intro]

The day we have been waiting for so long is finally at hand.
Waiting of this better day is now over.
But as it seems this day turns to a disaster...

Final day is closing in, there is no way we can hide
It's time to run, it's time to go, put everything aside
For too long time we've been waiting for this glorious moment to come
Now it seems to be out of our hands

No more pain, no more lies, holy shining light above your eyes
No more day no more night, darkness steps aside and there's the light

Everything I've always known has turned into something else
Hard to see it's ending our days, illusion fading away..

No ones fault you're on your own? Hard to describe what you feel.
Not a clue what to do, there's nothing we could seal.
Only wish you ever had suddenly taken away.
Now it seems to be out of our hands

10. Nothing To Lose

Nothing To Lose

[Spoken Intro]

There are certain issues in life which are not pleasant.
These issues however are the ones you have to deal with.
Sometimes you fail to handle these things and eventually you'll find
all of them in front of you.
As you find yourself facing overwhelming odds,
you can only start it all over again.
You have nothing to lose.

Here we go again, thinking of our wasted lives
The die is cast, rolling merry hell...
The times are tough in here, there's no one really to be blamed
Time after time, the same old curse runs against us

We are the one's who didn't see to the future
We only lived one day at the time
Too much to do, too little time to think it
Now 's time to pay the bill's we ignored

It's time to go, and compensate for the bad deeds from our past
Tonight, the time has come
It's time to feel, all the things we never really cared
'cos there's nothing to lose

" It`s your life, do what you can, try to pull it through,
'cos there's nothing to lose..."

11. Let It Go

Let It Go

[Spoken Intro]

How come some people think they know things
about other people when those people don't know those things even themselves.
Some people seem to be especially interested in talking shit
about others behind their back.
This is very pathetic but unfortunately it exists in regular basis.

It's always hard to know where the truth can be found
It's nearly as hard to decide who is telling the truth

Still you've found the way, to classify the people
You are good and you're bad, that's the way it is...

Everytime there are some virtuous doctrines that you want to teach, you want
to teach...
Too long time you have tried to create something, you can never reach, you
can never reach...

You always know the things before we even know them for ourselves
You're just assuming it's the truth...
You always say the things before we even hear them for ourselves
You're talking shit and before you know, you have to let it go!

Why don't you let it go, let the crowd repeat their tales
You've seen it all, don't be the one you despise

Don't you ever beg that the ones you've disgraced
Will ever forget, some day you'll pay the price

12. After The Dark

After The Dark

[Spoken Intro]

Feeling insane.
You don't know if you are dreaming or awake.
You feel certain that something is coming for you but you just can't be sure.
Last night's happenings seem so unrealistic and yet so true.
You just can't believe in your better future...
not even if it's always gonna be a new day after the dark.

You feel they are following you, you have to run you have to hide
The night feels just too freaky, hard to survive without a guide
"I am the peace of hangman, so winter won't be crying"
You can not see them moving, they fool your mind, blind your eye

No more trying, no denying, let them win and take your life

You can be hard on the still of the night
After the dark comes the light!
Open your eyes and see the light
After the dark comes the light!
Try to remember all the shining moments
New day is rising and you know
After the dark comes the light!

Next day you hope you 're dreaming, nightmares just teasing you
But it's the time to face it, there is just too much to do
"I am the peace of hangman, so winter won`t be crying"
It's written inside your head, they don't care what you need


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