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Like Cutting The Sleeping

"Like Cutting The Sleeping" (1998)

1. Intro - Destroyer
2. Isegrim
3. Beyond The Distant Blue
4. A Legends Breath
5. Rain Sisters
6. The Essence Of My Dreams
7. The Scarlet Hordes Of Autumn
8. The Judgement
9. Of Serpents And Mirrors

1. Intro - Destroyer

2. Isegrim

Once upon a time.....
.... she slipped from the darkling mountains,
bathed by the bloated moon
She lay to the earth, as whore to a beast
and beast began to bloom.
With mouth of fang and sight of night.
With hide of grey, a shadow to her prey.
Screaming at the sky !
She crept toward the lightsd between the valley below
Leaving her mark, upon the silver snow
Awaiting with passion, for her hunger to, cease.
Wild, with sensation, the eyes, in the mist.
Then bitch rips woman, with claws, in the calves
and as bitch is nourished, woman starves.
Naked and free, a legend to thee
Swifter than life, a slaughter, on the breeze
Runs hunter and hunted, united in flesh.
As the mists part and the snow melts for her breath.
I have felt the hunger, in the eyes of the night.
Howling to feed, on the blood of the light.
To watch for me, when the moon is fullest
Father look at me now.
I am wolf !

3. Beyond The Distant Blue

Fall moon, your cries are lost.
Savage be the land.
Where jewels of midnight, hide.
Beyond the distant blue.
Un-wrought silver gleams, red stained the embers ornaments.
Dark gifts, for that prisoner of sorrow, adorn the chambers, of his castle of PAIN !
There he dwells, master, of the flesh throne, carved by the cunning, of ancient hands.
Hollow curses, from some disciples burst, as desire is inflicted.
Cruel and carnal !
Jagged lust, thrust upon the back of beasts.
Ivory incisors, drag mouths to flesh in basic thirst, and the drums roll
As his eyes grow weak for some new suffering.
Still slit with the venom of the wet wall.
And the creature who wore thorns in her hair.
A man with all that can be crushed, while wine and morality coils in the cup.
When heather and hazel, burnt in the forests of his night
and her lips bled a deeper treachery, than a berry death.
Now she crawls and claws and run with the animal of the Storm,
and he in his tyranny is alone.
Rich decorum, cound never revive.
The touch that made his body glass.
Now as the earth creeps.
And grows.
And sleeps.
She weeps.
With banishment as her all.
All we observe and all we endure,
Is pure !

4. A Legends Breath

Indulgently I kiss the embers mouth.
Invicting, the old pain to return.
For I cannot sustain the rythm of slaughter.
Without it.
Now caught by the fine net, of a chaotic domain.
I have found its centre, for it knows my pain.
Hungers awareness we run for the edge.
Dropping like fever, through the damson bled.
Cool as infinity, this violet knife, a blurred haze crowds, like the confusion outside.
As we forget shame and are ripe.
PUNISH ME ! For my ritualistc needs.
Banish ME ! To worlds where the vicious feed.
A wasted torrent, of an embodiment forged.
A blood filled mouth, the demon, flesh gorged.
The pleasure of knowing, the seduction of steel.
Relentless, thick breaths
As I draw his throat.
Cease, cease.
Indulgently I kiss the embers mouth.
Invicting, the old pain to return.

5. Rain Sisters

The beautiful one awoke, to take,
My breath away.
And I smiled as the moment swelled.
For we were lost, to the bewilderment, of, journey.
Everything we touched was quietly alive.
Pouring rose gold, into my veins.
And how she made, the silence glow, but entities, they never know.
Deep within the emerald lair.
Still as Winter smooth as air.
Yet vacant as my yearn for whispers.
Through the searching winds.
Beneath the cool vast arch of leaves.
Simple screaming clarity.
To slide between the secret gaps, of mountains.
Lost, in cool sheer places.
Faces in the gentle skyline.
Whom know not where, their destiny lingers.
Dramatic falls, attack oblivion.
To strange this comfort.
This..... hour glory.
As when we walked, through cloudless times.
Accepting visitors whom we should embrace.
The ghosts that laid beside us.
Cursing my imagination !
O' my gentle.

6. The Essence Of My Dreams

Let darkness caress, the bleeding sunset.
O' Dark November, when a sky so black falls upon my palms.
Stretching renegade thoughts, to encase and cocoon.
The essence of my dreams.
I rise to thee, to touch thy hand.
Battle, battle, the time draws near.
Let us crush the gates to which the feeble claw and weep.
Kill the gods in heavens hall.
Rape the angels, one and all.
The serpent slender in my hand.
I cast my gaze, upon the cleansed land.
O' Dark November !
Refleet my dreams.
War on the weak.
Howling winds, bear Christian,
O' Dark November !
I await your call.
The empires of the Nazarene will fall !
A child eternal, draped in wax, held high above arrogance.
Clenched in hatred and released by the axe.
Dance with me, through skies of melancholy.
Glide through black and find the night.
Far below, lie the victims of folly, though they know no pain
For they have no foresight
Teased by the moon.
Released by the darkness.
Release your soul to evil and give it life.
Race with the winds and hearken to the master.
His embrace is truth, the touch is all.
The dance goes on, knowledge pours forth.
Enlightened you can be.
Just come and dance with me.
O' Dark November !
Bleed them, as they bleed me.

7. The Scarlet Hordes Of Autumn

So enter night sweet babe.
For I embroider thee with pitch.
Close thy eyes and sleep till dawn.
And I'll go onward.
stitch, by stitch
Children (of a later eve).
Hand from splintered, swollen, tiny, limbs.
The breeze gently swaying, their bluing torsos.
Deafening moans, null the dying, into a deeper place.
Where it is hard for even demons to wake.
Precious months, swallow hard.
The rotting substenance of dear life.
While the dismal Barth of Orthodox.
Slashes to sip,
Careful not to drip,
Fondling, while his fingers slip.
Skinless infants bound, by searching roots
Undulate, in adult sensuality.
Servants, to the mindless rhythm of pain.
"We are, the Scarlet Hordes of Autumn", echoes,
The wild wild wood.
Where the jackals play.
"We all remained, that went that way".
Don't stray from the path.
He's waiting for you.
To smooth, the red sweat, from your shoulder blades.
- Don't stray !

8. The Judgement

Where are thou ?
Mine sight, mine flight.
Thine keeper, sought might.
Lord sentence, foreign command.
Then quake mask of earth.
Abominable, mistake.
Rise sword and mlaster, I incline for thy sake.
Serenade for thy calling.
Rage war, yonder, west.
North hurts, fallen, wanderer.
Gentle king, reigns, never- more.
While mine cries call-thee.
Saviour, Creator, Judgmentor.
Eld forest, cower.
Malevolent warrior, press hard, against my lips.
Entwined, mingled darkness weaves beside thy hand.
Vast, like desire, enshrined.
An ordinary man.
Robes fall, as cinders.
Call either side.
Fern lake, barrier homage.
Demand all fear.
Bite appropriately.
You leave to maryen regret.
And sentence me to know thee as a ghost.
Rear the ocean breath.
Draggeth he.
The host of wars.
Readily, I sensed thy wept,
Home again.
For you turn worlds.
You turn worlds.
Turn worlds.....................

9. Of Serpents And Mirrors

But seldom seen.... are the hands that guide.
The hilt of the blade.
Of the knife, that shines.
With gaping throats they dance for her.
Voluptously, between a rape and a murder.
Shepherdess, mark thy flock.
With the savage wand, of demonic, FUCK.
Entrails glisten in the ligntening dawn.
Sanguine Aurora, ravaged, torn.
Blackest palace, horned call.
Beyond the purple, fountains fall.
Where ivy binds the iron gate and seals fair maiden, desolate.
I claw with serpents, writhe in vain.
Neath the wicked cut. O'er the shadow plane.
The looking glass that caught her gaze.
Keeps broken that forgotten face.
My beautiful pale riders, eyesso black, they are all.
Moonlight, come forth from the depths, O'er.
Scrape the staines from my tired bones.
Too long, have I been alone.
And with carved crystal Mandrake skull.
Cum, cum, craft the bane of puritan.
Here dwells wickedness, vast and endless.
I have walked, from the fetid pit that was my past.
Light was my footfall.
They came to take dreams and, innocence what they found was Nemesis,
poised for embrace.
For my simplicities, did elude all of their, knife like whispers.
Take heed I thrive on your despair.
Her voice lost.
In the passionate years.
Now swell, to it's shrill promise.
"My curse hath come, softening to be born.
Shimmering, after the candlelight has gone.
The witches circle, the tower of my fate.
I see your image, in the fading light, though faint."


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